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Chapters Indigo 2019 Survey Contest – Give your Opinion to win


The Indigo Books & Music Inc. Survey Contest

If your loves books, magazines or unique little gifts, you may have made a purchase at Chapters Indigo lately.

If you did, check your receipt now, because you may be invited to participate in a contest for a chance to win the following eligible prize(s).

One lucky winner each month will receive  CDN$500 Indigo Gift Card which is accepted at participating Indigo, Chapters, Coles Smithbooks, Indigospirit, The Book Company and The World’s Biggest Bookstore retail locations and online at

This contest is for customers only, therefore to enter you will need your recent store receipt.

How to enter the Survey

Have your Chapter’s Indigo receipt handy and visit www.indigofeedback  follow the instructions.

Simply answer a few questions and share your latest Shopping experience.

You will be asked about the selection in your local store, if you have received (friendly) help and if you found the item you were looking for.

Did you receive great value for your money spent?

After you have finished the Survey you will be asked if you wish to participate in the Contest.

This is optional, but if you do wish to participate, you will be asked for your personal information to contact you in case you are this month’s winner!

To enter, simply leave your required information including, complete name, valid e-mail address,  street mailing address, etc.

There is a limit one entry per receipt.


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Expired on: 12/15/2019

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Chapter’s Deals and Discounts

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Extra Rewards for the Bookworm

Chapters Indigo has two reward programs available. The first is called Plum Rewards, a free program where you earn 10 points for every dollar spent on virtually everything in the store and up to 5% off online purchases. The second is called iRewards. This is a paid membership program with a $35 annual fee. This is a discount program rather than a points program, and iRewards member get 10% off in-store books, 5% off virtually everything else in-store, and up to 5% off online book purchases.


Find more than Books, Toys and gifts at Chapter’s Canada

Chapters Inc. was founded in 1994 through a merger of Canada’s 2 largest bookstores, Coles, and SmithBooks.
Chapter’s continued to grow and expand until in 2001 when it was acquired by Indigo. Today both Brands operate under the Chapter’s Indigo Banner and carry a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books, magazines, music, toys, stationery and gift articles.

On the Chapters Indigo website you can buy books in any genre imaginable, including art, biography, business & finance, computers, entertainment, family & relationships, fiction, literature, food & drink, health, history, home & garden, mystery, language, religion, romance, science & nature, science fiction, fantasy, social, sports, travel and more. In addition to physical hard and soft cover books, you can purchase eBooks for eReaders such as the Kobo Arc.

If you take a browse at the Chapters Indigo site, you’ll quickly notice that there is more than just books for sale. Other popular categories are Kids, Toys, Baby, Gifts, Home (such as décor, entertainment, and gourmet foods), style (such as jewelry, accessories, and bath & body items, Paper, Entertainment (including DVDs and Blu-rays, music and video games), and Electronics.


About Chapters Indigo

Chapters Indigo is a Canadian bookstore chain. Originally the stores were separate and competitors. Chapters was founded in 1995 when the two largest book chains of the time (Coles and SmithBooks) were bought out and merged together. A year later, in 1996, Indigo was founded as a store selling books, music, gifts and toys in Ontario. For years Chapters and Indigo grew and developed as competing bookstores – the largest two in Canada. Then in 2001 Indigo acquired Chapters. As the new company logo indicates, the stores are still operated under separate names, and the online website is collectively known as Chapters Indigo. Many of the stores also provide a Starbucks Cafe location on site.


Have a Question, Need Help?

The most common questions have to do with shipping, order status and refunds, so check out the FAQ below.

Q – How much is shipping at the Chapters Indigo website?

A – You will get free standard shipping on most orders over $25. If your order is under $25, or you want premium shipping, your fee will be based on the weight/size and distance for delivery.


Q – Does Chapters Indigo allow for returns?

A – Items can be returned simply by bringing them to any Chapters, Indigo or Coles store, provided they are in original condition and purchased within 30 days.


