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Safeway Survey Contest Win Free Gift Cards

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Safeway Canada is inviting Shoppers to a Customer survey contest!

If you buy groceries, gift cards and product at Safeway stores, retain your receipt

and enter online at for a chance to win a  $100 Gift Card from Safeway.  

Simply provide your feedback, by visiting the survey website HERE  – 

Enter the survey code printed on your store receipt and follow the instructions,

Once completed your entry will go into the draw to win a $100 Safeway Gift Card.

Good Luck!



Safeway  Savings

If you love to shop at Safeway you may be interested in all the great coupon savings they have to offer.

Safeway mails out coupons once per week.

They have also a weekly Facebook special and the Safeway website contains several grocery coupons for Home, Deli, Beauty, Bakery and more.

View All Safeway Grocery Coupons here

This page is updated once or twice per week.

Where to Find Coupons?

1. email direct coupons are available for Safeway members. You can visit and create a free account here to receive weekly coupons by email. We normally get 6-12 coupons per week

2. Fans of the Safeway page here get access to the weekly deal. Each week there is a special offer, one coupon is published that can be printed and redeemed in stores.


 Safeway Canada Promotions

The annual Safeway’s Customer Appreciation Day in August A valid Safeway Club Card is required

examples of savings:

  • Save 10% off your entire grocery purchase   OR
  • earn 20x Air Miles on your purchase

Safeway Canada

Safeway Canada has been serving residents in Western Canada and
Northern Ontario for the past 80 years.
Safeway will be merging in the future with the Sobeys chain of grocery stores. So stay tuned for updates on possible store closings and changes.

Air Miles
Safeway is offering Air Miles rewards miles with every visit and special store coupons that are available by email
Collect 1 air mile for each $20 spent in stores.

Store Brands
exclusive to Safeway Canada are some the following brands
Lucerne, Refreshe, Pantry Essentials, Open Nature, Signature Cafe, Eating Right, Safeway SELECT, Primo Taglio, Priority Pet Care and more



213 Replies to “Safeway Contest: Win $100 Gift Card”

  1. Don’t like the isles with same type of products spread all around. For example.
    Napkins are not with paper products but with picnic and paper plates. Olive oil is in different isles not just one location depends on the brand.
    Clerks are very helpful and kind.

  2. i experienced alot at safeway. every friday i go there because they always will have 5 dollar friday and i can get alot for just a little amount of money. more people should shop at safeway.

  3. i love safeway its a great place to get riped off i dont like safeway fred meyers is better.

  4. safeway is a great place to shop. you can get great products for celebrating almost anything. i personally shop there almost every week.

  5. Clerks are very helpful at Rossmoor store. Could use a little update . Thanks angrla

  6. I continue to purchase over $20 without getting the promised gas credits and today 11-01-13 at store #1479 in Wheatridge, Co. I spent $93.08 including a $50 gift card and got 35 points toward gas credits. My card # is 2325. What’s going on – this has been going on for several months. I even got a coupon printed out that said gift cards earn 4X gas reward points ?????

  7. I have gone on your survey site and registered and it will not take my password even though it has 10 or 12 letters and numbers.

  8. I am a short person and don’t like having to find someone to reach the high shelves for me. Checkers are very helpful.

  9. Your smiling employee faces make shopping much more pleasant and satisfying.

  10. I like the way safeway produces its products; it has good service and the people repect the costumers and always make them happy.

  11. We shop at a convenient Safeway market once or twice a week. The store is clean, what we need, and the personnel are very friendly and helpful. Val Bieber

  12. Shop Safeway all the time..just love it. Very helpful people and super great checkers.

  13. I am a Safeway shopper,& have been all my life. When I lived in Denver Colorado years ago it was my only store & that will continue to be.

  14. Always treated with respect an as a friend . Always willing to help an meet your needs love our store.

  15. My complaint is there is never any hot french bread at 4 or 5 o’clock

    and there seems never to be enough checkers about 1 o’clock i go in at lunch, cause i am so glad to see the deli in our town.

    can we fix this

  16. Safeway is one of the best in town to shop your groceries and get your prescrisption medicine…love it…

  17. safeway is the best store to get your perscripsions and shop for food at the same time ,keep up the great work

  18. I have been shipping at the Safeway for many years. It is always a pleasant experience. I especially like the meat counter at the new store on Henderson Highway.

  19. I really like shopping at Safeway. I find everyone there helpful and pleasant. It is nice to be recognised and feel that the staff is a friend as well.

  20. I enjoy shopping at safeway,its a little exspensive and I wish they would wrap their groundbeef packages a lot better, other than that its all good!! mahalo..

  21. I appreciate the convenience of the Safeway store, and that the employees are so pleasant and helpful.

  22. I always shop at the Panther lake safeway.
    The checkers are so nice. Really like Rosie.Always so helpful

  23. I tried to enter the Survey .net to enter to win a $100 gift card but was unsuccessful in the calendar
    portion. I shopped at Safeway #2054 on 9/24/13 about 1:00 P.M. and want to express my greatest
    appreciation to Michele, the cashier and the assistant for placing all my frozen items in the bag I provided and placed all the perishables very carefully in the box on the seat of my walker so I could board the Foundation Bus with all the contents and felt most appreciative. It is so great to have employees who make life easier when one needs assistance and I am most grateful. My Safeway club card number is 420 0164 0877. They both made my day and Thank You for having such a well managed store with excellent employees. I Thank You. Fay Sieving

  24. I always shop at Safeway. My husband LOVES your lucerne ice cream and your half and half. We also buy our gas at safeway. WE WILL ONLY SHOP AT SAFEWAY.
    You are a great team.

