Kraft Canada New Coupons. is offering printable Coupons  on their website.  Log in or and get these new savings posted below:

Krafts Whats Cooking Rewards

 Kraft has added new printable coupons. Visit the Kraft “What’s Cooking portal” and

get these new savings :

  •  $0.50 off when you buy ANY 3 Jell-O Products,
  •  $2 off Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese 227g
  •  $1 off Cracker Barrel Shredded Natural Cheese
  •  $0.75 off Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits

still available as well are these coupons:

• $0.75 off when you buy 2 Stove Top stuffing mix for chicken, cornbread or turkey, 120g
• $0.75 off any jar of Cheez Whiz, any size,
•  $1 off Kraft Peanut Butter, 750g or 1kg,
• $1 off Maxwell House Keurig Compatible Pods
• $1.25 off Kraft Singles Process Cheese (450g-900g) AND Campbell’s Ready to Serve Soup (540ml)
• $2 off select Kraft Cheese Products (valid at Maxi and Maxi&Cie only)
• $3 off select Kraft Cheese Products (valid at Maxi and Maxi&Cie only)

print here

sign up here,

or log in to print the savings.

get more Grocery coupons here   ~  Browse more savings from Canadian Brands





 Websaver Coupon

Check for new Kraft coupons on the coupon portal. example:

With this coupon you’ll save $1 off Kraft singles, Cheese Whiz, or Velveeta.

You can choose to print or have the coupon mailed to you.

Get your coupon here. when available.



Kraft Cheese Coupons

Kraft Canada has a variety of coupons for their cheese products. Get savings on Cracker Barrel slices and cheese bars, 100% Parmesan cheese, Shredded cheese and velveeta. view all Kraft Cheese Coupons

New Kraft Spring coupons may be posted at


 Kraft Tear Pad coupons

One of the best places to find new Kraft product coupons is your local Grocer’s coupon zone.(some of the examples are now expired)

Below are some of the Kraft store coupons you may find at Zehrs, Superstores, Loblaws, Sobeys, No Frills etc

kraft peanutbutter tear pad    Untitled  Kraft cheese tearad coupon


mio tear pad coupon    Tassimo tearpad coupon  Kraft Dinner tearpad coupon

Find new Kraft in store coupons:

I picked these ones up at my Superstore coupon zone. Please note while these coupons are now expired, these types of savings are

offered several times per year.

  •  Save $3.oo on any 2 participating Kraft Cheese products –
  •  Save $0.75 on any Fruit and Veg Dressing product
  •  Save $0.50 on any 2 Kraft Dinner Smart Macaroni and Cheese products (150 g- 200 g) –
  •  Save $1 on any Peanut Butter with Honey, or with Banana Granola Peanut, or with Cinnamon Granola Raisin or with Cranberry Peanut
  • Save $2 on any 2 Mio Liquid Water Enhancer or Crystal Light Liquid Products –
  •  When you purchase 3 Tassimo T Discs (8-16 pack), you will receive one pack free

coupons are valid at Loblaws banner stores

store coupons cracker barrel shredded cheese
Kraft 100 % Romano shredded cheese


  • Kraft Pasta Salad save $0.30  
  • Kraft Salad Dressing buy any 2 –
  • save $ any 2 Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce
  • Save $1 off Kraft 100 % Romano shredded cheese


Kraft Canada is the official Canadian website for the Kraft brand. The Kraft company started out reselling cheese in the early 1900’s and by 1915 they began to produce their own process cheese. In the time since, Kraft has expanded the brand to include a range of food products, including baking products, dairy products, meat products, sauces & dressings, side dishes & meal helpers, snacks and other items.

The Kraft Canada website is designed to help you explore and interact with the brand. You can learn food tips in the How To section, and get recipes to use with the products in the Recipes Tab. There are also sections for Healthy Living and Videos.

original post see DealsScoop at here

One fun part of the Kraft Canada website is the Coupons & Rewards tab. This is where you can browse and print coupons to save on Kraft items. You’ll also find out about any other rewards and promotions that are happening at the moment.

If you want to stay connected with Kraft Canada, you can do so by signing up for emails. When you do you’ll get a weekly newsletter full of recipes to try out, as well as access to offers and product samples.

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