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What Are FREE Product Coupons?


Have you heard the term FPC, as in Free Product Coupon before?
Free Product Coupons come directly from the Manufacturer of Canadian Brands and
can be redeemed on the specified product(s).


Unlike free samples, which are great of course, FPS’s are even better!
All Couponers love them, because these coupons
qualify you to receive a FREE full size product and not just a trial sample.


Where Can You Find Free product Coupons?

Finding FPC’s can be a bit tricky and a bit of patience may be required.

We have shared a great number of them on our website and Facebook page. and join our newsletter for updates 

FREE product Coupons may be released on a Brand’s Home or Facebook page .
After visiting this link (we will always updated with new active links)
you will often be directed to a Canadian Mail Coupon site, like

Pictured below are Two recent FPC’s I have received from Websaver.
One is for a free loaf of a new Dempster’s Bread and the second one is for Schneider’s new Lunchables with fruit!

Once directed via the exclusive link, simply log in at the particular coupon site and request your FPC.
Note, while these companies often have a minimum order of Coupons that have to be ordered
to complete the checkout (free), this is not required, when ordering a FPC 🙂

If you do not have an account with these three major Coupon sites, you may want to set one up today.
This will save you extra time, when a freebie comes up.


How Can I find Out When Free product Coupons will be available?

These coupons are often available as part of a Marketing campaign to introduce a new Brand or product Line.

FPC’s are very popular and their release may be announced just hours before a promo goes live.

They go very fast and if you wish to stay up to date on new offers, simply join our newsletter and

Facebook page.


We normally post several Free product Coupons throughout the month.
You can view some of the recent examples below:
Some of them may still be available and if not, new offers are always coming in!

Stay tuned and enjoy 🙂



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