Sobeys Survey  & Win $500 Gift card

Shopped at Sobeys lately ? 

Take a look at your recent receipt,it may include an offer for a

Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest


At participating Sobeys across Canada customers will receive a receipt with the invitation to participate in the survey.

Start the survey HERE >>>> website.


Prizes: There are six (6) prizes available, each

Consisting of $500 (CDN) of gift certificates


valid at Any participating Sobeys, Foodland, Price Chopper,

IGA, IGA Extra, Les Marchés Tradition or Marché

Bonichoix banner store in Canada.

For full rules, please view the contest rules on the survey site


participating Provinces:

Atlantic (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador),

Ontario and

West (British Columbia,Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

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27 replies to this post
  1. Parry Sound Sobeys staff is excellent! The store is clean, and only place where we shop to buy meat, deli, bakery, veggies, and fruit.

  2. Sobeys store in Brandon,MB is clean, well organized and stocked. The staff is friendly, helpful and courteous ! It’s a pleasure to shop there!

  3. Our Sobeys on Prince St Truro is a great place to shop, friendly helpful staff, you can actually find the “on Sale” items & they are highly supportive of community groups, the bakery is delicious !!

  4. We love to shop at Sobeys. Love the fact you still bag the groceries. So many stores have you bag your own.
    Love the bakery!

  5. i shop at sobeys halifax and the store and staff are very helpful when you need it and the store it self is very clean keep up the great work

  6. The service is great at Sobeys. They always have the right amount of cashiers open, so I never have to wait very long in the checkout. Also there is always staff available to assist with locating items I can’t find. They don’t seem to hide in the back somewhere. I do my weekly shopping at the New Minas store.

  7. I shop at SOBEYS IN GIMLI M.B.& the
    staff is friendly & service is great.

    vera henderson.

  8. I visited your Shellard Lane Sobeys, and was unlucky to
    have Carol as my checkout clerk, she treated me soooo
    badly. I had to correct a price on of all things, “Holy Crap”
    and I would say that was the treatment I received from Carol. You may want to review her behaviour. As another
    customer picked up on the attitued also.


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