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What’s better than a Whopper? A Free one of course!
Hey, Burger King Fans, are you up to share your opinion about your last Burger King Restaurant visit? see more



If you are planning to visit Burger King and would like a free Whopper  or Original Chicken Sandwich

on your next visit, keep your receipt handy and check for a Feedback Invitation.

Burger King is asking customers to complete a short satisfaction survey .

The survey can be completed any time within 48 hours of  you last visit.


2. You will land on the survey page (view image above)

Enter the details from your receipt, like Store Number, Province and City, date and time of your last visit.

This info can be found on your receipt.

3. Once completed, you will receive a Code. Make sure you  write the unique Pin code on the back of your receipt.

4. Take this old receipt to your local BK and get the free sandwich of your choice.

The survey can be completed any time within 48 hours of  you last visit.

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About Burger King

Burger King is a global fast food restaurant chain. It started out under the name “Insta-Burger King” back in Florida in 1953. It was then purchased and renamed to Burger King in 1954. Although in its early days Burger King starting out by offering basic burgers, fries, sodas and milkshakes, the menu has grown and evolved over time. In 1957 the famous Whopper was added to the menu and to this day is still the signature item of the restaurant chain. Other menu changes include the addition of chicken sandwiches, salads, and breakfast offerings. Burger King, also known as BK, has locations all over the world, and every day more than 11 million people stop by to order.

The current Burger King menu includes Breakfast (sandwiches including their famous Croissan’wich, muffins, coffees, smoothies, frappes, kids meals and combos), Lunch & Dinner (fire-grilled burgers including the famous Whopper and Big King sandwiches, chicken & fish sandwiches, chicken strips and nuggets, French fries, poutine, sodas and combos) and snacks (like a selection of garden salads and chicken wraps).

Burger King is a franchise restaurant which means that not only can you work there, but you can also own your own restaurant. When you buy into the franchise a team of experts will help you with training, marketing and advertising so you can grow your restaurant into a successful business. For more information on franchising opportunities, go here.

To keep up with customer demands and expectations, Burger King has customer service support staff that are ready to listen to your feedback and to answer your questions. You can reach them by calling 1-866-394-2493. They are open between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm on Monday through Friday (CST), or you can fill out the feedback form here. If you have a question specifically about the gift card program BK Crown Card, the number is 1-800-522-1278.

If you like Burger King, you may be interested in staying in contact with them. One way to do that is to sign up for BK Alerts on this page. After you fill out your information – including name, postal code, email address, gender and birthday – you will receive an email newsletter that includes fresh offers, coupons and other deals.

Another way to keep up to date with the latest Burger King news and promotions is to follow them on their Facebook page. They use the page to post promotions, including new contests where you can win gift cards and other prizes. It’s also a great way to stay informed on new menu offerings. For example, in the summer they post information about their latest, limited time only frozen drinks, and if there is a new burger on the menu you can be sure to find a mouth-watering picture when the new menu item is released.



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My feedback:
We went to BK last week, and all our fries were way too salty. You know it’s too salty if your Hubby complains!
The BK staff thanked us for bringing this to their attention.
They apologized and handed us a free order of unsalted fries.
No complaints about the great staff working there!
P.S. Never had salty fries at BK again. :)


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  1. Went to your restaurant no. 13235. I am a BK lover but this place was the dirtiest BK that I ever had displeasure to visit . The floors were filthy , the soda bar was dirty , the trash was overflowing and the chairs and tables looked as if there was a riot there as well as not being clean . When I was there , the place was not very busy .
    The food was the best part of the meal although I suspect that they combine regular fries with the Satisfries because I am under the impression that they should all be crinkled and they were not it was half and half.

    I certainly would not consider returning to this particular establishment.

  2. i went to the trem onton one and got some breakfast it was really good they were fast , and it was enjoy able

  3. im from out of town. and one of my best burgers is the one & only whopper! always in good taste.

