Chapmans Free Calendar, T-Shirts, Prizes & Games

Free Chapman’s Kids Club Calendar + Prizes

Chapman’s Canada has a new free Calendars available again.

2018 – Another year of planning Birthdays, Family Events and Vacations.

Can you imagine the fun marking all these, using an Ice Cream calendar?

This year, follow Ashley and Frances as they travel Canada to discover cool facts about Canada’s wild animals!

Claim your free 2018 Chapman’s flip calendar today by

visiting Chapmans Kids Club ( and fill out the form and

your free 2018 Calendar will be shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Claim your 2018 calendar today. We ship them free to your door, no strings attached.

Calendars can be ordered by mail and will arrive at your doorstep.

Visit and request the free Calendar here

My children love to get their own calendars, mark achievements and special days.

Get more cool rewards at Chapman’s, 

Besides the free calendar, Chapman’s also has a cool website for Kids.

When you visit the, you can sign your child up for a free account.There are some awesome online games, and Chapman’s also offers a rewards program, where you can earn and request

Chapman’s branded merchandise, like t-shirts, pens, bags, rulers and much more.

Kids may join at the here and play some of the FREE Fun Online games or read info like How Ice Cream is Made

and sign up for the FREE  prize program (examples below)

Visit here

Remember to Share this great Freebie with other Families 🙂

Chapman’s Fun Flavours

Chapman’s Canada always comes up with great new flavours and my family loves ice cream, and Chapman’s produces Premium Ice cream treat that comes in tubs, boxes, cones, bars and chocolate covered sandwiches.
The Ice Cream Cones are just the perfect size for a treat, and you often find a package in my freezer. They come in Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Caramel flavours. Of course, Chapman also has bars, Frozen yogurt in a tub, sugar-free varieties, and much more.
Did you know they even have Ice Cream cupcakes? Can’t say I have ever seen them in my store.

But I have tried the no-sugar-added products, like the Peanut Butter Crunch and I must say they do taste just as delicious as any other Chapman’s variety.
During the Holiday season arriving, you may want to check out the seasonal flavours and treat your guests to Premium flavours like Santa’s Milk & Cookies, Original Peppermint Stick or Winter Cocoa.


Chapman’s Contests

Win free ice cream and more great prizes, check out all the new Chapman’s Ice Cream contests here



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