LAx-A-Day Coupons: Print to save up to $7

LAx-A-Day Canada Coupons & Free samples 

Lax-A-Day has a new Manufacturer’s coupon available.

Visit their website now at

and fill out the address form

and receive printable coupons to

Save either $2 on your next purchase of Lax-A-Day 238g

or $5 on your next purchase of Lax-A-Day 510g.

Residents of Quebec must complete and mail rebate form to redemption house, with proof of purchase, for rebate cheque. Elsewhere in Canada, coupons are redeemable at participating pharmacies.

print here

the coupons are valid December 31, 2018

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There are many causes for constipation and Lax-A-Day offers a remedy for many of them.

Lax-A-Day is an over-the-counter laxative and can be used to relieve your occasional constipation.

You may want to use them for daily use (Lax-A Fibre), overnight or immediate relief.

You can find following products at your local Pharmacy: 

  • Lax-A-Day
  • Lax-A-Day Men
  • Lax-A Senna
  • Lax-A Fibre
  • Lax-A Nema



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