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How-To-Guides. Find new articles on frugal living, DIY projects & learn to save money using coupons & rewards. Get Tips To Save Money at the Grocery Store, learn how to make your own Organizers for Toys and Crafts and Turn your Clean-ups into real cash. We also share how to receive Freebies with Mail in rebates, How To Maximize Your Couponing Goals, and more

RBC Rewards Program — How to Earn & Redeem Points

RBC Rewards It’s amazing what credit cards can do for us these days. (if paid off before due dates!) Not only are they a convenient method of payment, but banks are also becoming more creative about giving rewards when you choose – and use – their particular card. And the rewards keep getting better and

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4 Fun DIY Water Activities for Kids

Four Fun Water Activities for Kids

DIY 4 Fun Water Activities for Kids   It’s that time of year that all the kids look forward to while parents are scrambling to come up with fun, engaging, and perhaps educational activities to do with kids over the summer. Now that school’s out it’s up to mom and dad to keep the kids

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts — Show Mom Your Love

Mother’s Day Gifts Canada We’re quickly approaching that special day every year where you get to show mom just how much you love her and that’s Mother’s Day. Well you can rush out to the store and pick up a gift or even a gift card some of the most memorable and wonderful gifts a

Fun and Easy DIY Easter Crafts with the Kids

Fun DIY Easter Crafts to do with kids Easter is literally just around the corner now and with that in mind you may want to consider some easy, inexpensive, and fun crafts to do with the kids. Crafts are of course a wonderful way to let kids be creative and use their imagination while at

Smartsource Coupons Canada (Hidden) – Get Now

Canada Smartsource Coupons Smartsource Canada is offering a number of printable Grocery Coupons. Visit HERE to print them.   There are also a few hidden printable Smartsource Coupons available. Click the links below to print: Hidden Coupons   Buckley’s – Buckley’s Coupons   Colgate – $1.50 Colgate 360 Toothbrush Coupon   Dove – $2 Dove Deodorant – $1 Dove Hair