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Love them or hate them? The new finalist’s flavours are now available in stores and there are some strong opinions about the new Lay’s flavours. The good thing is you can vote for your personal favourite now.

Lay’s is giving you a chance to bring some of the world’s best-tasting chip flavours to Canada!

Vote on which World Flavourites you want for a chance to win

The flavour in each category that receives the most votes will be launched in Canada.

Vote daily and you could win 1 of 245 daily prizes, each one consists of to be won, 

  • 3 bags of assorted LAY’S potato chips
  • 2 bags of LAY’S potato chip bag clips,
  •  LAY’S sunglasses,
  • LAY’S- luggage tag,
  • 1 LAY’S chip bowl
  • value $32.96 CAD each.

The contest ends on March 20, and is open to residents of Canada, who are 13 years of age or older.

Enter daily, click here Win $50,000 Lay’s Canada Do Us A Flavour  Tastes of Canada Contest

It is that time of year again!

Time to get your creative juices (as well as saliva) flowing! Create a delicious, new flavour for Lays

and you could be crunching pretty with a cool 50G’s in your pocket, plus 1% of sales!

To enter, visit Lay’s Canada Do Us A Flavour Choose Your Chip Contest and enter your flavour.

Grand Prize: $50,000 & 1% of sales of your flavour.

Finalist Prizes: 1 of 4 $5000.

Visit Lay’s Canada.

at You may also enter via Text Message: submit your Entry by texting the following back to 101010: your flavour name

include up to three ingredients; your chip style (Original, Wavy and/or Kettle Cooked);
and your flavour inspiration

For complete rules and regulations, visit here.




This years top new creations include the following below:


Lays Flavour Contest - Create Lay's Flavour & Win $50,000 

The LAY’S Canada Do us a Flavour Contest at

The 4 Top Flavours in the Lays Flavour Contest have been chosen

and you could vote for the Finalist!


The runners for the $50,000 Grand Prize include the following:

  1. Bacon Poutine with the taste of bacon, gravy over melted cheese
  2. Cinnamon Bun a crunchy chip with a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar. As strange as this one sounds, it actually does taste like a cinnabon bun and not at all that bad.
  3. This may be a choice if you crave chips and sweet treats!
  4. Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese. MAc N’ Cheese is an all time dinner favourite. So someone thought, why not make your chips into a meal?
  5. Tzatziki . Greek food is all the rage now and it just makes sense to addTzatziki to the mix. After all, isn’t that alreay a great dip for chips?

PS. last year’s flavours were:

  1. Creamy Garlic Caesar by Jill Munro
  2. Grilled Cheese & Ketchup  by Angea Batley
  3. Maple Moose by Tyler LFrense
  4. Perogies Platter by Lucas Crawford


The LAY’S Canada Do us a Flavour Contest is open only to legal residents of Canada, who have reached the age of majority in his/her province or territory of residence at the time of entry.

Voting for the favourite Finalist Flavour ends on October 15, 2014

Visit this link here which will redirect you to the LAY’S Canada Do us a Flavour Facebook application.
You can vote via the Contest Website ( and text message (Text VOTE to 101010).

Limit of one (1) vote per person per voting platform per day.

At the end of the Voting Period, the Finalist Flavour receiving the highest number of votes will be declared the Grand Prize winner
There are 4 finalist prizes available to be won, each consisting of  a cheque for $5,000),

There is 1 Grand prize available to be won, consisting of $50,000 CD cash plus one percent (1%) of the future sales of the Grand Prize Winner’s Finalist Flavour as sold under the Grand Prize Winner’s Flavour Name in Canada


Voting Contest


Lays do us a flavor Contest



For French,

lay LAY’S Canada Choisissez vos croustilles Faites-nous une saveur
Le concours LAY’S Canada Choisissez vos croustilles Faites-nous une saveur
C’est ce temps de l’année!

Temps pour obtenir votre créativité (ainsi que de la salive) qui coule! Créer un délicieux nouvelle saveur pour Lays

et vous pourriez être croquant jolie avec un 50G est cool dans votre poche, plus 1% du chiffre d’affaires!

Pour participer, visitez Canada Do Us A Flavour Lay Choisissez votre concours Chip et entrez votre goût.

Grand Prix: $ 50,000 et 1% du chiffre d’affaires de votre goût.

Finaliste Prix: 1 de 4 $ 5,000.

Concours va du 19 Février 2014 au 23 Avril 2014 et est ouvert aux résidents du Canada qui ont l’âge légal ou plus dans leur province ou territoire au moment de l’entrée.






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1,211 thoughts on “ Contest – Vote for Lay’s Flavour Winner

  1. ester aitken says:

    Canadian maple bacon………..with a nice cheese and some green onion flavour

  2. ester aitken says:

    how about Canadian Maple & Bacon…………….featuring a really nice cheese and green onion …………………

  3. lorraine dziwenko says:

    Chicken or beef gravy flavor

  4. Marty hirst says:


  5. Marty hirst says:

    Fiesta potato

  6. Marty hirst says:

    Beef jerky flavor

  7. Maple moose tastes like you are eating the ashes from a campfire with a pinch of sugar…….it is distasteful. It has turned me off completely. How could this one have possibly made the final 4?