  4. 110 east 95th street chicaga il, 08 -15-2013 at12:26pm I was beatup by the employee husband for no reason at all some one need to do something about it for someone gets hurt I will never go there anymore or my family or friend !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Went to my Neighborhood Burger King, went inside to order waited 20 minutes for my order to be taken….. Because (the) counter person was making a shake that took about that long to make. And when I got my food it was so haphazardly put together it barely had any cheese on the Whopper. My point is that it shouldn’t take a half an hour to complete a two sandwich order w/med fry and small onion ring…. Is this really how you run an operation. Store no. BK06651

  6. I love Burger King but it never ceases to amaze me that 4 out of 5 times that I ask for a hamburger, I get a cheeseburger. Are they deaf??? I am allergic to cheese and cannot eat it at all. This is so aggravating and each time I think that they are going to get it right this time, only to be disappointed again. I have eaten my last meal at Burger King. Sooo sorry King but in my eyes you are nothing but a pawn.

  7. I would like the free snadwhich .

    so there was a promblem wiht the library ‘s computer while I was using the computer

  8. Just got home from BK & did the survey but said they were done for today. What a ripoff !

  9. The food is good but whats important is service and i always receive gratiot location 9239 gratiot detroit mi great staff with smiling faces and very polite geat customer service at that location

  10. I love Thank you very much. my BK the food is always good. The workers seems to care about you and very friendly and always has a smile and always helpful to. I’ve been coming now for 30 years. I thing: Please bring back the train… For got to let you know Bk is always cleaned inside and out plus the restroom. Thank you so much.

  11. I reported my visit to Burger King yesterday & gave all the information required for a free whopper,but it wouldn’t give me a code to redeem as promised. What happened?

  12. How are people to know that only certain date of the month you can call for the location of the bking you were at????? I did not see any thing posted any where until I called that bking I was at to ask about the survey was not taking any thing at this time…Come on you got this printed on the back of receipt and that means its written its legal so where the **** are we suppose do ????I have been trying for over a week …Guess we know why it looks like its deserted…

  13. i love burgers king new pina colada with there 20 peice chiken nuggets and i just cant help having one of those delicous whoppers

  14. Today I again tried my local BK after all the yelling the past few days I was again mistreated today. Whoppers were on special, I didn’t know until I overheard the cashier say I didn’t give him his discount to the screaming store manager. Her reply was “DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT”! Really? I am in store 6300 south charleston 6-10 times a week with all of the yelling at each other the staff and mgrs. do and now this I am finished with Burger King. This store is NOT A NICE PLACE TO DINE. I do not want my name passed to this store as they all know me by name. Your management model needs work

  15. My recent complaint is the cashier/order taker didn’t ask me what size fries-drink I wanted with my combo order. Their food was good, but cashier appeared to be out of it. Probably an off day, but I’d still like to mention it for Salina, Kansas store.

  16. we were at bk today and was disappointed with the $1.29 jr. whopper. It was so small —when we went home we had to get something to eat.


  18. I’m beginning to suspect that this ‘my bkexperience’ promo has its signs of a SCAM. One may get a free WHOPPER once, but in succeeding tries on the survey, BK give the customer the usual ‘run around’. No wonder the place at Simcoe is now usually DESERTED. Quite disappointing but this will surely bring about its negative effects! Is it worth the cost of a Whopper? WHAT A SHAME!

  19. staples has an excellent store

    that is mn. you have one of thefinest managers. Spoken as a former kfc owner!

  20. Burger King is a joke.I ordered 2dbl.cheeseburgers (plain)an med.fries .The burgers had everything on them an there were 12 French fries in fry carton!!!!I didn’t know it til I got home an I will never go back to a bk again.An would not recommend anyone to send a dime in your stores.

  21. My family and I ordered food the order was incorrect, we did not receive the foo we had ordered. I attempted to speak with management and was asked to wait. I waited for over ten minutes and decided to leave. I am disappointed in La Grande OR Burger King.

  22. worst breakfast ever. hadn’t had a bk breakfast in years, thought I would try something different. bad idea, nothing tasted fresh. if cinnabun had tasted the one I had they would broken that partnership. orange juice was good.

