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Which Are The Best Canadian Coupon Sites?

I had several new requests from Readers to get information about where to find coupons and how to get coupons mailed to your home. To help you get started with Couponing please read the article below and find all the information. Let’s fill up your coupon binders.

Enjoy 🙂

Are you wondering where to find coupons and what are the best sites to order coupons from?
Before we go into detail, you may want to check out all the newest Canadian Coupons, which can be found
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Mail Coupons vs. Printable Coupons

There are two different types of Coupon websites. They are Printable Coupon and Mail Coupon Websites.

Some of these websites may offer both: print and mail coupons.

In order to receive coupons you will need to create a free account and you must register with your name, address, email &  pick a password.
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1. Print your own Coupons Websites:

The websites below offer printable coupons. You may be required to install a printer app (which is safe to do) and please make sure that your computer settings are up-to-date. If you have outdated JAVA scripts etc. your coupons will not load.

  1. carries the biggest selection of printable coupons for Groceries & Household Coupons, select by Province or brand.
  2. Healthy  find Pharmacy  and Beauty savingsTylenol, Aveeno, Splenda, BENYLINNicorette, Listerine etc.)
  3. Websaver Canada (Print and  Mail Grocery coupons)
  4. (Print and  Mail Grocery coupon)

Printable Coupon pros: great,  because you can immediately print out your selected coupons and use the coupon the same day

Printable Coupon cons: Printer required. Plus consider the costs for ink & paper.

2.  Canadian Mail Coupon Sites:
The ones below are my favourites. You will receive many good value coupons and quite a few

freebies (FREE Product Coupons) throughout the year 🙂

  1.  Mostly Groceries, the majority of their Coupons will be mailed (occasional printable coupons)
  2. Brand  Proctor Gamble Brands,like Gillette,Pampers,Olay,Clairol,Duracell etc
  3.  Groceries and Household Products,  (occasional printable coupons)
  4. (Oasis Juice,Yoplait Yogurt, Royale Paper Tissues, Nivea, Coppertone, etc.)
  5. Johnson Right At Home  log in,order and you may be directed to pick up your coupons from

Mail Coupon pros: No printer  required and there is No Costs to you ordering or receiving mail coupons.
Mail Coupon cons: you  will have to wait 2-6 days before you get your coupons  in the mail.

Popular coupons may go fast, so you have to order as soon as available.Limit is always one coupon per product.
Some of the coupons may available for be re-order after a few weeks.
The bottom line is that all these sites have good savings and the coupons are different for each one. They are all worth checking out !


A huge number of coupons can be found in stores.

Please read Everything You Need to Know About Store Coupons Here


Coupon Apps

A brand new style of Couponing has emerged late last year and it does not require printing or ordering coupons.

So called “Cash back” app will let you download offers to you phone (plus desktop for Checkout51) and you will earn free cash back simply by purchasing the items featured during the weekly specials.

Read more about these apps, by clicking the links below.

These are the popular cash back apps available right now:




Once you reach a minimum of $20 on your account, you will receive a check by mail. It’s as easy as that and it has become one of my favourites. Please note this is also a great way to combine coupons and cash back and get an item for free.

You may want to check out our article Free with Coupons here and find out what’s Free this week.



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Groupon Canada Daily Deals Site

You have probably heard about (or used) Groupon Canada.

The coupon site Groupon is offering a new Daily Deals with savings of up to 90% every Day for various cities across  Canada.
Offers include Dining, Beauty Treatments, Entertainment and Shopping.
Shoppers can buy Groupon Vouchers Online and redeem at the participating store, Restaurant etc.

View cities below .

And if you do not find yours, stay tuned, as Groupon is always adding more Canadian cities to this list.


Find Today’s Daily Groupon Deals  in :



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  1. The above coupon websites have not been updated for m onths, most of the coupons are unavailable or sold out and this as been like this since the spring. Are you closing them down????

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