Harveys Coupon: Free Pop wp. (thru Feb 08/2018)

Harvey’s Canada Coupons & Meal Deals & 2 Can Dine specials for 2018

Find have all the new savings and meal deals from Harveys below. Save on your next Family meal or combo meal. Use the printable coupons and get a free hot dog, burger or fries.

harveys new burger coupons and deals


Harvey’s Canada has a new Restaurant meal deal is available in print.


Print at the link below and get this deal:

Extended yet again, yawn!

Free Fountain Pop, when you buy an original burger.

Buy an Original Burger and get a free 20z pop of your choice.

valid until February 08, 2018

You can either print this Harvey’s coupon or show it on your smart­phone device to the cashier to redeem this deal!

stay tuned for more Burger coupons to come!

print here



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More Canada Restaurant coupons here


About Harvey’s Coupons and Meal Deals

Harvey’s is always offering coupons to its customers, so you should always check out what offers are available before you stop by. Many of these coupons take the form of “2 can dine” where you get two select adult combos for one price. They also offer special pricing on select combos, BOGO coupons, and family deal coupons that consist of two adult combos and two kids combos. The nice thing about Harvey’s coupons is that you can print them OR simply display them on your smartphone to get the offer. To stay up to date with the latest Harvey’s coupons and other promotions you can sign up for email alerts on this page.

Get social: Also connect with Harvey’s at Facebook.com/HarveysCanada for cool promotions and new item alerts!



Where to find Harvey’s coupons

New coupons are published in our daily newsletter as soon as they become available!

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EXAMPLES of great savings available for Harvey’s fans:


Chicken Meal Deal for $7.99

The meal includes: Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo chicken sandwich. Regular fries or another side, and a 20 oz. soft drink

a Premium 2 Can Dine deal for $12.99

(this includes two 1/4 Angus burgers, double original or double veggie burgers combos, each includes a regular side and 20oz soft drink).


2 Can Dine Deal for $10.99

Enjoy two Original, Veggie Burgers or Hot Dog combos for $10.99


an Angus Meal deal Combo for $6.99

with regular fries and a soft drink


Family Bundle for $19.99

  • Enjoy 2 Original or Veggie Burger Combos and two Kids combos

Premium 2 Can Dine for $12.99 Deal

Enjoy any 2 Angus Burgers, Double Original or Double Veggie Burger Combos (each includes a regular side 20oz  soft drink) for $12.99 

get a Build a Bowl Deal for $6.99

Chicken Wrap Meal Deal for $7.49

Includes crisp, grilled or buffalo chicken sandwich combo and 20oz soft drink.


$5.99 Meal Deal – Original Burger, Veggie Burger or Hot Dog Combo

Enjoy an Original Burger, Veggie Burger or Hot Dog Combo (includes regular side and 20oz soft drink) Cheese and bacon extra

a Poutine & Drink for $3.99.

The deal includes a

  • Classic Poutine
  • Regular 20 oz. soft drink


Poutine & Drink for $3.99. 

Includes a classic poutine and reg.20oz drink

2 Can Dine Chicken Deal for $13.99 Deal

includes TWO Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo (with regular side and 20 oz soft drink)

Chicken Meal Deal for $7.99
includes a Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo (with regular side and 20 oz soft drink)

$4.99 Hot Dog Meal deal and 

enjoy a Hot Dog Combo (each includes a regular side 20oz  soft drink)


Get an Angus Meal deal 2 Original Burgers for $6.49

with fries and a drink

2 Original Burgers for $6.49

not valid with combo, cheese and bacon extra

$6.49 Angus meal deal

(this includes a 1/4 Angus burger, regular side and 20oz soft drink),

2 Can Dine for $10.99 deal

Enjoy any 2 Original or Veggie Burger or Hot Dog Combos (each includes a regular side 20oz  soft drink)


Get a crispy, grilled or buffalo chicken sandwich combo for $7.49.

Chicken Wrap Meal Deal for $7.49

Includes crisp, grilled or buffalo chicken sandwich combo and 20oz soft drink.



harveys chicken meal deal


Hot Dog combo Deal for $4.49

enjoy a Hot Dog Combo (includes regular side and 20oz soft drink), Cheese and bacon extra


get 2 Original of Veggie Burgers for $6.49

Cheese and bacon extra


Harveys Health Check Combo Coupons

Harvey’s is offering great Burgers.

Did you know that they are also having a heart healthy Option available?

order a grilled chicken sandwich combo or a veggie burger Combo

Harvey’s Drink Deals: $0.99 Soft Drinks, $1.89 Shakes


Harvey’s has new summers drink deals.

The promotion includes fountain drinks, water and regular milk shakes.

Quench your thirst with one of these offers:

  • $0.99 for a 20 oz. soft drink
  • $0.99 for a 591mL Nestle bottled water
  • $1.89 for a shake
  • $0.99 to upgrade your combo to include a shake


Want to win free Harvey’s gift cards and prizes?

Check out the Harvey’s Contest page here


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9 thoughts on “Harveys Coupon: Free Pop wp. (thru Feb 08/2018)

  1. Hi Bill,

    This coupon is currently expired, but prices could vary by province.

    My coupon was for Ontario.

  2. The $11.99 burger meal deal comes up at $12.49. Is the price different is other parts of Canada?

  3. Gordon,

    please click on the “print here” link and you will be directed to the Harvey’s coupon page.

    Right click on the coupon to open the print prompt in your browser and print.

    You can also show the coupon on your smartphone and save the print.

    Enjoy 🙂


  4. Gordon Brown says:

    Would like to partake of Harvey’s discount offers… printed the $6.99 Chicken Wrap, but others did not seem to be intended as coupons at this site, because it did not say “print” like the wrap deal. Incidentally, Harvey’s hamburgers are definitely the most tasty and fully please my taste buds, especially garnished with your all-dressed option.

  5. Harvey's Lover says:

    Harvey’s in some markets do offer Hotdog Deals. In fact in the Brantford/Paris Region they are offering a 2 Hotdogs for $4 right now. Also IN the coupons you can always ask to substitute Hambburgers for Hotdogs. in the past I have been able to get them.

  6. Ron Henneberry says:

    Harvey’s make a hamburger a …………… ……… . Ahh you know the rest.

  7. Gail Ramsay says:

    I do like hot dogs also should be on the menu and the hamburgers are delicious

  8. I agree!!!! My daughter never has ate hamburgers, but we always go there because we love them and its a great deal! But never any hot dog deals! Not everybody likes burgers!!!!!

  9. darlene chizen says:

    cuopons please we love harveys

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