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About GameFly

GameFly is a store for all your video gaming needs. They sell and rent games for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo consoles and hand held gaming devices. They have recently started to rent DVDs and Blu-Ray discs as well.

If you’re looking to buy games you can get discounts in their Bargain Bin and also lowered prices when you buy a used game. Pre orders are available too. In terms of buying, they also have a GameFly digital section where you can download games directly onto your PC and gaming devices.


If you are looking to rent you can get a monthly subscription to GameFly. You pick out your games online and then they are sent to you. Since you’re paying by the month, you can play the games as long as you want. In the end you get to decide if you want to return the game to try something else OR buy the game at a discounted price.

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