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Club Sobeys Helps You Earn Rewards

Have you joined Club Sobey’s yet?

Maybe you saw the club points offers in a recent store flyer and are wondering what the program is all about and how to sign up?

I joined the program from them start and I love it because it’s easy to use, points add up fast and Sobey’s is the closest Grocery store in my area.

As always, the key is to know your prices. Don’t just buy a product because it has a few bonus points attached to it.

Use the points calculator(above) to help you in figuring out the “real”savings and remember to compare product prices with other stores.

More about the program.

Sobeys has been serving Canada for over 100 years.

It has 1,500 stores located in 10 provinces and has approximately 95,000 employees.  The chains pride themselves on their quality of food and innovation and are always working to improve customer relations. Sobeys Reward cards were introduced to built customer loyalty and they are an easy way to gain points with.  There’s no hidden conditions, it’s simply for every dollar spent you earn 1 Sobey point.

Sobeys Reward Points

* 25 Club Sobeys Points = $0.20

* 50 Club Sobeys Points = $0.40

* 75 Club Sobeys Points = $0.60

* 100 Club Sobeys Points = $0.80

* 150 Club Sobeys Points = $1.20

* 200 Club Sobeys Points = $1.60

* 300 Club Sobeys Points = $2.40

* 500 Club Sobeys Points = $4.00

* 725 Club Sobeys Points = $5.00

Sobeys makes it so easy to gather points, they even offer weekly specials that have extra bonus points included.  Just watch your flyer for great deals on some of the most popular items you use everyday.

Once you have enough points collected you can redeem them for cash-off your in-store purchases or you can grab a prize like, gift cards or online merchandise.  Earning points for Shopping is fun and practical.

Club Sobey Points Equals Savings

1,375 = $10.00

2,000 = $15.00

2,600 = $20.00

3,200 = $25.00

6,250 = $50.00

9,375 = $75.00

12,500 = $100.00

In addition, if you already have an Esso Extra card you can convert all of those points over to Sobeys or you can even have your Sobeys’ points converted into Esso Extra or Aeroplan miles This is just another way to put money back into your pocket.

When you become a member of Club Sobeys you can also forget about your paper coupons, and upload them directly onto your card.   Check this option out under My Offers“ and be sure to join the mailing list so you don’t miss out on any of the deals. (view image below)

Simply click the link in your email and these exclusive coupons will be loaded onto your card.

Then shop at Sobeys, swipe your card when checking out and your savings will automatically be deducted and your bonus points will be added to your account.

Please view the image below. It shows a recent email where I received with these 2 Club Sobeys offers. 4x the Points and 275 Bonus Points

club sobeys coupons

Sobey’s even offers a Mastercard where you will not only earn DOUBLE the points at Sobeys, but you will earn the same 1 point per dollar spent wherever you and your Sobeys Mastercard shop.

 If you already shop Sobeys check out this program.  Pop in today, become a member and start collecting your points.  Although, Sobey’s is a bit more expensive compared to your average grocer, the Club Sobeys Reward card will help you gathering points towards your future purchases.


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