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 Buckley’s coupon   Save $2 off Buckleys Lozenges

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for more info and occasional coupon offers.

 Get the latest coupon and save $2 off Buckleys lozenges

the coupon is valid within 30 days of after printing.

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 Buckley’s coupon   Save $2 off Buckleys Lozenges


More Printable Coupons

Novartis, maker of  Buckley’s has a new hidden Smartsource coupon.

Print and save $5 off   Buckley’s pills (caplets or liquid gels any size)

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unknown expiry date.

Limit 2 prints per computer.




Buckley’s Mail  Coupons

 Buckley’s coupon   Save $2 off Buckleys Lozenges

Get a Buckley’s Mail coupon from Save.ca and

SAVE $2 on your next purchase of any NEW Buckley’s Lozenges

Buckley’s lozenges come in new Bite-me Cherry & Menthol Outburst flavours and

work to relieve nasty sore throat symptoms.
log in here

and print or order coupon by Mail.


 Buckley’s coupon   Save $2 off Buckleys Lozenges


Smartsource does offer savings on Buckley’s Products at times.

Visit the Smartsource coupons portal here and

see if the printable coupon for $4 off your next purchase of Buckley’s Liquid Gels or Caplets

is still available.




Buckley’s Products

Buckley’s products are a favourite remedy for coughs and colds. Their slogan is It tastes awful. And it works.”

I have to admit I do hate the taste that seems like a mix of paint thinner and menthol.

I prefer my meds in easy to swallow tablets or caplets and thankfully they’ve made one now.

Are you “brave” enough to drink it and does the product work for you?


Buckley’s Products include:

Buckley’s Liquids:
- Buckley’s Original Mixture and Nightime
- Buckley’s Complete – Cough Cold & Flu and + Extra Strength Mucus Relief Cough Cold & Flu
- Buckley’s Complete Nighttime Cough Cold & Flu
- Buckley’s Cough Mucus & Phlegm
- Buckley’s DM Decongestant and Cough Chest Congestion

 Buckley’s Pills:
- Buckley’s Complete Cough, Cold & Flu Extra-Strength Day or Night Caplets  and 24 Hour Pack
- Buckley’s Cold & Sinus Liquid Gels – Daytime Symptom Relief or 24 Hour Convenience Pack
- - Buckley’s Complete Liquid Gels Plus Mucus Relief
- Buckley’s Complete Liquid Gels Nighttime Relief

 Buckley’s jack & jill children’s formula
- Jack & Jill Expectorant
- Jack & Jill Cough Liquid
- Jack & Jill Cough & Cold Liquid
- Jack & Jill Bedtime



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