Costco.Canada Coupons: Weekly Store Savings thru Jan 7/2018

Costco Canada: New  2018 in-store Wholesale Coupons & Deals 

Costco Canada: Weekly Store Coupons

What are this week’s savings at Costco Canada

Costco has posted some hot new grocery coupon savings for members.

Great Savings this week at your local Costco warehouse.

 Valid from Monday, December 26th to January 7th, 2018

$10 OFF Gillette Venus Swirl Razor + 9 cartridges
$8 OFF Olay Total Effects Anti-aging moisturizer 2 x 50 mL$3.50 OFF Olay Ultra moisture beauty bars 16 x 113 g
$3.50 OFF Olay Body wash 3 x 700 mL
$2.50 OFF Crest Complete Whitening toothpaste with Scope 5 x 170 mL
$4 OFF Oral-B Comfort Plus Floss 6 x 40 m
$4 OFF Oral-B Criss Cross toothbrushes pack of 8
$14 OFF Gillette Fusion ProGlide power cartridges pack of 16
$3 OFF Resolve Max Laundry stain remover 650 mL + 1.8 L
$3.40 OFF Lysol Advanced disinfectant wipes 6 x 80 sheets
$3 OFF Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner 4 x 946 mL
$5 OFF Jet-Dry Ultra Rinse agent finish 946 mL
$8 OFF Finish Powerball dishwashing detergent tablets pack of 132
BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Woolite Dark Liquid laundry detergent 75 washloads
$3 OFF Frito Lay Variety pack of 50
$3.20 OFF Ziploc Sandwich bags 4 x 150 bags
$3 OFF Ziploc Large freezer bags 3 x 40 bags
$3 OFF Ziploc Medium freezer bags 3 x 50 bags
$5 OFF Sunrype Fruit to go pack of 72
$4 OFF Vita Coco Coconut water 12 x 330 mL
$2.50 OFF Oasis 100% fruit juice 50 x 200 mL
$2.70 OFF Applesnax Assorted unsweetened applesauce pack of 36
$2 OFF Goldfish Cheddar crackers 24 x 43 g
$2.40 OFF I?–GO Nano drinkable yogurt 24 x 93 mL
$2.50 OFF Leclerc Celebration Mini chocolate chip cookies 780 g

These handouts are available at all Costco Warehouse locations in Canada. in Ontario and Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia)include:
View here to see all of this week’s coupons Please note, these are NOT printable coupons, Members will receive them upon entering.
Only Costco members in good standing may use these instant savings. These instant savings are only valid at our warehouse

Canadian coupons


Western Canada, 

handouts are available at all Costco Wholesale warehouses  in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
  View here.  to see all of this week’s coupons! !  Please note, these are NOT printable coupons, Members will receive them upon entering.
Find a Costco Location here


Costco Canada

Costco Canada is a Membership warehouse club.
Before being allowed to shop, you must purchase a Household or Business Membership, which are both valid for one year.
Costco is selling all major quality brand-name in bulk size packaging.
Buy all types of groceries from Deli, Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Meats and Cheeses to frozen and
packaged and canned food products.

Costco also sells books, games, sporting goods, a small assortment of family fashion , household appliances, toiletries and vitamins and seas al items.

All Costco locations also offer a Pharmacy, Photolab, Automotive services and Prescription eye glasses or contact lenses.
You may also shop line with your Costco membership card.

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  1. why do we receive the coupons some weeks , but most of the time we don'[t receive them. would like to see them every week.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for the comment and I understand your concern.

    The images are at the maximum size for the webpage.

    However, I have included the links to the coupons above and if you follow them, you will be able
    to view coupon in their original size.
    Hope that helps 🙂


  3. Not To Much But The Ads Or printing could be a bit larger for all us older folks thank you.

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