    I also take disabled people to Safeway as they love it. Your verity IS THE BEST. You carry EVERYTHING.


  25. I love this store,just for you is a great idea,good savings,good deals good price on gas.

  26. I enjoy the fresh produce, meats and cheeses. The staff are courteous and freindly

  27. Your close to home. I especially like your produce. Store personnel are friendly. I am troubled by the way you move items around. It definitely ads consider time to my shopping.

  28. I shop at my Greenbelt Maryland Safeway at lease three times a week. I love the fresh produce, and Mike that works in the produce area is as nice as can be. Always ready and willing to help me find what I’m looking for. He let me know about the in store specials. I also enjoy the deli and the meats. The cashiers are helpful and happy people. I love my Safeway store!

  29. We shop at our local(Willcox, AZ) Safeway store at least once a week. The cashiers are invariably friendly and efficient and we are almost always asked, while shopping, if we need any assistance finding anything. Always, the produce people are friendly and saying hello to us.

  30. Aileen in seafood at the Washington street store is the most professional and
    knowledgeable employee that I have met in the Safeway chain. It is always
    a pleasant shopping experience every time i go shopping at Safeway which is
    just about every day. You are very fortunate to have someone like her in your

  31. Needed help at self check-out and the associate(wish I knew her name) was very helpful! New to the area and really like Safeway.

  32. Like the new liquor dept. Big selection good buys and posted signs of product location are quite helpful.

  33. It Washington a great experience. I evento at 2pm and it was not very busy. The cashier was very friendly and fast. He wished me a godo rest of my day. I love going to that Safeway.

  34. The cashier, Lei, was VERY professional and courteous and friendly. I appreciate being treated like I am an important customer, I will defintely shop there again

  35. I shopped there today-Sept 16,2013. There are not enough cashiers. I participate in Safeway 4 You and you cannot tell on the receipt what the discount is for at the end of shopping. Sometimes the prices are wrong at the cash register. Please correct these things so I can continue to shop at your store.

    Dorothy Ginsberg

  36. Awesome service at night time, same girl rings me through and is always helpful, happy and polite. 🙂

  37. Shopped at your Safeway in Langley, very nice and helpful. My cashiers name was Sheila and she was very friendly, making the whole experience very nice. Thankyou Gail

  38. the service at safeway was very considerate. sorry to hear you’ve sold out to sobeys. thanks and best wishes to all who pursue a career in food. dianne

  39. Every once in a while you can get some good bargain’s at Safeway, today I saved $21.00 dollar’s on my groceries hot damn that was nice, thank’s

  40. Have been shopping at Safeway for over 30’yrs. wouldn’t go anywhere else. The employees are very friendly . Never have any problems finding what I need. Keep up the good work!

  41. Kelly, at MGR Richardson’s store, went out of her way to help me exchange two items and find the other items I needed!
    She had a helpful and friendly attitude.
    Thank you.

  42. Es lo máximo comprar por que todo esta fresco y muy barato me gusta su servicio y muy amables comprende tes

  43. I shop at Safeway almost every day there service is really good and there supply are good everything is up to date.I don’t like going to stores to find stuff on the shelf expired…never happened at Safeway….another thing is the meat is fresh I love to by it there!

  44. My shopping experience today was very satisfactory and I found every thing I was shopping for (which doesn’t always happen) and the cashire Lori was pleasent and sounded sincere and not robotic like some cashires can be if they are not happy with their job. I am a dedicated Safeway shopper as I can usually find everything I need without running all over town to fill my grocery list.

  45. I often shop at Safeway, especially the outlet at the corner of Ka’ahumanu Street and Moanalua Blvd. in Pearl City, Hawaii, because the cashiers are friendly and I enjoy the membership discounts and other enticement they provide for customers. One person that I particularly like her affable personality who is always ready to make shopping as easier as it can be, at least for me, is Judith. As a consular official posted here in Honolulu, my tax exemption card is often inconveniencing for other customers in line every time I use it because a form always has to be fetched, brought to the cashier, and be filled out. I have noticed that many grocery stores including their cashiers are not too familiar with these State Department-issued tax exemption cards let along filling them out. This can also slow down the customers line. Well, Judith always has one readily available in her drawers, with sample fillings, but having gotten used to filling the form, my shopping experience at Safeway has become much faster and easier, especially when Judith is around.

  46. I enjoy shopping at Safeway most of the time. Your meat department is second to none. Unfortunately my experience this evening, while minor, was disconcerting. I specifically chose a yellow onion for approx. .69 cents a pound. The checker rang it up as .99. As she was ringing it up, the wrong price appeared on the screen. I commented. She said “yeah ok”. When she finished I asked her if all my club discounts had been taken off. She said yes. I specifically pointed out the onion again. She said there was no mistake. I again said the onion I chose was in a display that said .69 cents a pound. She said no, I had chosen a Walla Walla onion that was .99 cents a pound. She was wrong. I know where I chose my onion and what the sign said, but for .30 cents I did not feel like making a scene or embarrassing the checker even more. She seemed inexperienced as it was and it was late and she was the only checker on duty and I did not want to hold up the line even more.

