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Dominos Feedback


Dominos was founded in 1960 by two siblings Tom and Jim, whose last name was not actually Dominos, but Monaghan.

The original name was DomiNick’s, which is strange as neither brothers name was Domi or Nick.

Today, they offer a great survey they use to gather customer feedback.

They also use the survey to give back to their customers, where you can win free pizza for a year!

Cue the cheering and happy crying.. Keep reading for more details.

Dominos Feedback Prizes

  • Entry into the free pizza for a year sweepstakes. Specifically a prize of 12 free pizza coupons, to use one a month for a full year.

The Dominos feedback homepage features the Dominos blue and red game piece logo, and gives you a survey overview before asking you to click continue to venture to the next page:

How To Take The Dominos Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Dominos pizza
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to the Dominos Feedback Survey
  4. Answer all questions and provide the necessary information to be entered into the free pizza for a year survey

Dominos Survey Rules

  • For UK and Ireland
  • Must make a purchase and save your receipt
  • Must take survey online

Full terms and conditions here

Australia Dominos Rewards

Do you live in Australia, and want free pizza from Dominos? Good new, you can sign up for their rewards app, and you’ll earn 10 points for every $10 spent on an order online.

Then, once you have 90 points, you’ll get a free pizza! Awesome deal, and for Australians only, so I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up!

Contact Dominos

Phone: 734-930-3030

Contact online

3 Replies to “Domino’s Feedback – Take Official Domino’s® – Feedback Survey”

  1. I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent work of delivery person Craig at Domino’s in Saratoga Springs, New York. He was very helpful , kind and courteous. I recommend that he receive special recognition for his excellent work. Best Wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Freda Gates Pozefsky

  2. To be completely honest, I at first was going to rant about how god awful the taste of your “pizza” is. But the truth is that the pizza itself is not my favorite yet not so bad. I’ve had Domino’s in South America, and American chain companies are treated as a luxury job opportunity, so the people have much higher standards of providing the best quality service and preparation they can. Over there Domino’s pizza is actually enjoyable because you get the full taste of the potential of how the pizza is (supposed to taste). Anyway, here in Houston Texas as usual, I am always disappointed by the taste and quality of the pizza I am forced to order on that night when I find myself out of normal resources and/or Pizza Hut workers at specified location are being duche bags or unruly bitches. I accidentally ordered my pizza with sausage. Like I said I was going to rant about Domino’s itself and hope that you change your main ingredient recipes, but then after eating it I realized how it was primarily just the sausage you guys use. With the infusion of the heat in the pizza box, your sausage pizza successfully tastes like card board ass hole. Please, for the love of God and for the passion of pizza, change your ingredient and recipe. You guy’s should aim for how it tasted in the early 90’s. It seems like in South America you can taste the full potential of the infused cheeses, mozzarella and provolone a lot better. You guy’s focus too much on these whacky far fetched concepts of advertisement, when in actuality all you have to do is make good fucking tasting pizza and not aim for making ridiculous apps and movements like fixing pot holes or making a family dong app. That is the type of crap that drove me to be as brutally honest with you guys as possible. I honestly thought it was an attempt of satirical comedy when I first saw that pot hole commercial. Quit beating around the bush and making excuses and commercials and putting emphasis on the pizza box or the quality of the car being used to deliver and just make a god damn pizza that tastes good, or at least like a pizza. Or at least quit using surveyors that are blatantly lying their ass off to you for the past 20 years. Whoever is biting in to this pizza and tasting the failed potential of it, swallowing it and then immediately giving you a thumbs up are complete and literal ass holes. I am not even joking, your corporation is probably being sabotaged by competitive spies and or saboteurs. You should look in to it. Thanks.

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