Blue Buffalo Coupon: $5 off Dog & Cat Pet Food

Blue Buffalo Pet Food Coupons – 

Blue Buffalo Pet Food: $5 off Coupon

Take the Blue Test


Save $5 off Blue Buffalo Pet Food.

Have you seen the TV ad lately asking you to take the Blue Test?

Here is the tool to compare your Pet food to your regular brand of Pet food.

view and select either dog food or cat food

and get a $5 off coupon valid on any bag of BLUE dry dog food

plus coupons on BLUE canned dog food and BLUE dog treats.



Blue treats pets as part of our family and only puts the best natural ingredients in their pet food.
BLUE contains antioxidants and an exclusive ingredient, called LifeSourceBits.
Many other brands are made with chicken by-product meal, wheat, corn and artificial preservatives.





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