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These A&W Coupons are expiring soon. Make sure to get the deals while they last!

Print the following:

  1. Buy Teen Burger and get FREE Root Beer (or any other soft drink) and Fries 
  2. Buy Classic Breakfast and get FREE 12 oz Coffee
  3. FREE Upgrade to a Double teen(extra beef patty) with purchase of Teen or Mozza Burger
  4. Free extra strip of Bacon with purchase of any Burger or Combo 

These coupons are valid through April 20th, 2014  print here 

 More Coupons below:

Plus visit this link here and get more coupons valid through April 27th 

  • 2 for $5 Papa Burger
  • 2 for $5.99 Mozza Burgers
  • Teen Combo Deals 2 for $10.99
  • Mozza Combo 2 for $10.99
  • Papa and Rings Deal for $6.49

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 A&W Meal Deas and Promotions

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A&W Canada Coupons in Today's Newspaper

Coupons in newspapers Watch for these new A&W coupons in newspapers (where available) I have received the following coupons:

  • Teen Burger 2 for$5
  • Teen Combo 2 for $9.99
  • Mama Combo $4.99
  • Uncle Burger $3
  • Classic Breakfast $3
  • Sausage M’Egger 2 for $3.50
  • Mozza Burger 2 for $5
  • 3 Strip Combo $5.99
  • Bacon ‘N Egger 2 for $3.50
  • Bacon ‘N Egger Combo 2 for $6.50

sweet potato fries (with spicy chipotle mayo) for only $2

A&W Coupons Stay tuned to the A&W Facebook page here to see if new coupons are available. past couypons included:

  • Teen Burger 2 for$5
  • Teen Combo 2 for $9.99
  • Mama Burger $2
  • Uncle Burger $4
  • Mozza Combo 2 for $9.99
  • Teen and Rings for $6.50
  • Chubby Chicken Strips Combo for $6.50
  • Classic Breakfast $3
  • Sausage M’Egger 2 for $3.50
  • Bacon ‘N Egger 2 for $3.50
  • Bacon ‘N Egger Combo 2 for $6.50

Recent A&W Coupons shared Save $2 off sweet potato fries (with spicy chipotle mayo) – expired  



A & W

  About A&W first opened in Canada in 1956: the location was Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. The first stores featured carhops that delivered the tasty burgers, onion rings, and root beer to customers. Now A&W has over 700 locations, stretching from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. Instead of drive-in restaurants with carhops, many A&W locations are now freestanding restaurants with drive-thru services. Not only can you order from the menu, you can purchase A&W Root Beer in grocery stores.

Menu  A&W is the classic burger joint restaurant. They feature burgers, fries, chicken, and onion rings. On their Menu page, found here, you have access to Nutritional and Ingredient Facts in any of the six sections: Burgers, Chubby Chicken, Sides, Drinks, Breakfast, and Dessert. When you choose a menu section, you will be taken to a list of menu items. Once you click an item, a picture of it will appear on the right-hand side, with nutritional information beneath. A&W features 19 distinct burgers in family sizes with names like Baby, Mama, Grandpa, Teen, Uncle, Papa, and Buddy. You may order them with or without cheese and some Burgers may include Bacon as well. Their chicken items are broken into pieces like: strips, thigh, drumstick, wing, rib, and burger. Side items include fries (regular and sweet potato), poutines, gravy, coleslaw, macaroni salad, and garden green salad. Breakfast items are hash browns and classic sandwiches with bacon, eggs, sausage, and ham. For dessert, two choices are available: apple turnover and root beer lollipops.


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Cruisin’ The Dub A&W has a few contests every year. The Crusin’ The Dub is a popular one.You could win cars and Burger combos and more prizes. For some cool A&W Giveaways,

visit the A&W Contest page here Cruisin’ the Dub seeks to reconnect modern customers with restaurants in the ’50s and ’60s. Classic car owners go to A&W restaurants all over the country to show off their cars, from May to September. To find out when events are occurring, go to their event page, found here.

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