  23. burger king sur la rue clémenceau à québec n`est pas bien administré. Service au volent très mauvais, pas de couteau, pas de serviette, pour déjeuner quelque fois le restaurant est fermé par manque d`employé parce que le camion de marchandise est arrivé. Les deux meilleures employées sont parties, depuis c`est un gros zéro.

  24. I wanted to leave a comment not so much for the free sandwich but because of a worker at the Burger King in Binghamton, NY #1661. Her name is Brittany and she was so cheery and personalable!! Wish more fast food workers were as glowing as her~

  25. I Went in to my Burger King with my receipt and my code and when I got home , my free Whopper was not there. I ordered a Whopper meal so I could use my receipt. I also ordered other things. The receipt says Whopper 3.79 than under that BOGO item -3.79. THE STORE IS 2174 Order # 337115 Reg 3-out. Employee 53136 NAME SARA. I live to far to go back for your mistake. Not a good way to keep customers. T.Y.

  26. I had a really bAd time at your location in Snyder texas the girl at the counter would not pay attion to whAt I was saying then rAn my card when I told her just a monent. She got even more rude slams the recite down and an says sign this the shift leader steped in an was great but th topping on the cake was the girl named amber came to my job saying she was going as rude to me As I was to her i wAs. Not at work thankfully my nAme is Marion woods. Hope this helps

  27. estuvimos en el bk en 891 west 49st Hialeah,el restaurant cn el tel #305-821-3609 primero no estaba empleado al frente de la caja tuve k esperar pk estaba mirando algo en un cell con el k esta en la ventana,ok segundo le dije no “mayo” y le pusieron alergica .las papas frias y ni ketchup habia k horror k mala experiencia tuve.por favor managers pongan atencion. gracias.

  28. I have bragged that BK was the best but am finding your places are not consistent.went there
    11-7-12 asked for two burgers one order of fries and one soda got to the table and only had one but was only charged for one sandwich had to stand in line again . the fries were good and worm burgers were cold and over cooked We thought we were eating card board. We have three BK’s to chose from but only one is worth going to. perhaps a company Quality control Meeting is in order .Thank you for your one good establishment in our area.

  29. had to whate a longe time to get my order then there was a extra order of chicken sandwich which I payed for now tacking your survey you wount accept my sip cod this is not the first time they mest up my order

  30. Come on guys, you sell Hamburgers. Where’s the beef? How about starting with a hamburg large enough to cover the bun?

  31. eating at bk is always a plesant experience – good burger/fries – and
    cold tea that along with happy associates just make for a super good time !

  32. was the worst ever. My husband and i went through the drive-thru and was told to pull up front to wait for fresh fries (that was okay) waited and no one came out,husband went in and there was a mgr.sitting and watching tv. husband said to him that our food should be ready,the man turned and looked at him and turned back around ignoring him for a few seconds.Then finally got up and went to get our food. brought it home and your chicken parm was not even what was advertize, It was a very over cooked chicken patty with a dab of sauce had to look to find that sauce. very very disapponted.It will be awhile before i think of going there again. Sincerly Ms Vint

  33. Hello my name is diana l mapel. I went to bk for dinner tonight though the drive thur. It was fast and people were real nice and fast. Because I was in a hurry. No promblems just Great service.Diana L. mapel

  34. i have always been a bk girl. my favorite is the whopper. very juicy and very filling. one of that whopper and you are good for another 7 hours

  35. I tried twice to get a BK parmesan Chicken sandwich. The first time, they were out of the sauce, and couldn’t fill my order. They said to come back Monday and they would have he sauce. I didn’t order anything else, and drove off. I went back on Thursday and got the Parmesan Chicken sandwich, actually 2 of them, and they were good, and will buy some more,but think the restaurant should make an effort to have the ingredience available at all times, or else they will miss some sales.

