Advil Canada Coupons: Save $22 on Advil Cold & Other

Advil Canada  Pain Relief Coupons

$15 off at



New Advil coupons are available
on the Pfizer Get Healthy Savings portal.

Click the link below and get these savings:

Save $4.00 off Advil 12 Hour
Save $4.00 off Advil Cold & Sinus
Save $10.00 off any Advil Products when you buy 2
Save $4.00 off Advil Liqui-Gels
Save $4.00 off Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels
Save $4.00 off Children’s Advil

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Advil Canada has updated their coupons portal and added new printable coupons 

These are coupons we have found today.

Select your province and print while they last or check out for new savings:

  2. SAVE $3.00 On Advil Nighttime products
  3. SAVE $3.00 On select Advil Cold products
  4. SAVE $3.00 On any Children’s Advil product

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You may also get these printable coupons

Save $3.00 on any Advil Night time Liqui Gels (20 or more)
Save $4.00 on select adult Advil® products (72’s and above)

from and Walmart Canada


Canadian coupons     ~   savings from Canadian Brands    ~



Advil coupons are occasionally offered as Mail to Home coupons.

Coupons may be posted on the Websaver Canada website, here

Previous savings we shared included the following:

  1. Save $3 on select sizes of Advil Liqui-Gels (excluding 12s & 16s)
  2. Save $3 on Advil Muscle & Joint


Advil Canada –

Advil is the Maker of a range of non-prescription drugs for pain relief.
The active ingredient in Advil products is Ibuprofen. Products are available for Adults and Children.


Learning Centre

Advil has an excellent learning centre on their webpage.
It includes many articles on pain conditions like arthritis, common sense relief for colds, causes of back pain and many more
visit the Learning centre here



Advil offers products for Adults and Children designed to fight fever, cold and flu symptoms and provide relief from migraines, arthritis,back pains and general pain conditions.

Children Products include:

  • Children’s Advil Cold Suspension, Junior Strength Advil Fever from Colds or Flu Chewables
  •  Pediatric Drops, Children’s Advil Cold & Flu Multi-symptom Suspension
  • Junior Strength Advil Chewables


Adult Products include:

  • Advil Extra Strength Caplets, 
  •  Muscle & Joint
  •  Liqui-Gels and Extra Strength Liqui-Gels
  •  Nightime
  • Advil Cold & Sinus Liqui-Gels or Plus and Advil Cold & Flu


Advil Freebies

You may get Children’s Advil for free or much less with coupons.

view a recent example below:


Free Children’s Advil

  • where: Walmart
  • advertised price:  $4.83
  • use printable $3 off coupon here PLUS checkout 51  $3  cash back and gte it for FREE plus earn an extra $1.17

stay tuned to our newsletter for updates on great deals like these, check out this week’s Freebies with Coupons here



This week get a cash back deal on Advil products  from Checkout51

Receive $3 cash back on Advil products.
Excludes Advil Tablets 10’s/24’s, Advil Caplets 24’s, Advil Liquid Gel 12’s, and Advil Nighttime.

get this offer while the deal lasts!

Visit Checkout 51 here

Save More Tip: you can combine this deal with the coupons we have found for you below.




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