Shoppers Drug Mart: Win 1 of 50 Prizes

The next time you shop at Shoppers Drug Mart check your sales receipt for an invitation to a store survey.

You can take the survey  Online at

or by calling 1-800-701-9163  and

you will be entered to win 1 of 50 prizes of $1,000 in gift cards.

If you take the Online survey you will gain 2 entries ( which is only 1 entry)

The survey takes about 10-20 min to complete depending if you write any comments

or not.

You may enter once a month with a valid receipt.


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Enjoy  Shoppers Drug Mart: Win 1 of 50 Prizes



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161 replies to this post
  1. Thanks to Silvia at Shopper’s in Woodstock. Gave me some fantastic advice about
    serums in the beauty dept. I made off like a bandit cashing in some of my Optimum
    points towards cosmetics and got $200 dollars free stuff. Awesome deal, friendly
    knowledgeable advice, a good trip all round!

  2. I am a regular shopper at shoppers drug mart, I was in store 1028 Sunday with a wonderful happy cashier, (Kristen) always asking how I am, always making her customers laugh, every time I cant find something she always happens to be there and finds it for me. this young lady deserves to be notices.

  3. I have been enjoying excellent friendly service from Michelle at Manning Rd. in Tecumseh Ontario for many years now.She has an extraordinary smile and personality.Thank you for making all the great deals possible.

  4. The employees are so helpful and personable @ my Shoppers DM in Bells Corners, Ottawa, ON. The pharmacy is very good!

  5. Always have great service and happy to find sales at the Southside Shoppers in Grande Prairie, AB

  6. I have received good service when ever I buy some thing. They allow me to use my tax exemption status card.

  7. Staff are always very friendly and helpful. I have been getting my prescriptions filled their for many many years now.

  8. Had wonderful service with Barb at the Shoppers in Truro Nova Scotia.Introduced new products to me .Very informative.Thanks.

  9. Patsy was the clerk who helped me at Sp. Garden Rd. Store to select the exact product
    I was looking for – I will definitely return for all of my cosmetic shopping.

  10. Patsy was the clerk who helped me with my purchase, Sp. Garden Rd. Store. She was
    most helpful providing me with the exact product I was looking for – I would definitely
    return to shop.

  11. Rose said:
    Babinder had an awsome job. Always give
    us a nice smile .keep up a good work guys and
    GOD bless!!!

  12. Melanie, the cashier at Shoppers Drugmart Lakelandrige Sherwood Park. Alberta was very friendly and helped me with my most recent purchases. Everytime I go to shoppers she always is smiling. It makes a bright place to visit.

  13. Melanie at Shoppers 0380 was fantastic she was a cashier and had lots of smiles,very friendly she helped me with my purchases, thanking me and inviting me back.

  14. I always get a friendly services from all the staff of the shoppers drug mart.. They are awesome.. Keep up the good work guys. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  15. I love shoppers beacuse of it is openning until 10and all the time buy milk beard bescuit egg and every thins when get especial price

  16. September 1st a young lady greeted me pleasantly and offered to help me find a cosmetic product that I needed. She showed me several products and suggested which would be best for my use. She and others in the Orillia Front Street Shoppers store are always ready to help; it is a pleasure to shop at this store.

  17. I always get great friendly service from all the staff at shoppers., and always check their online specials

  18. I found the service at your Angus store was wonderful. Your assistant Jen was so nice and helpful. I am 79 and was unable to decided what foundation I needed for my skin but she took the time to find the right one and answered all my questions regarding it. Thank you Jen.

  19. My Shopper’s Drug Mart that I go to (Square One) is to me the best one as the Pharmacist always look after your needs and answers your questions politely and patiently. Salespersons as well are kind and helpful.
    Always a pleasure getting my prescripion medicines as well as other things I may need.

  20. Ilook forward to getting your flyer each week. You have some great buys. I rarely go to the grocery store because I can get most of my things at your store.

  21. Was able to get what I needed and a good deal because so many items on sale. Service is good I will say 10 out of 10. Fast and efficient service. Thanks Daniela

  22. At my shoppers, the staff is always helpfull, curtious and go out of there way to make sure that your needs are meet.
    They go out of there way to help you no matter what dept. you are in.
    I would give them a 10 out of 10 for service satisfaction.

