Iams® Canada Dog Coupons: Save $5 Off IAMS Dog Food

Iams Dog Coupons Canada

Canada Dog & Cat Pet deals from Iams.ca

If you buy Iams for your pets you may enjoy these coupon savings for pets.

New Iams coupons are available on the Save.ca and Walmart portals

Print or order by mail: Get this Iams coupon and

  • Save $5 on the purchase of one bag of IAMS dry food for dogs (4.2kg – 18.2kg, any variety)

visit save.ca here

print at Walmart, Visit the Walmart coupons page here

My family prefers to buy higher quality, premium pet foods found at specialty retailers like Pet Value or Petsmart, rather than a grocery store.


P&G Everyday may offer new coupons for IAMS Pet food.  

Please note that these pet food coupons are now print only unless otherwise stated.

You can choose any one or all of these

  • Save $2 off any Iams dry dog food
  • save $1 of one Iams cat food

After you select all your free coupons, simply log in or register to print

order here

Find more Canadian Coupons here

Iams cat and dog food

About Iams Pet Foods

Iams is a brand of pet products made by the Procter & Gamble (P&G) company. Iams specializes in food and treats for dogs and cats at all life stages, from puppy/kitten to mature. The company was founded in 1946, back when pet food was not available at stores. Since that time the company has expanded to include a larger range of products and nutritional formulas.

At the Iams Canada website, you can browse their range of pet food products. Dog and cat food items include Iams ProActive Health, Iams Naturals, Iams Premium Protection, Iams Veterinary Formula, Iams Wet Dog/Cat Food, and a variety of treats, biscuits and savory sauces. You can also use the Products tab to browse products by life stage, food type, or special concerns. Take a second to browse the other sections of the website too. The Pet Health tab has information about the health about your dog or cat, and the Rescue Pets section has information on adopting a pet.

The Iams website does not currently have a coupons section, but you’ll still be able to find ways to save on Iams products. Since Iams is made by P&G, check for coupons, promotions and samples in their EverydaySaver and BrandSaver publications.

IAMS Pet Food

IAMS is a Canadian Brand for Cat and Dog Food.

Their products range from food for puppies and kittens to full grown and senior dogs and cats.

Products include:

IAMS Dog and Cat Food

  • ProActive Health
  • Premium Protection
  • Canned Food
  • Healthy Naturals
  •  Veterinary Formula


IAMS Pet Rescue

IAMS Canada supports Pet Adoptions and Pet Rescue.

find out more here






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