Q – I have a question about a current or past order – where can I get help?

A – You can look up your orders by filling out the information on this page. Some options available to you are: check on the status of an order, cancel an order, or return an order without visiting the store.

86 Replies to “ — Take Indigo Survey Now — Win $500”

  1. So made my usual purchases at Chapters/Indigo and was given the receipt plus a yellow tag concerning feedback and a chance to win so many dollars. However on going to the listed website, there was no contest, it had expired months previously – according to the website. No big deal, found the desired books with quick assistance, but cashier clerk should be more fully informed about the contest – or the website is out of sync with reality.

  2. The customer service was excellent MARYANN at the Guelph, Stone rd. location, thanks again for all your help??

  3. Hi everyone. Today I bought 2 books and I was really shocked because the price was cheaper than some other places.

  4. Just visited this afternoon, the “for Dummies” shelves by Wiley books. Excellent texts over some 50 years now easy instructions for SENIORS!

  5. I love having hardcopy of books. Tacitly and the ability to share with my daughter is priceless. That and I am a little old school.
    Also most of the people who work at the store seem to have a genuine love on books. Even had one woman the other day help me and she had not even started her shift yet! (Milton location)
    Many times I have gone in to just do some browsing but ended purchasing another book.

  6. I have a complaint and can’t find Indigo to voice my complaint.I will not go to your stores again and will tell others to do the same.I was treated rudely.I spend over 35 years in the retail trade in management and supervisor positions and was not treated like this.

  7. hi I love to read books and I love to learn so my feedback is to have more space to read and set down so thanks and have a great day

  8. i am eleven years old and i have been buying books at chapters since the age of 4 and i love how all the books are neatly organized and the staff are always willing to help out when it is needed. whenever in i walk into chapters i enjoy looking at the wide variety of books when i am there. it is my favourite store i always end up buying a great novel in the is so tempting so i buy one whenever i go there. thank you chapters for being the greatest store of all time!

  9. I shop either on line or in the Nanaimo Chapters store, and it’s usually a good experience. However, yesterday I asked for help in finding a couple of book from 2 different staff members, and while I was pointed in the right direction, I was not able to find the books I was looking for, even though the in-store computer indicated the said books were in stock. When I mentioned this to the cashier, the answer was a rather cavalier one, “oh yeah, that happens sometimes.”
    As well, I was given a slip to give my feedback with the chance of winning a $500.00 gift card. When I went to the site to fill in the survey the answer came back that the site was closed and the contest was over. So why are staff still handing this slip out to customers?

  10. I love to read and Indigo/Chapters has the best selection of books.
    I am also very tempted by the assortment of “gifts” in each store.

  11. I was very impressed with the help I received at Chapters. I love my new Tree book.
    Thankyou !

  12. Purchased books May 27/2018. Received $10.00 Bonus Card
    Purchased Kobo gift cards ($300.00) at Indigo. Bonus card not applicable
    Acceptable. But this action certainly does NOT encourage me to continue supporting your store

  13. I went into Coles Book Store in Hamilton Ontario just looking but they had the one book I was interested in I was able to use my Gift Card I got for Christmas. the service is always great there.

  14. My niece and I were in the Indigo – Chapters – Coles store located in the Signal Hill area in SW Calgary and found there was a such a vast stock of books to choose from in the category I am interested in. I also really appreciated all the excellent service we received from both clerks that we had the pleasure to meet and would certainly recommend this store or any of the others if they are anything at all like this location.

  15. I have been buying books at Chapters in St Albert Alberta since the store first opened. I have never had a negative experience in all that time. The staff is always very helpful, polite and courteous. A special Thank you to Belly. She is my favorite serve person. Thank you Belly.

  16. I bought some presents 2 Indigo Bay & Bloor and I must say, I was impressed by the service I received. Writing this, I am sorry I didn’t take the sales person’s name. She certainly had a nice smile. I tried to find her name on my bill but no go. Thanks, and I certainly would appreciate a shopping spree.