  8. Kim Harris says:

    Perogy all the way!!!!!

  9. Kim Harris says:

    Perogy all the way!!!!!!

  10. Christina Maillet says:

    The Perogy Platter

  11. Don Herman says:


  12. Don Herman says:

    Perogys. Number 1.
    Garlic ceaser number 2
    Other 2 are terrible

  13. michelle lee says:

    I like maple moose!

  14. sorry didn’t like any of them, the perogie chips did not taste like any perogie i’ve ever eaten

  15. my pick is perogies

  16. Lodi Rabbai says:

    Grill chesse & ketchup is the flavor.
    I vote for grill cheese & ketchup.

  17. Perogies platter

  18. Perogie platter

  19. Maureen Gagen says:

    perogies platter are my favorite.

  20. it is perogies platter

  21. my picke was perogies


  23. marilyn rice says:


  24. Joan Davies says:

    I have tried all four flavours and I love maple moose the best

  25. crystal MacDonald says:

    Perogies platter

  26. William Hayes says:

    I love the maple moose flavour

  27. William Hayes says:

    I just love the mapel moose flavour. I would hope that they stay on the market as I will be eating a lot more of them

  28. I am really upset that I have to use facebook to place a vote!!!! I do not use facebook now nor will I ever.
    Smarten Up.

  29. I went looking for the perogie flavoured chips but couldnt find them at 3 of the shops in store. I was wondering if contest was over and the maple moose flavour had won since that was all I could see on the shelves. I liked the ceasar flavoured chips and thought the grilled cheese and ketchup really tasted good too. But I cant vote until I have tried the perogie flavour. Wondering where I can find it.

  30. I highly recommend the Maple Moose flavour. They are amazing! They put you right out there in Newfoundland in the bush with the Moose.

  31. James Buttazzoni says:

    I tried 2 of your new flavors the cheese and ketchup and maple moose. They were both horrible and I had to throw them away. Even my grandkids would not eat them. I haven’t tried the other two flavors as they did not have them.

  32. Gloria Lemay says:

    perogy platter was also my favourite out of the 4.

  33. I tried all 4 flavours and my favorite is Maple Moose by :Tyler LeFrense. Not only does it taste wonderful it screams out Canada 🙂 (Canadian pride)…It tastes like smoked/toasted potatoes with our wonderful maple syrup.
    The Grilled cheese and Ketchup is my second choice. I do like it, you do taste the cheese and the ketchup, but the ketchup over powers the chees I find.
    The Perogy Platter is my third choice. But isn’t there beacon chips floured already? I don’t really taste the onions.
    The Creamy Garlic Caesar just tastes like sour cream and onion. I find though their is a stronger taste in the sour cream and onion than the Caesar one. I find the Caesar lacks flavour.

  34. T Doherty says:

    Love the perogie flavour followed by the creamy garlic. However, could not taste either
    cheese or ketchup in that flavour and the maple moose was just plain bad.
    Flavours I would like to see are Cheese and Onion and I also think Pizza flavoured
    chips would be a hit!!

  35. My vote is for Perogy Platter. It was my favourite out of the four. If this doesn’t win please send all remaining bags to me.

  36. Perogy platter was the best but creamy garlic Caesar is right next to it for yummy

  37. Don Weaver says:

    I love the grilled cheese and ketchup then the perogy platter. Creamy garlic Caeser just taste like sour cream and garlic. Haven’t tried the Maple Moose yet.

  38. I didn’t really like any of them but I guess porgy platter was the best

  39. Josie Hilton-Manzi says:

    My son and I both like the Perogy Platter flavour best.

  40. vanda pietrantonio says:

    creamy garlic Caesar the best. perogy platter not bad if you had to have them.the other two terrible.

  41. vanda pietrantonio says:

    creamy garlic Caesar is the only one the best .
    the other three have no taste what so ever.

  42. Located and tried perogy platter, does taste a bit like perogies but.. where’s the bacon ? grilled cheese and ketchup …ok, but no real cheese taste, or ketchup….just potato chip flavour. Haven’t been able to locate other two flavours?

  43. my wife and I have tried the maple moose and the grilled cheese and ketchup
    and found the maple moose to taste like cold beans in maple syrup ( needed to brush my teeth 3 time to get the taste out from this one ) the grilled cheese and ketchup taste changes from one flavour to the other and it is also bad to keep down ( and I have a strong tummy but it almost cane back up )

  44. Chris Donovan says:

    Maple Moose by far!

  45. Pat McQuaker says:

    My vote is for Creamy Garlic Chips

  46. Sorry tried them all and didn’t like any of them !!!!!!

  47. Tried them all and Sorry but don’t like any of them !!!!

  48. The perogy platter Lays chips are the best I’ve ever tasted. Once you start eating them you can’t
    stop until there all gone. I hope they keep them on the market.