    Even if a Walla Walla onion had been placed in the yellow onion section by mistake, the checker still should not have told me I was mistaken, since I know I wasn’t. I was disappointed and wont shop at that Safeway again on principle. The store is located at 22000 Salamo Rd West Linn, OR and the checker’s name was Shayla. The reference # on the receipt is 130822905444

    I would appreciate a response to renew my faith in your store.

    Thank you,
    Damon H

  47. Want to let you know that Scotty at the Greeley Centerplace Safeway store is great. He is a very pleasant person, always with a warm smile. Knows his customers by name and is also so helpful. I think he is an all around positive person and it shows.

  48. Your cashiers are always friendly and very helpful. I like the prices they have exspeicaly because I’m shopping for five and u need to find the deals. Evertime I go the the store I always go by the meat dept. to see whats on sale. I Usally end up leaving with some meat.I also like the new look the store in my community did with the remodel looks nice.

  49. 14175 W Indian School, Store 1511. The store is being remodeled and I would have to say it is not a happy workplace. With the remodel it is difficult to find things so you have to either wander the aisles or ask. Askingis greeted by responses ranging from I don’t know to a very friendly bagger who was willing to ask and help search. At the customer service desk a lady came from the office with her mouth full of food asking “what do you need tonite” apparently I intrupted her dinner. I sent in a comment card a couple of weeks ago, but no response to that. I would have to rate my shopping expirece as disappointing! One other item of note, shopping carts are frequently jammed together in a manner that requires significant force to pull them apart.

  50. The employees are always very helpful and friendly. I am new at using the self checkout, but knowing that there is a very patient cashier there to help allows me to use the self checkout, which I find very convenient when I only have a few items.
    The store is always clean and this is number one on my list for a grocery store.

  51. I shop at Carrs/Safeway #1805 in Anchorage, AK and want to share that Eron should be commended for his outstanding customer service. All the times I have shopped there, I have never seen Eron without a smile. He could be having a bad day but he never shows it on his face. I think he is an all around positive person and it shows……

  52. Iv’e been shopping at Safeway for many years. Friends tell me of other grocery stores to shop at. I tried them and was not happy. I love your $5 deals!! Love the customer service as well. I am a happy camper shopping at Safeway.

  53. It was a pleasant early Wednesday morning, the time of the week most opportune for shopping, less prone to have crowds. I found a parking spot in the handicapped area, next to cart stall. And a cart was available so I didn’t need to use my walker.

    I was very familiar with the small store since I’ve been attending there for over 20 years. We’ve moved to the other side of town nearer a larger Safeway store but find this one much more convenient. When you become an octogenarian, you’ll know what I mean.

    I found what I needed in the usual places and the exiting line was empty. The cashier was most professional and pleasant–no gossiping, and my cloth bags facilitated easy packing. In 15 minutes, I was on my way!

    Yes, it was a pleasant experience!

    Reuben Bareis
    255 Texas St. , Apt. 503
    Rapid City, SD 57701

  54. Would love a button on just for you that hits all coupons if needed. There have many times that I would like to use all the coupons.

  55. I shopped 8/16 at Safeway 1050 Pratt Blvd Longmont Co Virginia checked me out just did a great Job, Very friendly and helpfully. she pointed out how I could save money on somethings I bought. Also suggested since i was buying some prepared Dinners that the Deli had some awesome products. We are from Minnesota and have been very happy with Pricing and quality of Produce, Deli and Meats. Bought some Porterhouse Steaks that were to die for.

  56. Today I went into Von’s in Eastlake…..Chula Vista, California to get someone to help me with the Von’s JUST FOR YOU program. Somehow, I was not able to edit or get the material I needed, because of an incorrect spelling in my first name. There was a very nice young man who volunteered to help me out with this problem. It turned out to be very lengthy, about an hour, that Andrew focused on the problems and stayed diligent about getting the problem straightened out for me. I could not have done it without his help. He even called a special number, more than once, to get the help needed for me. He was very professional, had a helpful and polite attitude, and never once complained about how long it was taking to get to the bottom of the problem. He could not have handled the whole matter any better than he did. A very trustworthy employee.
    He deserves to get some praise and notice for helping this weary shopper out! Thank you very much Andrew! You were so helpful and kind. Jean Sikute

  57. I have no idea what “URI” means, but I love my Pavilions store because of the incredible variety of product choice
    The wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful employees and the general tenor of the store

  58. I have shopped at Safeway for over 20 years and I feel Safeway has lost their way in customer service and employee morale. How sad! Beautiful stores do not hide people who are not happy about their jobs and management that does not seem to notice there is a serious problem. The redesigned shelves to maximize space require you to get on all fours to retrieve a product from the bottom shelf because you can not see the small items placed on the bottom. Brilliant marketing, just not practical shopping. Clearly the person either does not do their one shopping is too far removed from their customers to realize that I do not like to look like a dog if I want to buy lemon juice. Then I went to buy a tea. I was asked what size I motioned with my hands to indicate the large size. Instead of asking did you want the largest, I was told I can’ t tell what that means. I was not talking on the phone I simply had a bad headache from crawling on the floor for the lemon juice. I proceeded to pay, where I purchased 9 cartoons of soda ( 2 of each and 3 of another).i I asked if I could keep the sodas in the cart as I had had surgery and was not supposed to be lifting. I was told I could take one I out of each cartoon. Then I was asked if I needed help in the car. I said no I needed you to help me here. Where is the customer service you used to have? I shop at Safeway weekly. I need to think my loyalty is misplaced.