  17. I love reading ! I usually read 2 or more books per month sometimes as many as 5or 6. So bookstores excite me tremedously. If I can’t find what I want I can easily use the computer to see if another store has it in stock. If not it is easy enough to order a book in, pre pay, and have it delivered to the store. The assistants are always helpful in this process.
    I can’t wait to win the $500 to spend on more books !!!

  18. I made my last purchase at Chapters. I purchase for myself as well as for others for a gift. This last purchase I redemed some of my points towards the cost.
    I enjoy browsing through the books and to get ideas of other authors that I would like to start reading their works. Books are where I can go and loose myself and be in another place.

  19. The only reason I go to the mall is to shop at Chapters. I have 2 reading freak grandchildren and my gifts to them are always books. Tonight I had an outstanding experience at the Guelph store. My 9 year old grandson is having a birthday tomorrow and wanted a Wimpy Kid book. Because the sales assistant was so genuinely helpful, I bought 4! She gift wrapped my purchase beautifully and gave me a club card. No pressure at all, just a really nice gal who knew her stuff. Cudos! I’ll be back at Christmas and will look for this girl again.
    store – 00780, operator – 250VR

  20. On my recent visits to Chapters I have noticed that books now show the price of books in Canadian and UK currencies. They no longer show the US costs. I find this somewhat troubling. Does it mean you simply won’t compete with US prices?

    Also I recently purchased a small 350 page paper back that cost me $16. This is fro a 20 book series so doing the arithmetic that would cost $320 for the series. This series is available online for $82 Canadian (NEW) from Amazon. Please explain why your company deserves any more of my business given your underhanded approach regarding removing the US pricing and a simple inability to compete ($16 per paper back)

    I don’t think I will be a customer much longer at these gouging price levels. There is only so much cache in wondering around a book store as apposed to the internet and your prices have outpaced that appeal.

  21. I love the Indigo store in london by white oaks mall, it has so many books that i love, it has low prices, there’s a lot of nice people that work there, every time i go there i always find what book i want, i could spend my entire day there if i could and its literally one of my favorite stores to go to. I love this store.

  22. Visited Coles today November 2, to purchase a couple of books as Christmas gifts. The cashier was very friendly and quite anxious that I visit the web site.

  23. Great service as I picked up an art magazine and a book for a gift for my niece. Have a great day, Patrick.

  24. I looked up the book on your website and I thought that the book ( cinder ) was going to be like 25$! But actually it was 10$! WOW great price! And I needed help finding it and the worker was very polite and convinced me to buy another one because she said it was really “miraculous” so I bought it! So I went home with two books cinder and Alice in Zombieland. 🙂

  25. Staff assisted us in finding the book we wanted and cashier was very polite and helpful

  26. Indigo store at Barrhaven is a great place to relax during your search for the right book or gifts. The staff is very helpful and the cashier on Sept 21 had energetic and nice attitude to clients.

  27. Recieved my sales slip, “5 chances to ein $100 giftcard at Not easy to find!! Never found it! Thanks a bunch guys.

  28. Visited Chapters South Keys on August 13, 2013. I know this store quite well as I shop there periodically. Good service, easy to find the category of books I’m looking for, always good deals, specials, friendly staff, convenient location, plum awards card great idea. I recommend Chapters to friends all the time.

  29. I really enjoy going to Coles at the Bay Centre. I have made friends with the staff. They are super friendly, and helpful.
    I am taking a writing course and they helped me with a thesaurus of current English dictionary.
    Most know who I am, and can chat. If they are busy,I recognize that and come back another time.
    Love shopping there.Don

  30. I have only recently discovered how to easily order directly many Books on the computer and I am so totally satisfied as to how fast my order has been filled and processed. Congratulations for the quite so very fast delivery you are offering and providing through this amazing Service. Thanks a million.
    Bye. Guy

  31. Great store, so much choice and love the computers to locate specific books and order them in store on line. Ancaster Meadowlands store and the checkout lady was great. Also, the staff that helped us use the computer to order and locate books were knowledgeable and very helpful. We shop here regularly and will continue to do so.

