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Snap Saves Canada has a nice cash back deal for Quaker bars.

Receive $1 cash back with the purchase of any Quaker Fibre and Omega 3 Granola Bars

Please note that Offers are available in limited quantities.

No weekly limit per person.

visit SnapSaves here

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Quaker Freebies!

free cereal bars mail in reabte

Get FREE Quaker Products with Mail in Rebates.

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Popular Quaker Promotions:

We will update once new offers are live!




Remember to get these great coupons with your Quaker cereal.

On selected Quaker boxes of cereal,

there are $10 worth worth of coupons on the back.

I found the ones below on boxes of Quaker Oat Squares

The coupons are:

  • Save $1 on the purchase of 1 box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal (216 g – 245 g)
  • Save $1 on the purchase of 1 Brisk iced tea 12 – pack case (12 X 355 mL)
  • Save $1 on the purchase of any 18 – count Multipack of chips (504 g)
  • Save $1 on the purchase of 1 carton of new Tropicana Trop50 Calcium and Vitamin D (1.75 L)
  • Save $1 on the purchase of 1 bag of Tostitos Cantina extra thin tortilla chips (220 g)
  • Save $1 on the purchase of 1 bag of Twistos Baked Snack Bites or Crackers (135 g – 150 g)
  • Save $2 on the purchase of 1 box of Quaker Harvest Crunch Granola Bars (175 g – 210 g)
  • Save $2 on the purchase of 1 case of Dole juice cocktail or Dole Sparklers real fruit beverage (12 X 355 mL)

All coupons expired

Dive Into Summer Savings Booklet


Find new Quaker product coupons in the new Dive into Summer Coupons Booklets

view details here  

Quaker Oats Samples

More Coupons

Quaker Oats Canada is offering coupons for a variety of their cereal bars and cereal products

Coupons can be found on


These coupons may be ordered by Mail or print.




Quaker Oats Canada



Quaker Oats has been around for 130 years. The Quaker Oats brand was registered in 1877. In 1881, Henry Parsons Crowell bought the brand name, Quaker, and the bankrupt Mill in Ohio. In 1882, he launched the first advertisement.




Quaker Oats has many product varieties. Products include oatmeal, cereals, granola bars, portion snacks, lite snacks, and baking mixes. To find a product on their page, you can search by section or occasion, flavour, benefit, or dietary considerations. Oatmeal products include One Minute Quaker Oats, Reduced Sugar Instant Oatmeal, Quick Quaker Oats, and Weight Control Instant Oatmeal, to name a few. Cereals include Harvest Crunch, Oat Bran, and Natural Wheat Bran.



Heart Health


Heart Health products seek to lower cholesterol, heart disease, arterial health, and others. Quaker Oats provides information on topics related to heart health on this page. Articles related to each topic are given. The articles about heart health instruct, dispel myths, and provide quizzes to test your knowledge. To find more information, click here.





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Recipes using Quaker Oats products are given to add more flavour. To find recipes, you can use the “Recipe Finder” tab. You can also learn about cooking with your children using Quaker Oats products. When looking for recipes, you can search by keyword, occasion, type, or nutrition category. Each recipe includes a description, ingredients, preparation instructions, and Baker’s Notes for variations on the original recipe. There is also a link for metric measurement conversions. For the recipe “A Few of my Favourite Things,” you can click here.


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