  59. The people who work at Safeway appear bored and miserable…..believe me, there is NOTHING “express” about the express lane. And now there’s a line at the self check-out??? How about no self checkout…..I have a job for which I have been well-trained…..I do not need to learn the checker’s job, too. How about weed out the ‘bad seeds’, treat your employees well….and all of us will be happier.

  60. Whenever I need help,finding something or checking out,Del is always there with a smile and a helping hand. Safeway is indeed fortunate to have an employee such as her.It is one reason I prefer shopping in the Spearfish store instead of the Walmart store.

  61. The Lines are always very long. Something needs to be done about this. Really does want to make you shop elesewhere when you see 10 people i. Line with only 2 cashiers.The Cashier customer service is always friendly and polite.

  62. Always friendly at Safeway stores. Used one other than my local one today and still happy with the service.

  63. I shopped yesterday at Vons and as always I get the impression that the people there would rather be somewhere else. I asked for a bag for the sodas (no big deal) and the cashier finally gave me a bag and then said: I don’t think that it will fit. It did.
    Well, may be they don’t really need my business.

  64. Debbie and Sally are great checkers at the Lake Mead and Buffalo Vons store in Las Vegas store always helpful and friendly.

  65. I bought a cake at the Burlington Wa. Safeway
    Store. As we began to eat a piece of the cake
    We found the cake (not the frosting), saturated
    with what we hope was water. The “juice”from
    the cake had even seeped into the plastic bag
    the clerk placed it in. We called the store.
    Customer Service, hardly apologetic, said
    to return the cake for credit or replacement.
    BIG DEAL !! The 40 mile round trip we would
    have had to make, would have been more costly
    than the cost of the sloshy cake!!!

  66. The Checker Hilary was so nice to me she opened my jar of dill relish! I swear there was noway I could have gotten that thing open!

  67. the staff at my Langley fraser crossing were so friendly and helpful. Austin my checker was so great. loved the whole store Robyn in the deli was very helpful

  68. My checker Maria at the Safeway store on 10th Street in Greeley, named Maria was most unfriendly. Something I rarely experience at the Safeway stores. She did not greet me, did not open her mouth one time until I was handed my receipt when she looked at it and said thank you and then my name. There were just two checkers at the time and the lines were long. They need more checkers working. Maybe she was irritated that she had to be there, who knows, also her light was not on so people were thinking that there was just one checker.

  69. The staff is always friendly and the products consistant, though a bit costly

  70. The staff is always friendly and the products consistant, though a little pricey

  71. I have been a Vons shopper for years and have always been pleased with the service and the selection, but recently things have begun to change. There are never enough employees, particularly in the deli. The food offered in the deli often looks a little old. Now when I order something from the deli I ask whether or not it was made fresh that day. The bakery was in my opinion, the best in town, but that is no longer true. The last two cakes I ordered were bad. The first of the two was a strawberry whip cream cake that I have ordered for years and is my all time favorite. When I picked it up I didn’t bother to look inside because it ‘s always excellent, but to my surprise when I took it out to serve to my guests I was disappointed to find out that not only did it not have the almonds on the outside but it was not whip cream but butter cream. There was no decoration other than the writing that I asked for and that looked like it was done by a child. The last cake I ordered had no filling between the layers. I’m done!

  72. I truly enjoy doing my shopping at Randall’s .. The employees are very helpful.. They approach a customer with a nice manner .. For example “is there anything I can do for you today?”
    Also I like the way the store is organize , it makes me get my stuff really fast….

  73. Me gusta comprar en safeway por que siempre tiene muy buenos especiales y ahorro mas que en ningun otro lugar y ademas por los puntos que dan aparte para la gasolina y bien ahorro en los bajos precios de la tienda y tambien ahorro en gasolina y me encantan los vienes de 5 dolares son grandes especiales antes de ir a cualquier otra tienda primero voy a safeway gracias safeway

  74. I do shopping in the nearest Pak’n Save Foods store at least 2 times per week. It feels so good to walk the isles of this place, look on the shelves and find the items that I need for my household. If any need occurs the workers ready to help rite away. And the cashiers are so professional, they meet you with a smile, always asking “is everything OK?” I never noticed to be overcharged. Customer service corner completed with friendly, knowledgeable people. This store looks clean.
    The bid Thanks to all workers of my favorite store.

  75. horrible experience at the vons on 155 w California Blvd.. VONS IS ALWAYS A RIP-OFF. The first cashier didnt know how to fix the incorrect billing and return my stuff. the other lady said she could help and she takes me to her isle and makes me wait in her que…BS, when i asked her why should I stand in this big line just to get my $5 back, she says- cos its your fault to not like our stuff…bitch. I threw my vONS card in trash for good..RALPHS has so many cashiers and they know what they’re doing..Vons hires bunch of idiots and its such a rip off 2 mangoes for $ 4.99? WTF?