  32. great store ,lots of book choises, staff are very friendly and helpful ,i read about a book a week and go through a quite a few books a year, enjoy shopping in the truro store, thanks chelsea,

  33. June 14,2013 Owen Sound has a great store, happy, helpful employees. I always find the books I like to read and the atmosphere in the store is relaxing, no problems if I want to read some of the book I have chosen to purchase in the store. Maybe a comfortable chair in a corner would be great.

  34. I always have excllent service in Regina, Sask, Canada, except for this last time I was made to feel VERY uncomfortable by the store manager checking staff bags at the main entrance?! She looked just miserable, she wasn’t greeting customers, she was walkin with a little clipboard, telling people what to do and sctratching stuff down! I have noticed many face chanes in the couple few months, some staff who knew the books I loved and always had a recommendation, I haven’t seen in months, perhaps she is why?? All I know is how embarrassed I would be to work in a store where I was treated like a prisoner IN FRONT of customers and clients. Though I love Chapters, let me assure you, the likelihood of me returning to this store is quite low! I would never work for a woman who treated me like how I saw her staff treated! I understand checking bags, many companies do it, but it is just degrading an heartless to do it in front of other staff and clients.

  35. I enjoy stopping after work to browse or pick up a book in your store, but, honestly, must I always have to Wait to actually pay for it! the store is never really busy, employees are everywhere except at checkout. More than once I have walked out – come home and either bought elsewhere or ordered on line from another source. Please rectify this situation so I can continue to support a ‘local’ business downtown

  36. I love your store But what I do not like %cents for a bag.The other day I purchased$55 00 worth of books then staff ask for nickle for a bag give me a break! I go down the mall the books are less mony and I get a bag.Dont make us go to a differnt store
    Richard and Gladys

  37. At the Peterborough, On., Chapters store a lovely clerk assisted me to download books onto my Kobo ebook. She was very patient with me and quite instructive. A frustrating situation became a pleasant experience. Thanks.

  38. 42. Been purchasing books,etc. for several years at Indigo, always friendly employees,helpful. Thanks. Vance Conant

  39. The clerk stapled the survey slip to the cash register receipt but cannot find the survey….Helloooo Chapters?????

  40. I don’t understand. I live in Nova Scotia and both Pictou County and Colchester County stores have wonderful associates and I fill out the survey just fine.

  41. Husband bought eReader KoBo for my Christmas gift. I was not present. I cannot get it installed Easily. I am wireless and my husband is not. Also seems to be some conflict with not having a high enough OS. I have Tiger OS X 10.4.11. My husband was very surprised with how much interacton with computer there it. And the clinchert is was only get a Credit note in exchange.?

  42. I don´t see where to fill the survey the cash clerk told me to fill in today @ Indigo Ancaster.

  43. Well tried to fill in the survey after purchasing a book. Clerk stapled the survey/contest paper to my bill and told me to be sure to enter. Well, there is no where on this site to do this. Pretty stupid of chapters.

  44. Your Nanaimo, B.C. Chapters is still stapling a chance to win an iPod or $1000 ,if you complete your survey, to the bill. I see from the other comments that there isn’t a link. Disappointing!!!

  45. The Waterloo store lacks employees – hard to find any help. Give a receipt and tell you to answer a survey and the site is no longer applicable. Strange “service”.

  46. I shop quite abit AT COLES AND INDIGO, THEY HAVE VERY GOOD SERVICE AND ARE ALWAYS HELPFUL, YOU SEE I AM IN A WHEEL CHAIR AND they have helped me. Alot, I would recommend them to every body. Thanks, Alice .Adams. From Lachine prov. Quebec.

