Carefree Canada: Sample & Coupon for Carefree Liner Packs

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Carefree Canada Contests & Coupons for 2017  

Plus Free samples at  Giveaways

 #FreeToBeYouToday Contest

The Carefree, #FreeToBeYouToday Contest

Carefree Liners Canada holding a new giveaway on their website.

Enter today for a chance to win 1 of 151 instant prizes like these:

  •  40x  Energy Coffee retailer E-gift card $10
  • 25x  Smile Movie theatre E-gift card $50
  • 20x Love Flowers $50
  • 25X Pampering Way Spa™ e-gift card $50
  • 1x Appreciation Donation to Look Good Feel Better Charity in the winner’s name $5,000
  • 40x Encouragement Carefree custom travel mug $15.00

To enter, simply select one of the free to be you options and check to see if you have won an instant prize!

Enter daily through May 19, 2017

enter here

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Get more coupons and savings from Carefree Canada


Where to find Carefree Product Coupons

free stayfree pads and carefree liners



  • A new Carefree coupon is now available! You may enter the Carefree FreeToBeYou contest here and get your coupon after you complete the contest entry. Coupon will save you $2.00 on Carefree (excludes 22ct Carefree® Liner Packs)  Carefree® featured coupon, Or try the link at here
  • Try Carefree Liners for Free! Coupon. Carefree has a hot new freebie for Women. Get a coupon for a free box of Carefree liners (or Stayfree pads)Valid on any 36-60 Count Carefree Liner Packs, Carefree Coupon. visit and click on the sample banner.Simply visit the website at and order your freebie here
  • Healthy Essentials has this printable coupon. Save $1.00 off any Carefree products print here


stayfree carefree coupon

  • Find this new Carefree Manufacturer coupon at your local coupon zones or on store shelves where Carefree products can be found: Buy any  2 Stayfree and o.b products between count sizes 22-60 and get one FREE  Carefree


Free Stuff From Carefree

It seems like every month girls and women are wondering, when will I get my next period? Want to avoid nasty surprises when it comes to your period?

If you want to do some planning or just want to avoid nasty surprises when it comes to your period, get this new freebie from Carefree!

Track Your Menstrual Cycle with the new Carefree Period Calendar. 

It’s easy to use. Simply answer three questions to get started.

  1. First day of your last period?
  2. How many days did it last?
  3. How long is your cycle?

Enter these three dates at and let the app do the guess work for you!

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