Fresh Slice Pizza Rewards: Free Birthday Meal +

Fresh Slice Pizza Deals & Coupons & Rewards

Fresh Slice Pizza Restaurants are offering exclusive discounts and freebies for customers.

Join the Fan club today and get a Free Meal On Your Birthday.

Enjoy FREE two XL slices and a medium fountain drink.

Free Slice members will receive a 10% off discount on most orders and twice monthly newsletters

with exclusive deals.

Members may also enter the contest for a chance to win free pizzas for a year (a $240.00 value).

Visit and click here to join

Find more Canadian Freebies `~     Birthday Freebies


Fresh Slice Pizza


FreshSlice began when Ray Russell combined pizza slices and pizza delivery. He also wanted to make sure the pizza was healthy and fresh. To make sure the pizza is healthier than other alternatives, Fresh Slice uses multigrain dough, fresh sauces, and skim-milk mozzarella cheese. Since 2010, FreshSlice has over 70 locations in British Columbia and Ontario. The Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence was awarded to Fresh Slice from 2007 to 2009.



Like most pizza places, you can add cheesy bread, baguettes, fries, cinnamon sticks, dips, lasagna, salad, and spaghetti to your meal. As a unique twist to the Extras menu, you can even buy an omelette from Fresh Slice.You can create your own pizza or order from the Specials or Feast Pizzas section of the menu.

When you create your own pizza, you choose the crust, toppings, and sauce. You can even put fries on your pizza!

Specials include: any three-topping small pizza with spaghetti or lasagna, any three pizzas with any nine (combined) toppings, or you can get any eight slices, at any location, and at any time.

Feast pizzas include Pepperoni, Super Veggie, All Meat, Super Hawaiian, Greek, Garlic Lover, Super Combo, Garlic Chicken, and Super Pesto pizzas.



If you subscribe to Fresh Pizza’s mailing list, you can receive insider information about new deals and upcoming events. You can also become a VIP guest when you receive your free VIP card.


Every Tuesday is Festive Tuesday, where you can receive any slice for $1.25 at any Fresh Slice location



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