    Thank You,

    Rob Saunders

  23. Where would I be without my reliable Shoppers Drug Mart ? Anytime I need something in their line, I know they’ll surely have it or they’ll go out of their way to get it, like today, I was in a big hurry, leaving on a trip, Destiny to the rescue. Helped me quickly get all I ne

    eded. Happily out of there in minutes, Thanks Destiny, Thanks Shoppers.

  24. Leilani at the Red Deer cosmetics store is a delight to deal with! She made my experience fun and enjoyable!

  25. Vivien at the Orangeville store is always helpful, friendly and courteous. I go out of my way to shop at that store.

  26. I had the worst service today by the pharmacy…the other staff in Windsor, On store 1118 were very nice and helpful…but i was very upset to wait for an hour and 10 mins while my 10month old son cried from an ear infection. Only one other person received their medication during that time (so it wasn’t busy). The pharmacist was socializing and had forgotten about us. Honestly how can you forget about someone, while a baby cries in the waiting area right beside the counter…or is it that she didn’t care!!!! Very upset and I will not go back!

  27. I really really like and love shoppers products it is nature and helpful that’s why every time I buy one product and I use my optimum card also because I want to get points.I love itke it.

  28. I have always had a good experience at shoppers with great serivce and helpful tips. They always make sure I am doing well and can find everything i need. From Angus, ON in Canada.

  29. Hi went to shop at shoppers drug mart in Moncton NB /in champlain and had realy good service from Annie . She works in cosmetic .

  30. I was in the Evergreen Shoppers Drug Mart today store #2413 (Calgary, AB) and Joanna in Cosmetics helped me. She was so knowledgable, helpful and friendly. I didn’t feel rushed trying to find what I needed. She showed me a few different brands and then went above and beyond to help me maximize my shoppers optimum points for next time. She was wonderful! I wish everyone was like her when you ask for help! Michelle Barton

  31. We have 3 Shoppers Drug Marts in our fair little city, but the store on 27th always stands out for their efforts in cosmetic gala’s!
    Soooo delightful, the girls are amazing and dressed in character of the occasion!
    Robyn and the team, Wonderful!
    ***** 5 out of 5 stars!

  32. My all entire family and friends that comes at shoppers very much satisfied and excellent job for all your service we are very much thankful for all your help thank you so much keep up the good work.

  33. I was served by two employees…They both were very helpful because i needed a new card and she answered the questions i had….The other was the pharmasit and he went over my medications and made some suggestions for me which I thought were really good….Thank you so much for all the help

  34. Djs says Lorraine in Amherstview is always helpful plus the other staff is willing to help when you have any questions.

  35. Your store at Jane & Wilson in North York is excellent and well stock.
    I like shopping there.
    Tell the staff to keep up the good work & friendly service

  36. The staff at Shoppers is always awesome and the deals there are always great. It is on my way home from work, so I never have to go out of my way to shop there.

  37. I tried to access the survey to win 1 of 50 prizes of $1000 in gift cards. I submitted my certificate number as indicated on my receipt but I got a message saying that it wouldn’t take it. I checked it and it was the same as the receipt so I don’t know why it clicked off when I pressed the Launch box.

  38. I shopped at Shopper’s Drug Mart and Isabel did a great job at helping me feel comfortable and helping me get what products I needed. Thank You very much for the great shopping experience.

  39. I got my Actonel Pills today and the lady explained the new liquid Pills very good and was very courteous.

  40. I went in to your parkway mall location (pharmacy and ellesmere) and as usual Sheila’s service was excellent :) I think she deserves a raise!

  41. Saturday, September 8, went shopping at the St. Clair and O’Connor location. Sherra is always very helpful and friendly, one of my fave cosmeticians.

  42. Aug. 3, 2012
    Today went shopping at your Waterloo Square pharmacy – Very helpful and friendly service from the cashier Abiy.

  43. Today went shopping at your Waterloo Square Pharmacy – Excellent and friendly service from the cahier Abiy

  44. Today when I went into your new store in Broadmoor shopping centre, the pharmasist brought me a basket because I bought more than I thought I would, so that was so cool. The young girl at the front was also as friendly as can be, a pleasant day.

