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Kleenex Canada has a new printable coupon offer for Kleenex products.

Follow the link below and save $0.50 off your next purchase of any 3 boxes or 1 bundle of Kleenex Facial Tissue

More coupons are available from Kimberly Clark’s PickUpTheValues.ca coupons page


The coupon is valid 30 days after printing.

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Keep Germs at bay with Kleenex Care

Washing hands is the best way to prevent the spread of germs and related illness.
KLEENEX  Hand Towels are a great alternative to using regular cloth bathroom hand towels.
They are offering a clean, fresh and dry towel every time.

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Where to Find Kleenex Coupons

  • More coupons may be found on the Kleenex Achoo.com website. Simply click the link below and check out the Achoo Cold & Flu Predictor. Then receive a printable coupon to save $0.40 on two boxes of Kleenex (50 count or more) or one Bundle Pack of Kleenex Tissues. You can also share this offer with your friends and receive a coupon for $0.75 off,  when you buy 3 boxes of Kleenex or one Bundle Pack of Kleenex! Visit www.achoo.com, click here to print
  • Save.ca has a new coupon for Kleenex products available. With this mail coupon you’ll save $1.00 on Kleenex Brand Bundle Packs  Log in here to order your Kleenex coupon.

2 thoughts on “Kleenex Canada: Save on Kleenex Facial Tissue

  1. The best way to sneeze or cough is into a Kleenex tissue

  2. Why do the people in your commercial sneeze and cough into their hands? The proper way is into the arm/elbow area to reduce the spread of germs.

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