  76. Golden is a small town, but the Safeway team here is big city. they are always friendly and help us with coupons or the on line program. Their store is well stocked and many times they have helped me find items that I thought were out of stock. I love the pharmacy and overall this is a great store with great people that keeps me from shopping at the local , larger king soopers. s

  77. I shop at Safeway a lot. I like that you can collect airmiles, get 5 cents of gas and the workers are always friendly to my two small children (even when they are not behaving). I love the set up and the fact that it doesn’t get changed around every 3 months.

  78. Excellent service at the Starbucks, Store 1399 in Jacksonville MD Briana the barista is outstanding.

  79. Horrible service at my local Safeway on 17th & Hover street in Longmont, CO. Never enough checkers no matter what time of day or night you shop. The late night checkers are always rude. It would be great if a King Soopers moved closer to my area on 17th ave.

  80. Your cashiers are always friendly and smile, regardless of their day. I see it & feel their energy of welcoming you to the store.

    My cashier was today was Eric #1560 Carmichael,Ca.

    Very nice and hardworking man. I used to religiously shop at Walmart. But never again! The service is not what it used to be.

    ThankGod for options!!

    God Bless,

  81. I always have a good experience and good buys when I shop at the local Safeway. The clercks are friendly and helpful there.

  82. I have shopped at Safeway in Steinbach for many years. I am impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. As well as good deals I enjoy collecting air miles. I hope a decision is not made to close this particular store in light of the takeover by Sobeys.

  83. my grandma has always shopped at Safeway and so do i, we’ve always had great service the staff is always friendly and helpful, the pharmacy is also fully stocked to help us get the medicine we need at the time overall Safeway is the only grocery store we shop at. 4.5/5


  84. i really love safeway, it really brings up fresh memmories when i always talk about it.Safeway is a place where everything is useful.I really appriciate it.Thank you SAFEWAY!!! 🙂

  85. i like to shop at safeway, employes are friendly and prices resonable and fresh product all the time

  86. Randall’s(Safeway) did it for the third time this month. Advertise one price and charge another at checkout. Latest was yesterday at the Randall’s on San Felipe in Houston. Sign said $5.99 for an 8 lb bag of oranges. Was charged $6.99 on check-out. The line at “customer service was long so, how much time is $1.00 worth if you catch the overcharge?.

  87. I have always shopped at Safeway I find their products to be the best such as vegetables,meat,dairy products and bakery, I find the staff friendly always ready to help you to find whatever you are looking for and their pharmacy is excellent.

  88. I shop at SAFEWAY in Steinbach Manitoba. We also have Walmart , Sobeys and Superstore.

  89. i enjoy shopping at safeway and getting the great deals;i love five dollar friday the most though out the store .everyone is so friendly and helpful they always say hello and help me with everything i need

  90. I was shopping today, 06/13. My cashier was elizebeth and she was as helpful as usual. That goes for Magnolia and Ludmilla also. They are all helpful and friendly, which makes shopping at the North Boulder store so pleasant

  91. I go to the Safeway in Aspen glen landing allot and must say the store is always Clean and organized with the most help full staff and the store hours are great keep up the amazing job.


  92. got my Coffee (Starbucks) at the Von’s off El Camino in Carlsbad. Love this store!!! Love the great friendly helpful Service!!! GREAT place to Shop!! 5 Stars!! Especially Abbey @ Starbucks!! 😀

  93. Every time I shop Safeway, I end up with a resentment. I feel the store is out to confuse and to get me. Pricing on shelves are not always where the correct product is. Coupons don’t apply at times for various reasons. U-Click it makes me realize if I forgot to click it, and I pay more. Today I told the cashier that I may have picked up the wrong items, so please check it before charging me. She said she would do it at the end. Then when the price was wrong, she couldn’t change it anyway. So I had to wait again at the service desk, and go through the whole senerio again to get a refund. My feeling is: Don’t complicate my life, simplify it. That is what Basha’s does, and I very seldom shop Safeway anymore.

  94. Barbara
    The 16th & Potrero store is a great store yo shop @. It’s when you get to the counter sometimes you will get a horrible tell who can’t speak English good. WOW
    June 7, 2013

  95. i was very pleased with my Von’s experience on 5/08/13. Took approx. 2 hrs to shop w/electric cart due to my immobility. Very impressed with sales personnel and store items. I traveled 235 miles (ea.
    way) as I live in Mexico. Only 1 item missing from cart
    as I was to receive a free Barilla pasta w/purchase of
    (2) Classico sauces. NO PASTA when I arrived home.
    I will shop at this store each trip to San Diego.

    Dr. Catherine Worley
    Baja, Mexico

  96. Safeway’s n our city are great stores to shop in. The employees are helpful and the store is clean. I really like the sales they have too.

  97. I think safeway is a good store to shop at, they help u whenever u need it. they also have good ways to save. The fruits and vegetables r fresh unlike other stores. It is also very close which helps a lot i can even go walking.

  98. I recently visited he Pavillions Store at 19800 W. Ventura Boulevard and found it to be a pleasureable experience. They employees were extremely helpful, courtesy ad quite will to give free samples. By the same token, the cashier that waited on e Karen 2897 (?) was took the time to help me fill out the application which I greatly appreciated. Also, the store is exceptionally clean and well stocked with items I use on a daily basis.


