BK Feedback: UK Burger King® Survey, Free Sandwich

BK Feedback

The Burger King survey in the UK lets you give feedback in order to get a free sandwich.

BK Feedback UK

The UK Burger King has a special survey for it’s European residents that differs from its US and other country surveys.

They do this so they can get region specific feedback, which makes it easier to improve individual restaurants for those who may have different life experiences and preferences due to growing up in different areas of the world.

It’s BK’s way of adhering to laws in different countries and to personalize the Burger King experience for those living in different areas.

They offer a great prize of a free sandwich, one of three choices.

One is even a vegetarian option.

Keep reading to find out what the exact UK Burger King survey prizes are, and how you can enter.

BK Feedback Prize

Prize: Free free Whopper, Veggie Bean Burger or Chicken Royale

How To Take The BKFeedback Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a UK Burger King
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Go to the Burger King Feedback website https://www.bk-feedback-uk.com/
  4. Answer the survey questions
  5. Save the validation code presented to use as a coupon when you visit Burger King next

Burger King Feedback Survey Rules

  • Purchase is required
  • Receipt required
  • You must make your purchase at a UK Burger King location for the BKFeedback UK prize

Contact UK Burger King

Contact Online

Mail Address

Burger King Guest Relations
PO Box 1975
L69 3HH

Phone: 03332074208

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