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Cineplex.com/FreeMovieOffer – Enter Code for FREE MOVIE Ticket

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General Mills: FREE Cineplex Movie Tickets at www.cineplex.com/freemovieoffer  or www.cineplex.com/offrecinemagratuite

General Mills: FREE Cineplex Movie Tickets at cineplex.com/freemovieoffer or .cineplex.com/offrecinemagratuite


The General Mills & Cineplex FREE Movie Promotion is coming back!

Want to spend a (free) night at the Movies?

You can now redeem your General Mills or Betty Crocker codes for a free Movie.

Purchase participating products and redeem the Codes to get free admission tickets!


general mills free cineplex movie


Please note that your special Pin codes can only be redeemed online.
You will visit the Cineplex.com site to select your city, movie theater  to select the movie and show times.

Visit www.Cineplex.com/FreeMovieOffer

click here for details


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Where can I find the Codes?

Codes will be a string of fourteen (14) numbers printed on the inside of the participating product package,
in this format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This offer is printed on specially marked packages of the following

Ready to eat cereals:


Cheerios,  Banana Nut Cheerios  345g, Multi-­?Grain Cheerios  390g, Chocolate Cheerios  350g,
Oatmeal Crisp  Almond 475g, Oatmeal Crisp  Maple 460g, Oatmeal Crisp  Triple Berry 425g, Oatmeal Crisp  Raisin 505g
And Oatmeal Crisp  Vanilla Almond 465g.

Honey Nut Cheerios  460g, Grahams ,Apple Cinnamon Cheerios  500gGrahams,  Lucky Charms  330g, Nesquik,
Reese Peanut Butter Puffs  365g, Cinnamon Toast Crunch  360g, French Toast Crunch  380g Nature Valley

Granola Bars:

Nature Valley  Crunchy Honey & Oats, Nature Valley  Crunchy Peanut Butter, Nature Valley  Trail Mix Fruit & Nut,
Nature Valley  TrailMix Dark Chocolate, Foot ,Nature Valley  Sweet & Salty Dark Chocolate Nut, Nature Valley  Sweet & Salty Almond,
Nature Valley  Sweet & Salty Peanut. 175g – 230g

Betty Crocker  Child Snacks:

Betty Crocker  Fruit by the Foot, Betty Crocker  Gushers, Betty Crocker  Dunkaroos 120g – 170g

Old El Paso  Dinner Kits:

Old El Paso  Stand N Stuff Dinner Kit, Old El Paso  Hard & Soft Dinner Kit, Old El Paso  Soft Taco Dinner Kit,
Old El Paso  Hard Taco Dinner Kit, Old El  Paso  Fajita
Dinner Kit, Old El Paso  Smart Fiesta Soft Taco Kit, Old El Paso  Smart Fiesta Hard Taco Kit 227g–470g

You can redeem an unlimited number of Codes, except that  you may redeem no more than fifteen (15) Codes

during one (1) session on Cineplex.com.


MORE Promotions:

stay tuned for these:


Get 3 Freebies When You Spend $30 on Gift Cards

cineplex gift card bonus pack deals

Cineplex has a new gift card bonus promo.

For a limited time spend $30 or more on Gift Cards and get the following 3 Freebies:

  • Buy one get one Free Admission
  • free regular popcorn
  • free ticker upgrade and

Hurry, gift cards have to be purchase at Cineplex.com/3free online or at any Cineplex box office before June 30

Offer not valid on the purchase of e-Gift Cards or Gift Cards purchased with a Gift Card.

Visit Cineplex, click here



Win Cineplex Free Movies for a Year Contest


FREE Movie Tickets and Contest


Have you been taking a look at all the upcoming movies this year realizing there are a whole bunch you want to see? If so then Cineplex Free Movies for a Year Contest is a must enter for you.

There will be three winners in this contest who will each receive free movies from Cineplex for a whole year. Each winner will receive 104 individual Cineplex Admit One movie passes.

The total prize value for each winner is $1,400, which means you can see all the movies you want and save plenty of time.

Each of the winners will have until Sept. 16, 2016, to use up all their passes, which gives you plenty of time to catch all the movies you want.

Visit www.cineplex.com/freemovieoffer

1. redeem codes from General Mills products for free Movie tickets, enter your codes  HERE

2. enter the contest, Click here for details.

There is a limit of one entry per person.



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40 thoughts on “Cineplex.com/FreeMovieOffer – Enter Code for FREE MOVIE Ticket

  1. having problems also redeeming tickets – why make these promotions so difficult????

