4 Fun DIY Water Activities for Kids

DIY 4 Fun Water Activities for Kids


Four Fun Water Activities for Kids

It’s that time of year that all the kids look forward to while parents are scrambling to come up with fun, engaging, and perhaps educational activities to do with kids over the summer. Now that school’s out it’s up to mom and dad to keep the kids occupied and having fun and we’ve got some wonderful ways to do that with water of all things. Not only will it be fun for the kids but it will help them beat the heat on those hot, humid days.

The following are activities that can be enjoyed by kids pretty much of all ages, even the younger ones, and take very little effort on mom and dad’s part. Just remember to apply sunscreen, wear the shades, and a hat so that a sunburn doesn’t ruin the fun.

sail boat races



Sail Boat Races

Sure you could go to the store and purchase some toy sail boats for this activity but part of the fun is to make them yourselves. For this activity, you will need a large tub or small wading pool with water in it, at least one pool noodle (without a hole in the middle), toothpicks, plain paper, clear tape, and scissors.

First you want to begin by cutting the pool noodle like you would slice a loaf of bread, you can even use a knife to do this. This will be the base of your boat. Next its time to make your sail. Cut out small triangle shapes that will go on the toothpick, so keep the proportions in mind. Let the kids decorate their sails with glitter, crayons, paints, whatever they want. Attach the sails to the toothpick with the clear tape and press them into the pool noodle slice. Your boat is now complete.

Place the boats in the tub and either blow them or fan them to have them race against each other.

A Homemade Science Lab



A Homemade Science Lab

Just because kids are out of school doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep learning and continue to be challenged. Why not let them create their own science lab in the backyard using water? For this activity, you will need a variety of clear plastic bottles; you can pick different sizes and shapes. Use things like empty water bottles, soda bottles, dish soap bottles, and any other type. You will also need water and food colouring. Pick as many colours as you like just make sure you have enough bottles.

Fill half the empty bottles about half full with water, you can even let the kids do this part. Next have them add a few drops of food colouring to each of the bottles with water in them. From here let them get creative and start making their own potions by pouring a variety of colours into the remainder of the bottles that are empty. They will have fun watching how the colours blend and what they are able to create. This activity can be done indoors or out, but at least outside if there are any spills you won’t have to worry about the clean-up.

To add an extra layer of fun to this activity, give kids plastic dish gloves and goggles to wear. They will look and feel the part of a scientist then!

make your own Lava Lamp Fun


Lava Lamp Fun

What kid isn’t drawn to the beauty of a lava lamp? Why not let them create their very own lava lamp using just a couple of household items? This project is extremely fast and easy to complete and can be taken on by even young kids with the help of an adult. You will need an empty clear plastic bottle, preferably one that is tall. Next fill the bottle 2/3 of the way full with oil (you can use vegetable, canola, or whatever you have on-hand). Fill it the rest of the way full with water but make sure you leave about one inch empty at the very top. Pick any colour of food colouring and add a few drops to the water (six to eight should be good, but you may want more).

Let the food colouring start to disperse through the water and oil. Next break up an Alka-Seltzer tablet and drop one piece into the water. The water will then bubble and fizz creating a beautiful and fun effect. If they want to do it again, wait for the bubbles and fizz to stop and add another piece of the tablet.


diy make your own Cool Down with Pinatas


Cool Down with Pinatas

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to enjoy a little pinata fun. Instead, you can use this concept as a fun activity to do on an especially hot day. This one offers instant cooling benefits! You’ll need a selection of balloons, pick different shapes and sizes if you like, water, a string to hang them from, a plastic funnel (a small one), and a cardboard mailing tube or a plastic bat.

Fill each of the balloons 2/3 full with water using the funnel, you can use the water straight from your garden hose. Tie a knot on the top of the balloon as you fill it. When you finish filling the amount of balloons you want, tie them all to the string. You will then need to hang this string from something outdoors and then let the pinata fun begin. As mentioned, the kids will be instantly cooled off!

One thing to note, typical kids would have their eyes blind-folded during this game, this is totally up to you as they’ll have fun either way.

There’s no reason to look at water activities as messy or cumbersome instead it can be a parent’s best friend when it comes to keeping the kids happy and entertained over the summer. What’s great is that kids of all ages can enjoy these activities, and you can do them over and over again this summer giving the whole family a chance to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather together.


Does your family have a favourite water activity?






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