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Another year, another chance to get Free Chapman’s Ice cream.

Chapmans does offer mail coupons for Canadian consumers.

They mail out $4 to $5 off coupons, which combined with store sale and coupons would get you a sweet Freebie.  

The order form for 2018 yearly coupon is now up.

Visit their web page and request one yearly coupon by mail.

Just complete the form with your name and mailing address. Include a polite coupon request and the voucher will be mailed to you.

Supplies are limited.


 Get it here

limit of one coupon per household/per year

browse more  Freebies

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 Here is the message I Received:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
We are offering one coupon per family/household per year.
Please forward your full name (first and last) and complete (home mailing address) and we will be happy to send one to you.
Please allow 12 weeks for delivery.  If we do not receive all the information, we will not be able to send you a coupon.
Kindest regards, “from our family to yours…”


Chapman’s Products

The list of Chapman’s products is extensive! One of their signature collections is called the Canadian Collection and includes the following varieties: Almonds & Milk Chocolate, Crème Caramel & Toffee, Double Dark Chocolate, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate, Coconut & Milk Chocolate, Creamy Milk Chocolate Big Bars, Almonds & Milk Chocolate Big Bars, Oatmeal Cookies & Chocolate, Brownie & Dark Chocolate Cookie Sandwich, Vanilla Ice Cream Cones, Caramel Ice Cream Cones, Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cones, and Chocolate Ice Cream Cones.

In addition to the Canadian Collection, Chapman’s also makes frozen yogurt, cones, gluten-free products, lactose free products, products with no sugar added, nut free products, ice cream on a stick, original ice cream, original 4 litre ice cream, premium ice cream, RMR blueberry pie ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, slice ice cream, sorbet, sport lolly and sundaes. These selections are available in a variety of flavors, like creamy vanilla, decadent chocolate, and fruity flavors.

Where to Buy Chapman’s Products

With such an extensive line of products, you obviously will not be able to find EVERY Chapman’s selection in every grocery store. However, their store locator function makes it easy to find a store that carries your favorite variety. To do that, go to this page. If you’re just looking for a store to buy any Chapman’s product, just input your city and province in the Where box. However, if you’re looking for a specific product you can use the What box – start typing and you’ll see a list of products to choose from, then fill out the Where box too, to find stores in your city that carry that specific product.


About Chapman’s

Chapman’s is a Canadian manufacturer of ice cream. It started out when David and Penny Chapman purchased a small creamery in Markdale, Ontario in 1973. The original business had a staff of four employees and two trucks, and in the time since then they have grown into a multi-million dollar business. Chapman’s produces ice cream under the company name as well as store brand ice cream products. In addition to traditional ice cream products, Chapman’s makes ice cream for people with dietary needs, including gluten free, nut free and lactose free.


How to Contact Chapman’s

If you’d like to contact Chapman’s with a comment, question, or feedback, there are many ways you can reach a Chapman’s customer service team. By phone, just dial 519-986-3131. If you’d rather reach them by email, go to this page and fill out the contact form to get a response sent to you by email. You can also find Chapman’s on Twitter – their Twitter ID is @Chapmans_Canada. They are also located on Facebook, and you should be able to find them by searching for Chapman’s Ice Cream.


Find Chapmans Contests &  Giveaways on

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LIKE the Chapman’s Facebook page and stay tuned to new freebies.

recent example

  • the Summer Coupon Giveaway. Chapman’s was giving away $4 coupons on the Instant Win Tab. LIKE the page at enter your email address and click submit. You will find out immediately if you have won a $4 coupon = FREE Ice Cream! click here to enter





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  1. Hi Carol,
    please visit the link and complete the form on the Chapman’s website/
    Enjoy 🙂

  2. Hi James,

    Please try this link:

    and let Chapman know you would love a coupon and leave your full address.

    I received a $4 coupon by mail, which if you combine it with a special (as explained) it will give you free Ice cream.
    Enjoy 🙂

  3. my family really really love chapman ice cream ..we would like a coupon if u still hve

  4. Tried all three prompts, two chapman sites just. show home page no fre ice cream coupn. The check here prompt just kept on returning to dealscoop. This seems to be aproblem, Ideas, answers?


  6. Love your ice cream – It is the best and always the freshest – keep up the great service and bring on more flavours.

  7. Hi Bonnie.

    The link is correct, you simply post a comment, (as mentioned) asking for a coupon 🙂

  8. Can’t find the link. The one i click brings me to the chapman site, but there is no link for the coupon. 🙂

  9. tammy wettlaufer 63-3 wellington rd london ontario n6c 4m7,i am interested in a coupon thankyou chapman’s and my kids thank you as well

  10. Ho do you get the coupon?? after you fill out the contact form, you dont get a coupon ….

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