Centrum Vitamins Coupon: Save on Centrum Vitamins

Centrum Vitamins Coupons Canada & Freebies

Centrum Vitamins: Save $5 on Centrum Aquaburst drink mix & more

Pfizer Canada has new Centrum vitamin coupons and more healthy savings

on their new coupons portal. Get the following and save

  • $4.00 off Centrum
  • $4.00 off Centrum Multigummies

Simply sign up for the Pfizer Get Healthy Savings website and click to print your Centrum Vitamin coupon

The coupon is available as printable coupons only!

click here to claim yours!

Find more Canadian coupons





Visit the Centrum Vitamins website at www.centrum.ca/coupons

and click on the coupons tab, to get these new deals, save :

  • $4.00 off Centrum Prenatal +DHA
  •  $3.00 off Centrum Prenatal
  • $3.00 off Centrum MultiGummies or FlavourBurst
  •  $3.00 off any Centrum Product

Coupons expire a month after printing.


print here


The coupons are valid one month after printing.

Browse All Canadian Coupons here




Have you tried the new Centrum Aquaburst drink mix yet?

If you want to pick up this new product, make sure to print the coupon

and save $5 off your purchase.

Click here to print.


Use the Coupon on the following products

  •  Original: Covers main vitamin and mineral needs.
  • Centrum Forte,
  • Centrum Select 50+ regular and Chewables , a multi for adults 50 and older
  • Multi for Men and for Women, Junior and children
  • Performance, For active lifestyles.
  •  Advantage, helps maintain long term health.
  •  Cardio, The complete multi vitamin  to lower cholesterol levels.


Centrum  Store Coupons

Look in stores now for tear pad coupons from Centrum Vitamin Coupons.

I was able to picked up some different coupons .

Keep an eye open for these new Centrum Vitamin coupons:

  • Save $3 off any Centrum Vitamin
  • Save $3 off any Centrum ProNutrients product


Centrum Freebies

FREE Vitamin & Nutrition Guide. Want to eat healthier ?Find out which foods contain the most Vitamins and get the daily allowance (Men/women) on the key vitamins and nutrients.

view free Centrum Vitamin and Nutrition Guide here


More coupons


Walmart Canada  has added a new Centrum Vitamin coupon

to their savings portal.

Log in and print the following:

save $3 on Centrum Forte/Select Essential

Get this new coupon at Walmart Canada 





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