  36. Went tot get free burger, had to buy fries & a drink, total was 10.95, so much for the free stuff.
    Staff were extremely slow, never smile, food cold by time you get it.
    not impressed

  37. Went ti get free burger, had to buy fries & a drink, total was 10.95, so much for the free stuff.
    Staff were extremely slow, never smile, food cold by time you get it.
    no impressed

  38. I was at my sisters for a vacation and she said she would li,e to take us to Sedona so we said great. We enjoyed the drive from Sun City West because it was a beautiful day (march 25, 2012). We did a little site seeing and decided that we wanted to stop for lunch but not waste a lot of time. So we decided to stop at the Burger King in Sedona. As we entered the place we could see that there was a long line. Well our short stop turned out to be an hour and five minutes. There seem to be a short of employees so we were asked to be patient, of which we did. Your employees were great trying to handle the crowd. (Cody Clark, Camille Swan and Esagr the cook) but the manager should have come forward or got the employees help. We were not happy but felt sorry for the employees. Oh yes the food was cold to.

  39. All the service are great , the employers all the time very polite and profesional thanks ,I love this restaurant Store 4774.


  41. im sick of having to go back because they BK has itdiots working, do they not train them to make sure the food is hot and the order is correct? from now on i will drive the extra 4miles to go to the one that seems to give a crap about their empolyees, how said is it that they’d hire pimple face kids to make our food an cant get it right when there are adults who would kill for the job an do it RIGHT,

  42. I went to BK 0301 in Graham. NC on 02/18/2012. I was over charged and when I complained to the manager, he was rude and wouldn’t listen. I had been a loyal customer up to this point but no more. There’s too many other places to eat at to choose from.

  43. veravenus again the store i forgot to put down was in Janesville wis 2624 milton ave we went at noon cashier rolling eyes bad attitude does not want to give out free fries ! and is snippy when asked the size of a burger compared to whopper he points at picture which meens nothing.

  44. We went to Burgerking on friday for free onion ring’s i also ordered a bacon cheddar topper I asked the person how big was the burger was it the size of the whopper he answers like a snerring snot there is the picture i said i still cant tell what size it is then the other customer behind me told me ! then i asked for the free onion rings and as he was getting the food order i could here him say i hate this free onion ring thing he had a ticked off attitude, I love the onion rings by burger king and the sauce that comes with it but i wont be buying them while that man is there with his ticked off attitude if he wants to vent go somewhere a customer cant hear him that is not good for buisness.

  45. We went to BK 01625 in Richmond Va on 1/29/2012, I was very disapointed number #1 they forgot to put my fries in bag during my drive thru visit so I had to drive back thru and for another long wait, and this is the second time with in a month that they did not have tomatoes for whoppers, so why can’t they make you aware of this when you put oder in. And it looks like you are now serving and selling smaller burgers on your whoppers that are very dry with no flavor. After being a life long BK customer I will not be coming back again.
    Chk 263 – 90 CIERRA Jan 29’12 06:44PM


  47. Even though Burger King is our most used fast food and has the best tasting and best value, the “free” whopper/chicken receipt promotion is too complicated. It was much better when the telephone set up was used especially when you do not have a computer.

  48. Norfolk Military highway Janaf shopping center

    Worst Bk in the world. Dirty,slow service ,cold food.

    Has not got better in years ticket # 366 Dec 22,11 1 cheese whopper with 2 people in line took 10 minutes to get cold food.

  49. The Whopper is absolutely DEE-LICIOUS! :-9 It’s my favorite ‘fast food’ burger..made just the way I like it. (But, I have to take off the onions..sorry) :-)

  50. I love the veggie burger great idea but everytime I order it they seem to forget to put onions on it and also why isnt it on the menu I had to find out that they serve veggie burgers by a friend of mine. bad business

  51. I had a number two combo this evening and it was delicious. I am a big eater and this meal combo was just enough for me. The fries tasted great and the burg was very tasty. I find you get more bang for your buck as compared to Wendy,s number two combo.

  52. I’m here to try take this suvey for my mom. she does not have one computer at her house. so she ask me to put it in for her and it tell me that she cant do it becase I have done my. She would like if you can bring it back to the phone again.

  53. i love king because in time of need you help my wallet out ,with a family of five it cost alot to try to eat out but not with bk. thanks


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