Dominos Pizza Deals: 50% off ALL Pizzas!

Dominos.Canada 2017  Pizza Coupons, Promo Codes and Pizza Deals

dominos pizza promotions

Hurry over to and order these new Pizza deals

Domino’s Canada has 50% week, starting today until Sunday, October 1, 2017!

Order online and save 50% off all pizzas at menu price!

Save on all your favourites such as Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Canadian.

Try something new or mix and match your favourite toppings

Visit the link below to find a Domino’s Pizza near you.

 order here

Codes are valid at participating locations


Dominos Canada Contests

Dominos has the occasional giveaway. The biggest one is their DeliverMetoMexico contest. This yearly giveaway does require a purchase and to enter you must order your pizza online

Popular Giveaways, stay tuned for more promotions like these

  • Dominos Pizza has launched a new social media contest. Enter on the page or on and include a photo showing you and your friends enjoying a Domino’s Pizza and Coca-Cola product. Include the hashtag #MyDominosPizzaParty in your post. Prizes 5 Prize, each winner will get “Free Domino’s Pizza and Coke for a year”, (awarded as a $250 Domino’s gift card, Wireless Coca-Cola branded Bose speaker ($200 value), 10 Domino’s Pizza/Coca-Cola jerseys
  • Dominos Pizza Contest

Not only does Dominos Canada deliver fresh hot pizza right to your door, but the next time you order, you could end up winning a trip to Mexico!
To enter, order online during the #DELIVERMEMEXICO SWEEPSTAKES at visit and you will receive a special contest code via email. Submit this code at and enter to win!  rules and enter at



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