  99. Always I go to store and always I am served the same way, all are friendly and polite, also very helpfull.

  100. good place to do shopping for all reasons, quality, price & friendship; nice atmosphere in the store;

  101. I always shop Safeway. Staff are friendly & helpful.
    Check out clerk had a cold,blowing her nose & coughing & handleing my groceries. That I did not appreciate!! Staff should stay home if ill. Especially in a store where food is handled!!

  102. We always shop at Safeway and we do so because of the air miles – please keep them coming. Every week would be great.
    We were however in our Safeway Store on March 15, 2013 and the experience almost made us never want to come back. We have been noticing on Friday nights that there are not enough staff on and the line ups are unreal. We don’t understand why they advertise a three day sale on items starting Friday and number 1 if your lucky to get an item as the stock is usually gone and two not enough staff to handle the people. I don’t want to shop for 45 minutes and wait another 30 minutes or longer at the cash out. The staff on a Friday night seem to be very young and don’t know how to pack groceries. Bread with frozen items….really? On this particular night the cashier yelled down the line to me…ma’m and waved his finger at the this line closed sign and said put it at the end. Really????? There are certainly lots of other grocery stores to shop at and if this type of service continues we will be leaving Safeway.

  103. I live about 1 mile from the Safeway store and I have been shopping there from the day it opened. Even if you buy one item or a basket full you are always offered their help taking you out to your car. The store is always clean and no fish smell like a lot of stores when you walk in the door. It is always bright with colors like walking in to a spring day. The parking is well lit at night. Most all of the staff working there would get a cursory award but I am sorry to say there have been times when some would not.

  104. I just cane back from Safeway. I picked my prescription and Chris was very nice and then I picked up some frozen pies and Wendy at the check -out was very nice and friendly. Thank you for a very nice day. It always helps when you’re down and people like Chris and Wendy can cheer you up Martie from Winnipeg

  105. I like to shop at Safeway the prices are very resonable and the employees are friendly,helpful. Iwould recommend my friends about your store

  106. I I have shopped @ Vons for many years & have never been so rudely treated by a checker as I was today. I checked out @ Checkstand 8, Mary is the name on my receipt. I told the store mgr about it & I sure hope it never happens again. I have felt like crying all afternoon over this! Thank you for listening. I am sorry to have to tell you this, as I usually don’t like to complain.

  107. I love the JUST FOR U , i really think its made for me only. I can budget my shopping around it. Safe alway have what i need on sale . i just love the people that work there it is like an extended family. thanks

  108. I love going to safeway they make you feel a part of the family and you can get pretty much everything you need.
    Staff are very friendly, will even tell you a good deal and assist you of any help. Keep it up guys.

  109. Just stopped in for some quick party stuff. This store is vary convienent to me and I do all my grocery shopping there. It’s a nice store and the employee’s are gererally friendly.

  110. We usually shop at the Lawson Heights location and find the staff very friendly and helpful. They usually ask at the check-out if we found everything. Keep up the good work. However, since the renovation at this store a few years ago, we find the produce section very congested.

  111. We usually shop at the Lawson Heights location and always find the staff friendly and ready to help. They usually ask at the check-out if we found everything we wanted. Keep up the good work. However, since the renovation at the this store a few years ago we find the produce department very congested.

  112. We usually shop at the Lawson Heights location and always find the staff friendly and always ready to help. They usually ask at the check-out if we found everything we wanted. Keep up the good work. However, since the renovation at this store, we find the produce area very congested.

  113. I have been a Safeway shopper for over 15 years. I do enjoy the enormous savings as well as, utilizing the discount at the pump. I recall, when Safeway ventured into this idea. I also, enjoy the produce and the beautiful flowers that are always fresh. I was just at the store on 1-28-13, and picked up a few items, along with my beautiful Hyacthin (purple) so fragrant. Safeway keep up the great job serving our communities.

  114. I have always been a costumer of Safeway stores for many years great service !!!

    Scpripps Ranch San Diego

  115. me gusta comprar en esta tienda porque siempre tienen buenos presios aparte me gusta la amibilidad de las personas i pues me gustaria ganar la gift card……….

  116. i like shopping in this store. porque siempre tiene buenos presios aparte de que las personas son muy amables .

  117. i have not shoped at safeway for quite some time being 7 to 9 years because of attude of employees i saw a ad in our wensday paper and thought i would give it a try i went to the one at northway mall in anchorage alaska first thing i noticed was
    the handicap parking at the front of the building that was cool i enterd the left hand entrence and got my cart and the first impreshine was a casher at the self help aera was complaing that sf 49ners were whinners and everybody could here this young lady she had quite of few commints about that football team and i did not like that attude it brought back old memerys of safeway and the reason i quit going there
    now that i shop mainly at fred meyers now anyways i got the items i was after and headed to a reg check out stand the lady i delt with was verry kind her name was
    alyssa i asked her how to get a new safeway card and derected me to customer service after my purchse so i stood around for about 10 minets and asked if anybody could help me i just got this i cant belive you are asking me to
    work so i just left without getting a new safeway card probbly as well cause it did not seam too matter these kids are so over worked is what it seams like
    likely hood of me returing to safeway to do future shopping not at all i was discusted
    same old crap just differnt lazy employees seamd like they were scared that they was going to do more than the rest of the employees
    in my book after this experince with your employees safeway should just shut there doors cause they dont want to help the customer isnt that is what they are there for
    to help the customers i could not belive how incompatint your people were over sometihing so simple please contact me i still have my recipe so you can get information from me i was not impressed at all
    thank you for your time

