New Spins available.

Visit Lindt Canada here and spin for your chance to win one in 5,010,


  • Ten (10) Grand Prizes of Chocolate for a Year or) $500 Lindt gift card
  • 5,000 Lindt Premium 50 – 150g chocolate bars (ARV of $4.99 each)

The contest runs from September 3 to November 2, 2012

 and is open to all Canadians of legal age !


Take a spin here to see if you are an instant winner !



Every spin gives you a chance to win Instantly! You can win a Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bar or Lindt Chocolate for a Year!

You can get up to 12 extra spins during this contest. You get one spin automatically when you register.

Throughout the contest period there will be opportunities to earn more spins. Follow the instructions on the screen to earn another spin. There will be a new opportunity every week.


After spinning, you will see one of the following four phrases:

  1. Congratulations! You are eligible to win Lindt Chocolate for a Year
  2. Congratulations! You are eligible to win a Lindt Premium bar (you will receive a Free Product Coupon)
  3. Thanks for playing. (means no luck today, try again)

I love the Lindt Outlet store, so winning chocolates for a year could same me a bit of money  Lindt Canada: New Spins Spin   Win Chocolate for a Year or a Free Chocolate Bar


Good luck!


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