Coffee Time Deals: Soup & Sandwich Combo

Coffee Time Canada 2018 Menu deals, coupons and specials.

Coffee Time Deals: Soup & Sandwich Combo


Beat the winter cold and enjoy a hot soup

and a sandwich combo at Cofee time.

There are great combos available for a special price.

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Coffee Time


Coffee Time is a Canadian company that started 25 years ago in Bolton, Ontario in 1982. Now, Coffee Time has locations in Canada and around the world! Tom Michalopoulus is the man behind the donut and coffee madness that is gripping Canada. This company promises to serve excellent coffee each time. They serve specialty drinks, baked goods, soups, and sandwiches.



For new menu items, you can visit the “What’s New” tab, found here. These items are based on limited time promotional offers. Currently, the Hearty Soup and Ciabatta Club, the Ham it Up! Brekwich sandwich, and cool drinks are featured.



Coffees are produced without additives or artificial flavours. Some of the growers and suppliers are found in Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru. Available is coffee, decaf coffee, and organic coffee. Coffee Time’s selection of teas is more impressive and features English Toffee Steameez, Raspberry Steameez, and Hazelnut Steameez. For cold drinks, you can choose between Iced Cappuccino, three Coolio flavours (lemon, strawberry/banana, or wildberry), crystal drinks, and V8 Juice.



In the bakery section, you will find a number of donuts, croissants, cookies, and muffins. For a comprehensive menu with nutritional facts, click here.

Donuts include yeast coffee bits and cake coffee bites, fancies like the walnut crueller, and cake donuts like White Coconut.

If you are a Muffin person, you can choose between Morning Glory, Harvest Corn, Lemon Cranberry, Zucchini Nut, or Apple and Spice, among others. There are reduced fat muffins like Fruit and Fiber, Oatmeal, and Carrot.


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