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Janes Foods



Grimm’s Foods was founded in Concord, Ontario in 1969. The company catered to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and school cafeterias. In 1979 the Janes Family became the sole owners and changed its name to Janes Family Foods Ltd. in 1992. Since then, they entered the retail marketplace. The core values of Janes are: integrity, mutual respect, determination, courage, and accountability. Janes is committed to providing healthy products and educating consumers about what they are eating and purchasing. Janes Family Foods is part of the Food and Consumer Products of Canada organization. As an example of how Janes educates consumers, there is a “Glossary” page on their website that explains various food terms and nutrition labels. For more information about Healthy Living, visit this page.



 Janes products are divided into two categories: Fish and Chicken. Some chicken products include BBQ Boneless Bites, Disney Chicken Nuggets, Sea Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, and Oven Roasted Carved Chicken Breasts, among many others. When you choose a product, you are taken to a page with an image on the left and nutrition information on the right. The product page also gives cooking instructions, a complete list of ingredients, and how the product is beneficial to your health. For example, the BBQ Boneless Bites are beneficial because they have no trans fat and are low in saturated fat. Jane’s Fish products, found here, are aiming at sustainability. The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) label means the products have come from a well-managed and sustainable fishery. Fish products include, but are not limited to, Genuine Scottish Battered Haddock, Tavern Battered Cod, and Lemon Pepper Cod.



We all know that you don’t have to get fancy with Jane’s products to put on an amazing meal for your family, but I think once you explore Jane’s recipes you may consider getting creative next time. The Recipes link on the Janes homepage takes you to the Make Everyday Easy website. The organization of this site if phenomenal! I love how you can search for recipes by the Janes product you happen to have on hand. You can also search by Meal Type, under which they have a section “Goes with Janes” where you can find the perfect side dishes for your meal. Other ways to search recipes include Occasion and Prep Time.


Staying in Contact with Janes

If you’re a big fan of Janes foods, you may want to stay in contact with them so you’ll get the latest information. To do that, you can sign up for the email newsletter here. Signing up is free and simply requires you to type your name, email, province and city. When you do you’ll receive occasional updates about Janes that include company news, new products, and my favorite – special offers which may include coupons to save you at the store and contests where you can win Janes prizes.

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