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Babybel Cheese: Win $10,000 Family Vacation + Over 1,000 instant prizes



babybel canada new promos contests

Babybel and Laughing Cow have a new giveaway for you.

Submit a PIN code found inside specially marked Babybel & Laughing Cow products at www.smilesallaround.ca

and enter to win a $10,000 family vacation and one of over 1,000 instant prizes.

Prizes include

  • 25 Instant Camera and Masks
  • 50 Photo Frame Sets
  • 1000 free Laughing Cow or Mini Babybel products

Everyone will also receive a coupon to save $4 off Babybel and The Laughing Cow products.

The contest ends on November the 13th, 2015,

click here for details


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Get a new Babybel cash back deal at Snapsaves.

Starting now get $0.25 cash back on Mini Babybel cheese.

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find more Coupons   and  Mail Coupons 


Coupons for Babybel Cheese

babybel cheese

Coupons may be offered from GoCoupons


Visit GoCoupons Canada and order a coupon for

 $1.50 on any Mini Babybel product

Click here and log in to order if available.

Visit the Minibabybel.ca page for product information, FAQ and games.


Babybel Store Coupons



Babybel may offer new tear pad coupons in stores.

example of a coupon I found at the RCSS.

Save $ 1.50 when you purchase any Mini Babybel product

This coupon expires on June 30, 2014

Look for it in your local coupon zone or in the deli section, where Babybel products are stocked


Visit the Canadian part of the Company/s website at www.minibabybel.ca  click here


 Free Games and Fun stuff from Babybel

I was browsing the Babybel.ca site and found these cool free games page. There are printables and a match game. My favourite was so online Snackman, a version of pacman, where you have to collect mini Babybels for extra points. But beware of bad snacks like candy, hot dogs and ice cream, which will cost you a life. A fun and addictive game



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