IwonatMCD.ca — Claim McDonalds® Monopoly Prizes Here

McDonald’s Play Monopoly Game & Claim Your Prizes, www.IwonatMCD.ca


Canada-only Monopoly Coast to Coast Game is here with over 14 million Prizes.

Mc Donald’s Monopoly

Playing is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Head to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant.
  2. Collect Game Pieces from your favourite McDonald’s food items.
  3. Peel and Play for a chance to win!

How to enter

When you buy participating products at Mc Donald’s (like large fries, coffee, Chicken Nuggets etc.)

you will find two game stamps on the wrapper.

One is for a Monopoly piece (game map) and the other one could be an instant prize!

Make sure to check for instant prizes. 

2016 Monopoly Prizes include

  • 2017 Golf Sportwagen™ Alltrack
  • Travel Nation CanadaTM “Dream Vacation”*
  • Polaris Snowmobile
  • $5,000 in Vanilla Prepaid Cards
  • $2,000 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card*
  • CINEPLEX PREMIÈRE Card (a year of free movies)
  • $10,000 Cash
  • Berkley® Family Fishing Equipment Package
  • 100 Cash

The writing is game pieces is rather small and I would have almost “tossed out” my winning stamp,  a coupon for a FREE Muffin.

So make sure to check and enter to claim your prize at www.iwonatmcd.ca

(prize Redemption)


Did you win a Shutterfly prize?

Read on How to claim your win:

click on the link  (as shown in the image below)

Redeem an In-Store Prize

and follow the instructions to claim your Prize.
claim the prize at HERE at www.iwonatmcd.com 
.Each verified winner will receive two (2) redemption codes for winner’s use to order the prize, a 20-page, 8×8 hardcover photo book (ARV: $29.99) and standard shipping (ARV: $7.99) at shutterfly.com.Prize valid for one-time redemption. Any additional pages will incur a per-page fee. StorytellingTM styles and elements, hard photo cover with matte finish and memorabilia pocket will incur additional fees.Prize not valid on other sizes, premium photo books, lay flat pages, leather, padded, cloth, crocodile, faux lizard and soft cover photo books.Order must be completed at www.shutterfly.com by 11:59 p.m. PST on
 using the redemption codes provided during the redemption process at www.iwonatmcd.com. Winner is responsible for any taxes on the prize. Free shipping (ARV: $7.99)
.Mc Donald's FIFA Peel Game


Did you win an instant prize in the new Mc Donald’s FIFA 2014 game?

If you have won a $5 McDonald’s Gift Card, you will need to visit your local Mc Donald’s Restaurant first

and ask for a blank McDonald’s Card.

After you have received this card, visit the contest site here

and claim that Prize.


63 Replies to “IwonatMCD.ca — Claim McDonalds® Monopoly Prizes Here”

  1. May I add to my last comment that my SNAPFISH 4 X 6 PHOTO BOOK’s code is BMG85L9DXMH.
    This is Linda again, thanking you in advance.

  2. Hi I just went online to claim my prize which was a SNAPFISH 4 X 6 PHOTO BOOK, and seen that the contest is over :O & 🙁 My little sticker states that this offer is good until November 18, 2013 and its only the 12th of November. Can anyone help me on this and clarify if there was a misprint of some kind? Very disappointed to say the least. Hope this can be rectified in the very near future. Thanks so much.

    Chow for now Linda Feldvari
    from Edmonton, AB

  3. Moi aussi j’ai eu le snapfish photo 4×6 et aucune possibilité de réclamer mon prix…..

  4. I also won snpfish 4*6 my claim sticker says to be claimed by nov 18, 2013 but when I came to claim it say by sept to claim prizes , is there somewhere we can go or call or email to get feedback or some service

  5. my so called winning code is 9JLR7WX82MB for a snapfish photo book How do I redeem coupon??????????

  6. complicated way to claim prize can’t find link to claim my snapfish photo book

  7. Hi Darlene,

    please follow the link above. You will receive a code from snapfish to redeem for your free order

  8. Not sure how to redeem my prize. Code is NZBH3MN8V2W Snapfish 4×6 Photo Book Liwret Photo expiry 18 Nov 2013. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  9. I got a monopoly stamp the code is j5j56bl9k8 its a free shutterfly 8 by 8 photo book.i just wonder why I aint got it yet. thanks.

  10. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. this game suck I be try to longin
    so I can get my photo book and I can not get the prize

  12. I have a game peace that says that i won a game,but every time i go to put in the code it tells me that it is an invalid code. I thought that it was a glitch,but i tried it agin and agin but it keeps telling me the same thing.Is there a place i can send it in or something.

  13. I won the photo album and completed the info.then told to go to photo album site. All I got there was how to buy the product! After entering my code, was told “I have a prize reserved” for me BUT have to make claim before a certain date. First time I entered at mcd , was told I had completed the entry and expect 6-8 delivery. Am I getting the photo album or not?!!!!!!. You would think I won the Million! very frustrating!

  14. well maybe it’s me but every time you go to mcd web to claim a prize you have to down load some thing that has got a tracker in it, or some type of warm to look threw your device what’s with that?

  15. Please follow the above link.

    Click on the link and follow the instructions.
    Mc Donalds will give you a code to redeem your prize at Shutterfly.com

  16. I entered the code for the Shutterfly Photo Book and was told it was an invalid code. Now what?

  17. I can see im not the only one, but I guess you can win and collect is if its a free fry, or drink

  18. I also won the shutterfly prize but my code was not valid. Trying to figure out how to go about claiming my prize.

  19. I won the shutterfly prize but was told my code was invalid. What’s going on??????

  20. I won a prize. Shutter fly 8×8 photo book. And entered my code and it stated invalid. Can you please help me. Thanks for the prize but you guys have made it impossible to claim

  21. I TRIED TO PUNCH IN MY CODE, IT TOLD ME IT WAS INVALID. Then I tried to sign in it told me I had an invalid password. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Won a prize can’t find how to redeem it is this site even up to date this is 2013

  23. I won a $5 walmart card but it won’t or cannot be redeemed as the are not accepting my phone # no matter how I try please e-mail me back as soon as you can

  24. I should be greatful i guess that i won something. but i really have no use for the snapfish prize. thanks MCD for Nothing, But the Free coffee is good.

  25. Won a $25.00 , MacDonalds card!
    I guess breakfast for the next few mornings is on them………Saaaaweeet!

  26. 86 Age. Find out this is quite confusing to enter your contest when you have a number and possibly knowledge of entering on computeer has disqualified me. Thanks anyway. gFred

  27. Mispoke on earlier comment ; should read “they allowed it to expire” Also that coupon was redeemed last fall shortly after getting it so I would guess somebody there has kept it.

  28. Convenient. They said to allow up to 90 days for delivery and then allow it to expire. Typical of a lot of online schemes.

  29. I won prix snapfish prize, redeemed online, answered the skill testing question and still have not received this prize even though it is over 3 months later. I guess it is not legit or something?

  30. I won the snapfish prize for 20 free prints….jumped through all the hoops uploaded photos and when we went to order we are told it is going to cost us s&h. screw you mcd’s

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