  118. I finally got on just 4 u savings. Customer service was great. Saved on club number saved on paper coupons and just for u every day we look for a way to save money, thank you vons. Vons staff are great people . Love the Bishop store, Becky has a great personality. My husband says kat is the best in Bishop

  119. I like the just for you . the newest extra gas points for so much shopping . its nice to be rewarded for something your doing anyway . appreciate it thank you . sandie

  120. I have always been a customer of safeway stores for many years. just for the helpfull and courteous people that work in the stores. they will help anyone that ask for help. Don

  121. I shop at safeway exclusively. I like the way it is laid out. I never have trouble finding anything no matter which store I shop at. I’m very short and can’t reach the top shelves so while i’m checking out the clerk sends a runner to grab those items. I love the just for U savings on items I regularly purchase. that along with the cupons and club savings I can usually count on my $500 bill droping to about $300. The store is always very clean. Thank you for always giving me a great shopping experience. Also I’d like to thank the great crew working at store #1826. Eric is the greatest manager I ever met.

  122. i was at safeway yesterday and i always get help when needed i was at the movie counter a couple months ago and a young man left his wallet at one counter and was at other counter and a older man try to steal his wallet and I stopped him i grabed it and yelled to him you left your wallet and the older man yelled at me when i left the manager thanked me i always get excellent help i always get help when needed at the store when i need it

  123. Stoped at safeway today to pick up a few items, did not have to wait in line!! In & out & service was great .

  124. I liked the recent Turkey sale .The item is limited to one per family per week,which helps everyone have a chance to get one and is a very good value too. The clerk was good enough to get me another air miles key fob so I also gained a few extra miles .

  125. The savings for u plus the club saving make it possible to still shop here! Thanks and more savings please?

  126. I was in your store on Sunday and spent over 150.oo which included a roast of lamb costing 47.00.I cooked it for company on monday and was quite suprised at the amount of waste so I took the rest back and was told by the meat manager that that was o k .After talking to me as though I did not know what I was talking about the manager eventualy gave me 12.00 rather reluctantly.There was no’ we are sorry ‘or anything and I came out of there thinking that is the last time I am shopping there.

  127. 12/2/12 was my latest trip to my store. I was pushed for time, and was in and out within minutes. I love the store layout. Thankyou for all the easy shopping experiences!!

  128. If a person wins things like a gift card or other things. It should be free and they should not be charged for postage or anything.


  129. I’d been going to the Ness Ave store since it was built. Now our house is sold and I’m in a different area where I do go to the nearest Safeway. But today I happened back on Ness and to see the friendly clerks again was as good as going back home. It is a great store with wonderful caring staff and that makes shopping a joy.

  130. 2 stores nearby. Great staff. Easy to get around. Safeway card is fantastic for sales,etc.

  131. I like Safeways conveinence, there are 2 close to my apartment, I also like the hours, thry open early & both have a Starbucks Coffee shop. The prices are average & the sales are in the paper every Tuesday. All of the staff are friendly & the stores are always clean.

  132. The Safeway on Sunnyvale and El Camino is a great store. All are very helpful and friendly but especially the few that did work at the old store in the same area–they remember their old customers. This store has everything I could possibly need.

  133. One of the greatest stores I have ever shopped at is saveways stores .The people who work there try so hard to help everone that I have seen that shop at this store.It is nice to see a store that works so hard for everyone.You should be very proud of this store.the manager is so good too he is so pleasent to talk to this is a very nice store to shop in.would you say a great job well done to everyone for me! thank you

  134. I shopped tonight for a few things. My cashier was Ron (4903) He is always friendly and accurate. I have shopped at the store on Ness for over 40 years and have had only 1 bad experience which was handled very much to my satisfaction. I appreciate the size of this store and can find things easily because the aisles are well labelled and stocked. I also appreciate the helpfulness and courtesy of all the employees.

  135. I like most of the safeway products when they are on sale. The staff is really nice and helpful.

  136. A very pleasent shopping experience at River and Osborne safeway tonight.
    Thanks staff.

  137. A very pleasent shopping experience today at River Avenue Safeway in Winnipeg.
    Thanks staff.

  138. I purchsed a Top Sirlion Roast from the store on Portage Ave in Winnipeg on Nov 17th for $26.37. I cooked it today and there was only enough meat for 3 sandwitches. The rest(approx 80 %) was fat. I personally have never seen a roast so poor.

    This is the first time I have ever had a problem with safeways products. In fact I bought 2 of these roast and I sure hope the second is better.

  139. Good fish, chicken, meat selections. My downfall, ice cream, periodically priced right-Dryers.
    No whole peppers in spice section to put up dill pickles.

  140. I shop at safeway love the people that work there get my skrips filled there also keep up the good work!

  141. Though Safeway is situated close to my home and therefore convenient , I am most pleased with the service . Everyone, from Management to cashier is always accommodating , taking time to answer and find specific items.

  142. You have the best turkey’s and meat products and your prices are low I enjoy shopping at Safeway and every is happy and joyous when you have a question.

  143. I am closest to Safeway but I would drive farther if I was not satisfied. I find the items I want quicker and help is near by if I need it. Bob was my cashier today and he was most helpful with my heavier items and everything was priced accurately. The items had date stamps which I always check for freshness. AND I get cents off on gas! great bonus. One thing more I refill my prescriptions there also.

