East Side Mario’s: Spin the Wheel Contest ($10,000,000 in Prizes )

Budda Boom Budda Ching at East Side Mario’s is almost over

and you only have one more week to come in to win 1 of 100 Universal Orlando Resort vacation packages!

As well as tons of other cash and TV instant prizes in our huge 10 million dollar  prize pool.

Spin the Budda Boom, Budda Ching Wheel daily on East Side Mario’s site to win free stuff.

Everyone is a Winner .

There will be a total of $10,000,000 in Prizes available ,including 100 Vacation packages, Flat Screen TV’s , $50 Visa Gift Cards ,

$25 East Side Mario’s Cards and free Food Prizes

The contest is open to Canadians 16+.

Spin the Wheel daily here.).


Good luck 🙂





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