Canadian Tire Deals: $20 Promo Card with $100 Purchase

Canadian Tire Coupons & Promos

Canadian Tire is offering a new free bonus card promotion.

This weekend, shop the Spring Sale, get great deals and

a Free $20 promo card, when you spend $100 or more on Thursday.

The free bonus cards must be redeemedMay 26th to June 4th, 2017

see flyers here


About Canadian Tire Canada

Canadian Tire Canada has been in Business since 1922  and is has grown to become the largest Retailer in Canada.
When shopping at your local store you can expect to find everything from tools and automotive parts to kitchen appliances, garden, and patio. Canadian Tire also carries sporting goods and exercise equipment.
Most Canadian Tire stores also offer a full automotive service, and some bigger locations may provide a Canadian Tire gas bar.


This Saturday at Canadian Tire collect

20x the Bonus eCanadian Tire money (= 8% cash back) on all participating in-store purchases.

You must use your My Canadian Tire Money Card.

or collect 30x e-Canadian Tire money when you pay with your Canadian Tire Options Mastercard = 12% cash back

View at here 

view your flyer here

find more store deals here


Canadian Tire Money and Loyalty Programs

Did you know Canadian Tire Money has been around since 1958?

“It was inspired by, Muriel Billes, the wife of Canadian Tire’s co-founder and first president, Alfred J. Billes, as a response to the promotional giveaways that many gas companies offered at the time. It was only available at Canadian Tire gas bars but was so successful that, in 1961, it was extended to the retail stores as well, and has become the most successful loyalty program in Canadian retail history” [Wikipedia]

We can assume that Canadian Tire started a trend, but no other program as quite met the standards and ease of collecting as Canadian Tire has.

However, do we really know what we are getting back after we purchase something?  Personally, I just stick the funny-money into a compartment of my purse and forget about it, but after some digging I did find the rates;

Every time you pay with cash od debit card, you will be given Canadian Tire Money , on the pre-tax amount. The cashback rate started as 5% of the purchase price but was later reduced to 3%, and to 1.4%,  is 0.4% at this time.

However, the good thing is you spend it like cash in the store – no points, no cards, just good ole cash…well almost.

Canadian Tire Bonus Cards

Another perk Canadian Tire has to get your business is the Bonus Card.  This card is of a predetermined value and is only applied on selected products at the time of purchase.

The Bonus Card can then be redeemed towards your next purchase, but not gift cards or credit card payments.  And if you return the item, you must also return the Bonus Card.

The Promo Card

These cards are purely incentive builders.  The card will also have a predetermined value and is offered on a specific event. The same rules apply as with the Bonus Card, except the Promo Card will expire, so watch those dates.

Canadian Tire Credit

Along with Canadian Tire Money and the speciality cards, they also offer credit cards with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

The Canadian Tire Options Mastercard allows you to Receive Canadian Tire Money with purchases made, not only at their retail locations, but everywhere you shop.

More ways to Receive rewards on purchases

Receive Canadian Tire ‘Money’ rewards EVERYWHERE you shop

Get even more rewards at Canadian Tire stores

Enjoy Bonus Card Member Exclusives –

There are new Cardmember Exclusive bonuses every week in the flyer!

Gas Advantage Mastercard

This card is designed to save you money at the pump – for the first 30 days as a cardmember you will save 10¢/litre automatically.

There is an fast way to save at least 2 cents and up to 10 cents off per litre of gas at Canadian Tire Gas Bars. Simply use the Gas Advantage MasterCard for your everyday purchases and you’ll save instantly right at the pump!

Here’s how it works;

1. Swipe your card at the gas pump

2. you can see the litre price will turn back INSTANTLY

3. Save up to $0.10¢ off /litre

Cash Advantage Mastercard

This credit card promises cash back to the cardholder.  Here are the details;

  • Receive up to 1.5% cashback on all your eligible purchases

  • Receive up to 3% cashback at Canadian Tire stores, Canadian Tire gas bars and Mark’s WorkWearhouse/L’Équipeur stores

  • Get unlimited cash back with no yearly fee

  • Get your cashback automatically applied to your account every year*

  • PayPass

However, even though this Mastercard does offer some kickbacks the annual fees and interest rates are hefty on unpaid balances so be aware.

Canadian Tire has been a pioneer and a Canadian landmark since its creation, but don’t let that sway you.  Shop smart and be wise no matter what or where you are spending your hard Receive ed money


stay tuned for more promos like these


Canadian Tire Canada has a special Canadian Tire money promo.

This Saturday, February 13th, get 20x E-Canadian Tire “Money” on the amount that you redeem!

Make sure that your My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ card is registered. You can’t redeem until you register, so be sure to do it online now. It only takes a moment!

You’ll earn 8% e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ on the amount you redeemed.

For example: That’s $8 in e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ back when you redeem $100 of your e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’




Canadian Tire: Scratch and Win $5000 Event – Everyone Wins Coupon

Canadian Tire is holding a  Scratch and Win event where you could win one of the following:

  • $5,000 Canadian Tire Gift Card
  • $10 off your purchase wus $35
  • $5 off your purchase wus $35

This offer is valid on March 13th & March 14th, 2015

Scratch cards can be found in-store or in your flyer. 

Every card wins!  

Canadian Tire: FREE $25 Promo Card with Purchase


Shop at Canadian Tire Stores  this Thursday, June 5th.

When you spend $100 or more, you’ll get a FREE $25 Promo Card!

This deal is featured on the front page of the flyer, with details on page 2.

 view the flyer here

Find a Canadian Tire Store Location here    ~    More Coupons and Codes here


Canadian Tire is holding Promo Card events several times a year. :


You may get great deals like these ones:

get a FREE $10 Promo Card when you spend $60 or more in the store


 How To Help

The Canadian Tire website provides a lot of How To Help.

If you are planning to purchase a lawn mower, grass trimmer, BBQ, patio furniture and Outdoor Sports equipment

or more you may want to check out one of the many guides on How to Choose the right ones for you.

Visit the Help section here


Practical Tips

Do you love to do DIY projects around your house and car?

Visit the Canadian Tire website to learn

How to Clean your car like a pro, finish your driveway or select the right colour paint for your home.

View this How to Section here 



Automotive Coupons


Canadian Tire is offering  printable coupons  for oil change and automotive winter service:

Print and redeem them  at a Canadian Tire service centre for great savings, when available

example of coupon savings we have shared here include these:

  • Synthetic Oil Change save $20.00
  • High mileage oil change save $10.00
  • FREE Upgrade to Seasonal Service
  • Oil Change save $5.00







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