  47. I purchased a book at your Oshawa store a few hours ago, got a note to complete a survey on line. I’ve gone on line, found out the survey is no longer active !!???? So, I have no chance to win anything. ( Excuse the double negative )

  48. As an avid reader and also a writer I love my Chapter’s Branch located in Dartmouth NS. I live nearby and we actually considered the close proximitety to Chapter’s Starbucks when we discussed moving. The staff is always friendly and helpful but in no way pushy as you often find in other books stores. I often spend hours browsing through the rows and rows of book products. We also often take our grandchildren and allow them to pick out books of their own. The other nice feature of Chapters is that with Starbucks right there I can sit down, have a coffee and read a little of the book I just purchased to make sure that it is not one I have read before for as I said earlier I sometimes read one to two books a week. My wife recently purchased a Kobo and loves the advantages and I plan to buy one in the near future. Please don’t ever change your format or what it is you do to keep your staff as friendly as they are.

    PS As I mentioned earlier I am also a writer and when Chapters did a book signing of my book In Deep Water they went out of their way to make me feel welcome, comfortable and important to them.
    Felix L. Perry

  49. I like to browse in Coles, the atmosphere is relaxing, the staff charming and friendly, always ready to assist in any book hunt. However (there always has to be a ‘however’. I find the top shelves unattainable to those of us under 6ft 6in. I’m 5ft 2in, and unfortunately( in this case) I don’t have the arms of a orangutan and are unable to project my eyes on stalks. I would dearly like to see what’s offered on the top shelf of the audio section and indeed, those on the top shelves of the fiction. Otherwise I find nothing but praise for the great staff at Coles in Chilliwack, the bright, colouful store; it’s adelight to see kids engrossed in story books. Great job Indigo …

  50. I had great help from the staff at my local store when trying to select appropriate children’s books

  51. I shop at both Coles and Chapters. I love the friendly service. Staff are always willing to look things up and take me to the area of the store to find the book I’m looking for. I have never been disappointed. Thank you.

  52. I always enjoy shopping at Indigo. I find interesting trivia books for my husband and great sale items for gifts. The sales personel is always helpful in locating what I’m looking for.

  53. Had a great customer experience! I was assisted promptly to find the book I required. Was left at a table to choose the one I wanted at a nearby table. Clerk returned to check on my progress and she was very interest in me being happy with my choice. She showed me other books and we found a great one! She relieved my stress of having to start a new lifestyle with food by suggesting a new store nearby with fantastic products and prices. She went above and beyond. Way to go Indigo on 130th! Thank you!

  54. Indigo Stoney Creek is an amazing store, not only the best collection of books but also other great gift items. Always a wonderful experience visiting this store!

  55. I just would like to say that I phone Chapters in Sherwood Park today and Rehana asked. She was outstanding with information, advise and very knowledgeable. I live in Hinton, AB. When I have appointments, I look forward to shopping at Sherwood Park especially with Rehana and her staffs. Keep up the excellent work!!

  56. I always enjoy going to Shawnessy Chapters. The employees are always very helpful and pleasant.

  57. A $1000.00 win would make a great donation to the Harvest House Food Bank in the Cowichan / Chemainus Valley.There are many folks in this area in need of help.

  58. when I tried to acess the site it wouldn’t let me in and the it wouldn’t let me e-mail you to tell you-what a crock

  59. Wouldn`t that be a nice surprize for me. Haven`t won a thing in any contest I have ever entered

  60. when I tried to leave a comment regarding the outstanding help by the young lady the system would only permit a line and a half terminating in mid word. Why is this? I rewrote the comment to end in one line yet the box leaves one with the impression there should be lots of room for the comment.

  61. I received very friendly, courteous service today. I registered for the plum points reward program on the suggestion of person who served me @ the register. He was also very helpful and informed me about the program and this site.
    Thanks for the great service and shopping experience!

  62. Hey! I like to have a nether iPod. I don’t mind if someone different then i am. I be happy for them if they did.

    From Carmela K.

  63. Well I can’t get the link to the survey to go anywhere. This is pretty useless.

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