  45. Shoppers is a great store.You always recieve great service no matter which store you shop at.

  46. JULY 1, 2012 at 12.52 pm

    Shoppers drug mart is very convenient store. all the employees are so help and friendly. today i fill up my prescription from Shopper drug mart and Raj help me alot. he was so nice and give us awesome customer service.
    i love to shop in shopper drug mart

  47. it one of the best store i ever when to .go shoppers keep up the good work am from trinidad and tobago and i was please with the staff.they mahe you feel welcome and i appercite it

  48. I would like to participate in the survey and tried to access the survey but I guess my receipts do not have a certification number. I do have an optimum card and I think I did have a number one other time and didn’t find time to participate. Is there any way to participate now?

  49. I found the staff very helpful and courteous…
    always able to stop and help you thanks

  50. Shoppers drug mart is a very convenient to go with shopping, staffs are very friendly, I always have a warm welcome every time I enter the store. Products are always fresh and up to date..It’s an awesome store.

  51. i really enjoy going to shoppers drugmart..very convenient,anything u want name it everythings are there..”one stop,one shop”..and the employees there are very approachable and well informative to the products they know what are they selling….keep it up and more power!!

  52. I have a great time shopping at shoppers because there are lots of different varieties and the staff are very helpful and friendly.

  53. Sharon @ Whitehorse Qmall Shoppers was a delight. Management should thank her for her delightful smile.

  54. I love Shoppers..the staff are always friendly & willing to answer any question one has. The Optimum rewards are fantastic. Thank You

  55. I enjoy shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart but there are some people like my mother-in-law who can not go in there because you have you perfume counter at the enterance and she is very allergic to perfume.

  56. Good service :) always quick and don’t usually have to wait very long for medications. Everyone is always willing to help out.

  57. Iv had amazing service at shoppers. Everyone is so help full. The cashiers know me by name and are so nice. They are very knowledgeable to everyone knows about everything in the store. I love shoppers

  58. Particularly knowledgable and professional service is what continues to draw me back to Shoppers when looking for drugs, cosmetics and even food.
    The friendliness of all staff is outstanding.
    thank you

  59. I’ve always had very good service in the Shoppers stores wherever I shop and the staff is most helpful. Also in the cosmetics section. Very professional and noligiable in there products.

  60. I have never had a negative experience in this store. The employees are all knowedgeable as well as friendly.
    Makes returning back to the store a pleasure.

  61. I get the excellent service from karen. I’m very satisfy, anyway thanks all your help.

  62. I get the best service from Alita and all the staff at shoppers in Agassiz.Alita is very knowledgable and helpful.

  63. As a regular customer to Shopper’s, I have always received excellent service.

    I have a question and I wondered why Shopper’s does not match prices. Today I purchased 2 packages of Oh Henry Easter Eggs @ $4.99 a package. The grocery store next door to Shopper’s had them priced at $4.29 a package. As you can see, that is .70 cents a package less and I asked Shopper’s to match the price. I was told you don’t do that.

    Just curious as that is quite a savings – $1.40 to be exact. I naturally returned the packages I bought at Shopper’s and bought the ones at the grocery store.

  64. My girlfriend and I really liked your store in Osoyoos B.C.I got some great sale products in the food section as well as John Frieda shampoo and conditioner. We really liked the perfume section and had fun trying some of the testers along with a couple of other customers so we were able discuss some of the choices. I thought Cassie was a lovely lady. Thanks

  65. I shop at a Shoppers that is open until midnight. I believe it has recently been purchased by a new owner. There has been great cut backs. The line to the check-out is like your shopping @ Wallmart. I have called and expressed my displeasure at this “new owner” and nothing has been done. I know things are slow, but come on, Shopper’s Drug Mart. I must let you this person is a person of a different standards as we are,(blue head rap) I am not a racist, as I have a couple of who have businesses. I used to work at Shopper’s years ago, it was the best job I ever had. There are some ladies at this Shoppers who I used to work for.

