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about Food Basics:

Food Basics is a discount Canadian supermarket chain owned by Metro Inc. and with all stores within Ontario. It was created by A&P Canada to compete with the successful No Frills warehouse-style supermarket operated by Loblaw Companies. It became part of the Metro group when A&P Canada was sold to Metro.
Food Basics prices are generally lower due to low maintenance (no free plastic bags, just free cardboard boxes), store decor is kept to a minimum and a smaller number of staff is employed, mostly part-time positions. The chain operates by pushing higher volumes on a limited selection of products than Metro, allowing it to compete price-wise with other grocery stores. There are 117 locations in Ontario. 36 were franchise stores until Metro Inc. purchased all stores back by the end of 2008.


51 Replies to “ — Win FREE Groceries For Month”

  1. I visited today at food basics store#660 located at gore rd and queen.
    It was a shock to see hat there was only 2 attendants on the floor and no one was willing to help the customers.
    they told me that all the other staff members has gone home including the manager-DAVE and Astt Manager-STEVE.
    one of the staff member was so rude and denied to help completely. People were looking for milk and other grocery items but wasn’t there at all.
    I was looking for the delico pizza but no one helped us…and we wasted 45minutes.
    I will never go to this location ever again.

  2. I have always found the staff at foodbasics to be very friendly,helpful and pleasant to deal with,make my shopping an enjoyable task!

  3. Food Basics is fantastic!Go there and you will have a great time there by seeing their prices!!!!!

  4. Teresa says:
    I am loyal customer at the Food Basics at Kipling and Dixon location. Today I shopped and attempted to purchase chicken breast as advertised in the flyer at $5.99 per package. Upon paying for my groceries I was informed that there was a “human error” and that the price is $5.99 per pound. The manager was of no help and insensitive to my concern stating that it happens all the time. She simply walked away. I do not believe that it is right that customers should feel the impact of false advertisement and this was very upsetting.

  5. I love shopping at Food Basics. The staff are very friendly & helpful. What is needed is more lighting in the stores. The vegetable & fruit departments need a uplift in most stores that I shop at.
    Thank you.

  6. Food Basics has great prices Good customer service. My favorite stores are shops on Steeles in Thornhill and food basics on John and Bayview in Thornhill

  7. I shop at the Hamilton Mohawk store several times a week. Their sale prices are much lower than other sale prices. I love the dicounted meat and check it almost every day. My kids just love their name brand chocolate milk…they say it is the best.

  8. I find Food Basics very commpetitive to other stores. I drive approxmately 1 hour to Basics Food store as I like the fruit and vegetables are fresh and meat is packaged well and prices are great.
    If I cannot find anything the staff are very helpful. Store is clean and has a friendly atmosphere when I enter.

  9. I shop at Food Basics almost every day and I enjoy most of the staff, however, WHY THE HECK BOTHER WITH A QUICK LANE IF THE RULE IS NOT BEING ENFORCED???? I spoke to the manager and his reply was that I was the only one who complains. Yes, I am constantly complaining, because I am far too often being inconvenienced by people who simply ignore the signs. Let me pose this question: “What would a policeman do if he saw someone going through a stop sign without stopping?” I believe it is the manager’s job to instruct his staff to remind people that the quick lanes are for quick service ONLY.

  10. Items on special are often in short supply.
    When I request an item’s location, the staff are very
    Most of our shopping is
    food Basics.

  11. timmins store has friendly staff but there is a few with no patience and little people skills

  12. I love Food Basics, however , you got to love the staff when paged, their answer is call another person and give a name , I kinda laugh because when a cashier pages a staff member – do they have to say CUSTOMER WAITING in order to have GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE , that is your job , take the five minutes or less and assist the customer – remember without us YOU have no job . This was Barton and Mary in Hamilton. I just thought that was so funny. The cashier has to page three ppl in order to help one customer . Total ridiculous ! However, overall , good store , great ppl . Thank you

  13. food basics is the best store for any discount/coupon deals ever,i do all my shopping here,Thank You Food Basics

  14. Always has great savings! Walking distance for me, workers always friendly and wiling to help!!

  15. I really like shopping at your store there are really good sales and the products are available at this store when the sale is going on that is very important because other stores say they have a sale but not enough product to satisify all their customers. Also the people that work there are reliable and friendly when dealing with their customers. I must say Windsor ON on Dougal ave is one of the best places to shop.

