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Imodium: Save up to $4 off Imodium Products



Imodium Coupons

 Imodium Coupons

Get these printable coupons from Healthy Essentials and

  • Save $2.00 on new IMODIUM® LIQUI-GELS
  • Save $2.00 on any IMODIUM QUICK-DISSOLVE product .

This tiny tablets will instantly dissolve on your tongue. for fast relief of diarrhea

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For more information about causes and treatment of diarrhea, view here

 Imodium Liqui-gels 24 ct

Also look for Imodium store coupon.

Save $2 off any Imodium Liqui-gels 24 ct or 36ct, expiry date is August 31,2014

This tear pad coupon can be found in the Pharmacy aisle where Imodium products are stocked or in your coupon zone.


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