  2. Thanks, Tracey.

    It ordered movie tickets too and had no problems 🙂

  3. OK after reading the comments I was afraid to even try, but it worked fine??

    Once you’re on the Cineplex site, with movie & time selected, it says “log in or sign up” but I just hit PROCEED without doing that and it worked fine, said I was using a promo code from Yoplait, and the order worked ok. I was hoping for a ‘blank ticket’ to go any time instead of having to pick the one you want but free is free!

  4. Please try the FAQ and troubleshooting option.
    There is a very helpful step-by-step guide


  6. oh know please tell me how do I get this free ticket
    not working why but great promotion

  7. Wow they make it impossible to get your free ticket . What a rip off

  8. Anthony Leonard says:

    How do you redeme the codes waste of time

  9. Frank Maddalena says:

    Cannot believe how hard you have made it to claim the Free Movie Offer.
    Too complicated for the average person to figure out. It was much better when all you had to do was present the coupon at the boxoffice. This advertising ploy
    is great for the cereal company (General Mills) but very poor for customer service.

  10. to get the free thickets it’s a nightmare i will not buy your product ever. and parents out there beware

  11. christiane lambert says:

    je ne voie pas ou je peut rentré mon no. de code pour le cinéma………..

  12. correction not all shopper in supermarket no computer, how they can redeem the promo.make simple.

  13. why you don’t give us simple instruction to redeem free movie ticket for kids when you buy general mills product.its a long question or process before you can get the free ticket for kids.because some costumer in supermarket has thier own computer, how can they redeem the coupon,please make an easy way to redeem the free ticket promo.

  14. l cant seem to get my FREE movie Tickets either??? l cant find where to enter Codes. l click it and my page “recovers” to original.

  15. Its pretty simple. you enter code when you are ready to purchase a ticket for an upcoming show. Then when you are online purchasing your ticket you enter code into special promotions space:)) Thanks Love free movies!!

  16. General Mills is the one benefitting…Cineplex or General Mills team, why haven’t any of you responded to the trail of messages above?

  17. I have tried sooo many times got pis off cause it said to pay for the 2nd ticket. lucky me i didn’t pay cause my friend did and she lost her money plus she got no tickets. this isn’t very nice…

  18. Is this an early April Fools prank? I never reached the Movie Promo…the sites direct you everywhere but to Free Movies! Not Happy with Cineplex or Genral Mills.

  19. darrell dyck says:

    Well this is a real joke…….cant even get to the page where to enter the code…everybody who has problems should boycot both general mills and cineplex!!!

  20. this is a joke, its impossible, cineplex should be ashamed of this advertizing….and those two comments of how great the contest is, surely employees. All i would say to cineplex not a good way to attract customers, easy way to turn off existing ones.

  21. Please post how to get the codes in if you got through. Not good!!

  22. I followed all directions yet free ticket did not print out. Notification was also not sent to my e-mail address. Just another scam

  23. never got it , to complicated , ???

  24. Have wasted 2 hours or more trying to redeem, Could not choose a payment option pushed agree and the pls wait went on and on and on. Will contact General Mills. Bogus, bogus.
    avid movie goer disheartened.

  25. too time consuming to redeem “{free movie tickets”

  26. I was not impressed at all. Something like this should be click click click and you have your ticket. This is designed to fail from the get go by the looks of it. How many people have actually received a ticket from this. I would expect a response back to me from either Cineplex or General Mills. Otherwise customer service has issues as well.
    Signed – upset customer

  27. put real coupons on product boxes the website is too complicated

  28. this is sucks. i can’t get a free ticket. worst advertising!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Florence Schurman says:

    How does one find a place to enter code number???

  30. instructions says follow instructions….which sucks. General reflects poorly on the companies that put this promo together. Making it difficult for your customers to access the free ticket says that you may be involved in other dishonest practices.

  31. I agree with first comments. I feel ripped off because I bought the product with the codes but cannot redeem it. Why do you decieve people like this. You have no integrity and credibility with us.

  32. not working at all, this is not true then.

  33. Merle Chittick says:

    Is it possible to receive the free movie tickets as advertised? I haven’t had any luck and will search for a contact phone number so that General Mills can walk me through the process. This was the same as last year; bought the product but couldn’t get the tickets online. Cineplex told me there was a problem but didn’t offer a movie ticket and referred me back to General Mills. Why doesn’t the company go back to coupons in the cereal. box. Hoax or bad programming?

  34. Does not work !! Why ??

  35. damien:
    good stuff take your time follow all the instruction your get it good luck.enjoy.

  36. very confusing how to use this system to get the free passes with the codes!! Not as easy as 1,2,3, like they say!!

  37. this coupon does not work! very disappointed!false advertising:(

  38. the website to claim free movies is not working, been trying since 3 weeks ago. I think this promo is a hoax.


  40. great promotion