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We are always looking for free samples and great Giveaways and like to share the offers we find with You.
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We test most of our Freebies, and we are getting freebies every single week.
Some weeks are better than others. However, samples do come, so please be patient.
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You can view one of our many  lists of Freebies here, this is to show that Free Stuff is real and does arrive.

If you are having problems, again please read our article How to Get Samples By Mail.

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7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dale Wells says:

    Purchased a book, received the receipt and staff circled the contest area and told me to reply. When I tried to I saw this. The InStore Survey and Sweepstakes offer has expired and is no longer available. What the hell.

  2. Joe Shaughnessy. @ #4….which store are you referring to? I agree with you that it’s an awful, sneaky practice.

  3. Michael J. Doyle says:

    I attempted to enter my choice for a new flavour but was restricted by the app. I wish to suggest a ginger flavour. Both for its taste and its health reasons. I believe ginger tastes good and has beneficial effects on the body. I hope this makes it’s way to your flavour contest. Please let me know either way.
    Michael J. Doyle

  4. No idea where to find the location on your web page to enter to win trip to Mexico.
    Pin # T6B965
    After being prompted to register & give personal info, not asked for pin

  5. Shaughnessy says:

    I have shoped at the Peterborugh store for last time. Today it was the same problem as always. Buy the product than look at the receipt to find a different price. Twice in the meat dept and now on a cheese bar and many other times. They fill the product that is not on sale in with the sale product. My complaint with the cheese bar was met with you should have read the UPC on the cheese bar and the one on the displayed price. If this store must falsely gain sales in this way on a regular bases then we are done. They do the same thing in the meat dept. Put a few of the advertised sale products in with the higher priced product, with a big displayed sale price, got caught on that trick, with the meat manager saying head office recommends this method. Well they have now lost my $6000.00 a year.

    Joe Shaughnessy

  6. Suzanne Gauthier says:

    J’aime les produits offert par Home Dépôt

  7. wanda matthews says:

    thankyou very much

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