  16. I love food basics for their sales and seems like the things I need are much cheaper.

  17. Food Basics always has very good specials and I always find I get a lot for my money – even regular priced stuff is good prices

  18. i like foodbasic – i always do my groceries shopping at food basic,, its prices and quality are very fair.

  19. For 99% of our grocerys, we buy at food basics,and we have a lot of other grocery stores around!

  20. food basics beast place for groceries we always do like to shop at food basics, alwaysmore for less,many thanks for food basics keep up with good work see u soon.

  21. My whole love to shop from food basic. We almost go everyday to buy grocery from food basics. Most important thing is the prices are excellent plus during Ramadan we get best deals.

  22. I live the the Greater city of Sudbury, I usually enjoy shopping at my local Food Basic store. It offers the lower prices in produce and usually has good weekly specials. Unfortunately lately, I’ve been very disapppointed not only with how unclean the produce floors have been. It makes me wonder what’s on the food I’m bringing home. I’ve also been EXTREMELY disappointed with the WEEKEND STAFF who keep passing the extra work on their NEW CO-WORKERS. As if they don’t already have enough stress put on them as they learn the ropes.

    I have more help from a young gentleman who happens to be FOOD BASIC STORE WORKER WHO IS MENTALLY CHALLENGE. He’s the first one to address me to ask if he call help. He is always eager to bring out my FULL GROCERY BUGGY out to my vehicle who happens to be parked in the disable parking spaces.
    OH! DID I MENTION HE DOES IT WITH A SMILE instead of running away in a different part of the store where he cannot be found as the cashiers call of their help to carry out, as so happens to often with a healthy able bodies who also work there.

    Isn’t it about time that we all show RESPECT to all OUR CO-WORKERS and SHOPPERS. After all HOW WILL YOU RETAIN YOUR JOBS IF WE DECIDED TO GO ACROSS THE ROAD TO A MAJOR GROCERY STORE to do our weekly groceries. Where they have no problems opening up more then 2 CASH as they near the 3:30 p.m hour on a Saturday Long Weekend.



  23. Food Basics has the best prices and variety with very cheerful and helpful staff.

  24. I like to shop at food basics because the prices are great. the vegies are fresh and the service is excellent. Keep up the good work.

  25. I enjoy shopping at Foodbasics. The employees are very helpful and the prices are good.

  26. I recieved the paper for $1000 Grand prize and ….. But i don’t Know how I can register myself in foodbasicfeedback,please email me back or register me in your site . thanks riazi

  27. I have read some of the comments and totally agree. Why does Food basics have chicken on sale if you can not supply it. I have been to the store twice this week and it was not available. Very Frustrating.

  28. The store in Guelph on Eramosa Rd is pathetic. If the flyer comes on Thursday, You better be there Friday, or the sale items are gone for the rest of the week.

  29. To All My Very Dear and So Helpfull Friends at # 610
    Food Basics on Lasalle Blvd… and of course All Food Basic Stores………..THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH…..
    for your Very Special Care and Great Service….

    I So Appreciate All of Your Patience with me and of course, All your Kindness…. Thanks Again

    Charles “chuck” Blais

  30. I also went 3 times for the chicken sale & each time there was none, I was disappointed as I eat a lot of chicken

  31. I am a loyal Food Basics customer for many many years now, and this week I was very very disappointed in the way the chicken breast sale was handled; I went three times to buy the product and the store was always out of it, and they would not give rain checks! I suggest that Food Basics change its policy about giving rain checks or else they should not declare sales that they cannot honor. This will make me change my grocery shopping store!

  32. All products are good the vegetables and fruits are fresand good price the meat the same. l am happy to buy all the grocery

  33. Had a carton of sour milk that i returned without any difficulty. Very obliging and helpful. Very good customer service at the Woodstock ON store.

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