Entertainment Coupon Books Deal: 30% Sale

Entertainment Book – Exclusive Coupons for Dining, Grocery, Shopping, Hotels, Travel, Attractions

There is a new deal available for the Entertainment Coupon Book.

Entertainment Canada has a new promotion.

Starting today, get all coupon books for 30% off + get FREE Shipping

The code is valid for a limited time only

Save with this special and enjoy another great year of more savings on restaurants, shopping, services, hotels, travel and more!

The 2018 Entertainment coupon booklet is filled with restaurant, travel, attractions, activities and entertainment coupons – and you can purchase a booklet for your specific province and local area.

Great for traveling and vacations as well!

View the new Entertainment Book deals here




The Entertainment Coupon Book is filled with local and national coupons that provide savings up to 50%!
Get exclusive Coupons for Dining, Grocery, Shopping, Hotels, Travel, Attractions and more.
These books make great Gifts and stocking stuffers!


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With the new Entertainment Book you will get:

  •  Great new local and national coupons.
  • Exclusive buy one, get one free and up to 50% off coupons.
  • Access to mobile coupons with the Entertainment Mobile App.

P.S. You may also purchase Books for the U.S. 
If you happen to travel to Florida or the US over the winter (lucky you 🙂 or any time in 2014
you can order the Books now and save during your stay down South!

Get your Entertainment Book here  Canada & USA

How much can you save with the Entertainment Book?

If you live in a city that offers Entertainment books, make sure to grab one!

There are just so many Restaurants and Attraction Coupons included, that will save a great deal of money!

I live in a smaller, rural town in Ontario and am unfortunately excluded from many of the deals, available in the Toronto Entertainment (which would be my closest location).

However, when I started browsing through a Toronto edition of the book, I found a good selection of deals are also available at franchise and chain store locations across Canada. Often just using 1-3 coupons will recover your cost of purchase!!




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  1. This is NOT $14 plus free shipping, its $14 off the regular price. No where on their pricing was any book for $14.

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