  144. I went to the Super Safeway store on El Camino Real and Sunnyvale Ave in Sunnyvale to pick up a few needed items for which i paid cash. I normally do not check the change (cash) received that is noted on the receipt. Suggestion – Check the cash change because i was shorted a dollar when i looked at my wallet at home. The amount lost does not bother me since it was my fault for not comparing when leaving the store register. The cashier certainly did not impress me as friendly to me. Next time, i would certainly would avoid her. I would continue to go to Safeway because it is a great place to shop for my needs. I guess that we all have our bad days.

  145. I am becoming more and more reluctant to shop at my nearby Safeway because I don’t always get the best prices due to not checking the online deals before shopping. I read the ads in the paper, I use my Safeway card but now there is another step that requires time and effort I am not able to give. This means finding out from a cashier or checking the online deals after I’ve shopped that I could have received a better price. This makes me angry, crazy and annoyed. Grocery shopping should not require research. I need to trust that Safeway is offering me the best deals possible not just offering deals to people who obviously spend a lot more time on their computer than I do.

  146. Was there last night asked young man about the beef. I was getting liver and wanted to know if it was good too eat….and where it came from….He said it was safe too eat…..we’ll see having it for supper tonight…shopping was good clean store

  147. I was at the Beddington Safeway in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    I found every thingthat I needed.

  148. I love shopping at Dominick’s – the store on Illinois in Chicago is well run with a good selection of groceries. But most importantly, the cashiers and all employees are pleasant, making the shopping experience very favorable. I used to be a die-hard Jewel shopper but have happily switched my allegiance to Dominick’s.

  149. I’m not happy to shop at safeway because the produce that i buy today is expired last oct. 17 and they still sell it.

  150. we are so glad about shopping with safeway store there’s a savings whenever you buy something you need

  151. I was there today and every one was so happy en help full ,en that make the people so happy. en like to shoop be SAFEWAY STORE

  152. The staff are always so courteous and cheerful. The shelves are always neat and stocked. Produce is always fresh and the prices are good. I love shopping at Safeway!

  153. No further comment except what I have already commented about my shopping experiernce at Safeway..

    Thank you for the Great Service and Values,


  154. I shop at Safeway (because of family loyalty, mainly) my daughter and son-in-law both have been working for years at Safeway and the prices and product swelection is simply superb.
    safeway always treats me as a valued customer, which makes me feel good.


  155. I do NOT like the coupons nor the on-line coupons They are confusing and take too much time.
    PLEASE go back to a simple ad which I prefer
    thank You


  157. i love to go shopping from safeway !, but i went three times to this store no 1526 and it was so ugly !it’s so shamfull to considered a safeway !, in one of these visits thereis an item sold as buy one get one free! and the cashier charged me for both ,and in this store the club card doe’s not work ever..

  158. I was very satisfied with my visit today—everything I purchased even rang up correctly, and I was not overcharged for one thing! I got a proficient cashier who knew the prices of each item and she was very efficient, courteous, and kind, but I often have to go back to the service desk to draw their attention to an overcharge; therefore I always check my sales receipt before I leave the store.

  159. My shopping experience at safeway is the best because of the deals and the way i am treated. They know when the customer is right and they are so helpful, respect them and they would show the same respect back. Common sense. Happy shopping.

  160. since you have removed the code # 921 for 10 L of Culligan water which was $ 1.85 ea your cashiers say they have to charge me for the larger 11.8 L, is this right?

  161. I was there10/15/12 Im do my shopping twees a week and Im happy becouse everyone,nice there…

  162. im happy to shopin en safeway,me siento satisfecho en cada visita por su personal…son muy amables en atender alas personas

  163. I always enjoy going to Safeway as the staff are so nice and polite, and are willing to help you, Plus I enjoy getting a 5 cent a litre discount at the Gas Bar if I purchase $35.00 worth of groceries or more.

  164. As always shopping at our 1 Safeway store in town is always a pleasant experience. Whether it be grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy the clerks are always there to help you with a smile and conversation and always to answer your questions the best they can. Shopping isn’t always fun but I know as long as I’m going to safeway the experience wont be a bad one. I have been a dedicated shopper at Safeway since i’ve moved to this small town, {a little over 8 years}, and I don’t see myself changing stores not when I am happy with this one. I am the type of person that will drive a little out of my way to go to the store that provides excellent service rather than settle for a store thats close. Close doesn’t count not when it comes to customer service.

  165. Young Jesse was a really asset to you today – I had
    mistaken one of your sale items. I thought I had taken the
    advertised amount and he was quick to tell me what I had
    missed , and the difference I would be paying … So I
    got what was advertised and realized he had been very
    polite and helpful to me… He is a keeper…….

  166. Staff at our store are very friendly and always ask if we found everything that we needed. Always make it a point to say hello and acknowlege you.

  167. I was in your store 9/19 2012 and your cashier was very helpfull and courteous he ask me if I had found everything I told him that I did I enjoy shopping in your store as all your employees are very helpfull and I know I will always shop in your store so keep up the good work

  168. I was there today and every one was so help full ,I have never had any one that wasn,t cheer full aways a smile on there faces been going there sence it opened,
    I enjoy doing my shopping in this store
    Scott Road Surrey side


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