  66. Feb,13,2012@ 8:11pm
    I have bought everything that i ‘ve needed with a great services at SHOPPERS DRUG MART 5576 yonge street,
    I couldn’t speak fluently, but one very kind and paitient saleslady helped me to choose a lot . thanks shoppers.

  67. I am always very pleased with our Regina South Albert 4130 Alblert Street store. The staff, especially pharmacy, are very professional and pleasant. My wife and I enjoy shopping at store #0425. Thank you!

  68. The cosmetic clerk was very friendly and very helpful…I purchased 3 lipsticks and then proceeded to front cash….there was a bit of a line up and the only clerk “on” was busy with a customer…another store employee was busy stocking some shelves and ignored the line up but the clerk eventually was free and very pleasant.

  69. picked up 9 items saved 21.40 it was great plus i like the point system. i well be doing more shopping at shoppers. thankyou——

  70. I have been really impressed by Nerissa at shoppers on the Marlborough Mall for her excellent service and her interest to convince people to buy products, she is more than a professional seller and I think so, in a very short time, she will be the best in that location.

    Thanks Nerissa and for sure I will come back and ask for you!


  71. the service is good and very excellent.i like to found every thing i need in one place.but u need more like [clothing]..

  72. Yesterday, You advised that I won a coupon of 10000 points if I spend 50 dollars; I came now to print that coupon,but I didn;t find it. please clarify.

  73. Great service always,the sttaf is friendly and every thing is perfect all the time,Thankssssssssssss

  74. I am definately disappointed in the Shoppers in NB….this is not a personal issue but my son was let go from shoppers due to his not being a “people person”, however before I knew that this Deirdre lady ran this place whenever I went into this store I have NEVER seen her smile at all….this was my sons first job and I don’t believe he was given the appropriate training or chance to become a people person. Especially given the fact that the lady running this place NEVER looks happy.

  75. Just had my makeup done by Kamilla at Brittany Glen. She was friendly and professional. I liked the fact that she asked me what I wanted done first. It showed respect for the client.


  76. Shoppers Drug Mart on 3080 Carling Avenue
    Cashier was not helpful at all. He was rude by all means.
    I asked to see the supervisor to solve my problem she was also not helpful.

    I want upper Managements to take care of the situation.

    For all people, be sure of sales tag price on the shelf is matching with the receipt.
    Sometimes, they are not updating with the cash register.

  77. service is very good.people are very plesant and any questions are answer.looks after people very well.

  78. Shoppers is my favorite store to go. from health to beauty etc. great service, friendly, and knowledgeable peole are at shoppers store.

  79. The service at Shoppers on Yale Rd. in Chilliwack is excellent, particularly at the pharmacy, where they really look after you.

  80. Great service by Karen at Shoppers drug Mart
    Dundas st belleville Ont
    Beautiful smile.

  81. Ireally enjoy shopping at shoppers for all our family needs. The staff are always helpful and friendly

  82. JOANNE W

    July 21, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    I love being served by Todd at the pharmacy of your 85th Street location in Calgary. He is so friendly and efficient and deserves to be recognized. Thanks Todd.

  83. I am very pleased with the service.The staff is very friendly and every thing is perfect.Thanks.

  84. Great store # 1071 in strathroy ont. close by. the staff are great very friendly an helpfull,love the cosmetic department can answer all my questions and give good advice.

  85. Just want to give a BIG THANKYOU to Shoppers drug mart #2449 pharmacist D. FAOUR. Being here from another provience she came to my aide When I needed some meds. I am soo greatful to her, she was very understanding to my situation, Thanks: D. Faour.

  86. Excellent service & always with a smile,staff helpful & understanding of my hearing disability.

  87. Store # 2271 May 3/11 5.45 PM Service real good,clerk pleasant and knowledgeable ,makes shopping a pleasure..

  88. i want to say thank you so much to NANCY for giving to me good customer service very excellent store 1335 at morningside crossing

  89. Service is o.k.

    Would help if the employees would crack a smile …i hope that would’t hurt them too much !

  90. Yes the service was good. I live much closer to another one of your stores and since I moved three years ago, I still go to the same Drug store location on Richmond Road.I live tn Ottawa,Ontario


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