8 Tips on How To Order & Receive Free Samples by Mail (FREE Guide)

8 Tips on How To Order & Receive Free Samples by Mail




8 Tips on How To Order & Receive Free Samples by Mail

Would you love to receive Free Samples by Mail? 

Are you new to our page and wondering how to find Freebies and Free Stuff?

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In this article I will explain the process of how to order free samples and how to make sure that they arrive in your mail box.
We have a post with weekly or monthly updates (please view it here) to show all the great stuff we have received.

Avoiding Fake Samples

However I sometimes hear comments like “I never get anything” or “these samples do not come”.
Let’s take a look at the reason(s) why this might happen.
When browsing the web you may find “fake” free sample sites that are just trying to collect email addresses for spam purposes. Before posting our samples here, our team at DealsScoop
will go through the ordering process to make sure it works, offers are for Canadians and we do our best to determine that the samples offered here are all “real”.

We order and try out all of the offers and if a link does not work, it looks “fishy” or a promotion is not available in Canada we will not post it. Nothing is 100% fool proof, so if you notice an offers here that you think may be fake, please contact us!
Get more information about “fake samples in our article 6 Warning Signs a Freebie may be Fake and How To tell if a Sample is Real?


How to make sure you’ll get the Goodies.

1. READ ~ Read all the instructions carefully, this starts with our posts , where we tell you where, how and when to get a free offer. Read the post so you click on the correct link to bring you to the site where samples are offered.

2. Registration @ Passwords ~ Once on the Giveaway site, a Registration may be required. The advantage is that the next time an offer from this Manufacturer comes along you can simply log in and fill out the order. examples of such sites are P&G Brandsampler and Sample Source . If you have to pick a password to complete the sign up process choose one that is ONLY used to order Freebies and coupons. Never use this passsword to access Online banking, your personal email or any other important accounts.

3. Address ~Fill out address information as required. A correct address is obviously needed to collect your stuff. You may wish to use an Initial for your first Name or a Nickname.

4. Email  ~Use a correct email address. You may need to confirm your order and if left unconfirmed samples may not be shipped to you! This is also needed in case you forget your password. My tip is to set up a second email address that you only use for Freebie and Coupon requests. Reserve your personal email for friends and family and to keep it safe from spammers.
Choose this new email address for ALL your coupon and sample requests. When setting it up, pick a different password from your regular email address.

5. Screening ~ Some Companies will ask you a few short questions to find the best suited samples for you.
P&G Brandsampler and Sample Source are Companies who do short surveys to determine which shampoo products
cleaning supplies or dish washing solutions etc. are a good match for your household.(examples)

6. Optional Information ~ At the bottom you may find a form asking you to subscribe to a newsletter. This is optional and if you do not wish to receive further emails from the Company, simply leave the box unchecked.

7. Finish & Order Confirmation ~ Submit your order and look at the screen for further instructions.
In most cases the message will let you know when to expect your sample. In my experience this may range form 3 to 8 weeks.

8. Action Required offers ~ In some cases another action is required to receive the free sample. You may be asked to confirm your email address and the sample order. In that case you must check your email folder (and spam box) and follow further instructions.
For example Sample Source has been offering free samples in the past and the order HAD TO be confirmed within 1 hour. (new Members)
Without confirmation orders would have been deleted.


 Final Hint, Blame Your Computer!

The 8 Tips and Instructions above are all based on the fact that you were able to access the Giveaway site in the first place.
I have seen some complaints before from Readers who could not see the offer or the request form because the page was not loading on their computer.
If this happens, make sure that your computer scripts are up-to-date and your anti-virus software is not incorrectly blocking a safe website.

If you follow all the instructions given above, you will be able to receive great free offers in the future!
Then wait for the mail to arrive and Enjoy!

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