  49. CREAMY GARLIC CAESAR Must Win! It’s by far the BEST out of the 4 !!!!!!!

  50. angela gatto says:

    creamy garlic ceasar chips were the best.

  51. jean clark says:

    Maple moose is the best!!!

  52. Maple Moose all the way. The best of the Best.

  53. they should have had poutine chips dumb people keep it canadian

  54. valerie Schmidt says:

    So far I have tried Grilled Cheese & Ketchup. Great flavour!!!!!!!!

  55. Maple moose should And will win

  56. shevaun meade says:

    creamy garlic ceasar is the best..perogy platter a close second…as for the other two..bluck..terrible!!!

  57. I love the taste of the Perogy Platter chips hope they keep these out in the big bags…

  58. They didn’t have any of the perogie ones but we did get to try the other ones. NASTY, YUCK!!! I want a refund you can bet we won’t ever try anymore. The guy who works for lays was loading the self and said he hated all of them and we should have listened to him NEVER AGAIN

  59. sherry leach says:

    Perogy platter gets my vote mmmm

  60. Julie chayer says:

    I didnt really like any of them but if i had to pick one it would be perogy platter. Good Luck! 🙂

  61. Leeann Giroux says:

    Caesar is the best! Yuck to the rest!

  62. the maple moose is disgusting take them off the shelf today, the perogy and ceasar is ok.

  63. Perogies all the way !!!! Yummy !

  64. Perogies all the way !!!! Yum !

  65. Creamy garlic Caesar is soo good, my number one.

  66. tiffamy morin says:

    the ceaser salad is very good its teast like a ceaser salad mmmm

  67. I love the garlic ceasar the best fallowed by the perogie bacon and onion although more onion could be added. The maple moose was terrible and I didn’t try the grilled cheese ketchup but I don’t think I would like it as I don’t care for grilled cheese much or ketchup. I hope you keep the garlic ceasar flavor as I really enjoyed it. It has flavor!

  68. Maple Moose is the best flavour yet in chips……It is addictive with the sweet and salty combination…..and it is very distinctive……

  69. Maple chips are the worst ever invented.

  70. The Caesar Salad is the best of the bunch, followed by the Perogy Platter chips. The Maple Moose and Grilled Cheese are yuck!

  71. Maple Moose & Grilled cheese w/ketchup are super nasty!! Sorry to say. You have winners with perogies & creamy ceasar,

  72. The Maple Moose was gross. We would never buy them AGAIN.

  73. The Lays Maple Moose Chips are the worst flavor we have ever tried. My teenage son bought these when having friends over and refused to eat one after he smelled the inside of the bag. Now that says something cause this boy is a chip-o-holic! Everyone else who tried these thought they were horrible with a capital H. You can’t even describe the taste, but I’ll try. An unappetizing, burnt-smoke smell is your first introduction, and a charred/burnt/campfire smoke taste is what you get when you eat one. Where is the maple flavor? And the moose? Well everyone grimaced and commented that maybe we were eating smoked moose droppings. :0 I’m hoping we got a bad batch, because I have no idea how this flavor ever won over the judging panel. Sorry folks, but this is a big LOSER!

  74. Kimberly Placere says:

    The new flavour of chips are good most like chips for me are the perogie patter….. Why not try to make mozza stick chips

  75. They should be at No Frills, Zehrs, Walmart, Target .Shoppers Drug Mart.

  76. The Perogy Platter is number one in my books. Tastes great.

  77. je sais pas ou voter mais la meilleurs est salade cesar cremeuse 🙂

    vraiment bon

    la pire degeux orignal a l érable ouachhhhhhh

  78. Does anyone know where I can get them in Niagara area?

  79. I like the perogy. It is A close second for the creamy garlic salad

  80. Creamy garlic Caesar is the best

  81. ok , so I love the perogy platter and creamy garlic flavor

  82. Ann Timonin says:

    Perogies Platter

  83. I think they’re all gross…

  84. william pratt says:

    Grilled cheese and ketchup mmmmmm good!

  85. I`ve never tasted anything like Creamy Garlic Caesar. Ultimate chip … it was awesome, couldn`t get enough.

  86. John Fraser says:

    We liked the “perogie platter” the best. The grilled cheese and ketchup was the worse. The creamy garlic was not too bad. The maple moose is not available here in Brandon, Manitoba.

  87. I am voting for perogy platter. They are the best

  88. Sherri Hill says:

    I like the perogy platter. Thats my vote. They are awsome.

  89. I vote for grilled cheese & ketchup. Yum yum. 🙂

  90. Perogies platter

  91. Grilled cheese and ketchup is my pick!

  92. sean hamelin says:

    I tried maple moose and it tasted awful. It tasted like burned BBq sauce. Too bad I spend 1,75$ for this!!!


  94. I love the creamy garlic Caesar,can,t stop eating them.

  95. I like grilled cheese and Ketchup the best

  96. I am making a small complaint because I have to find bags of the new flavors to try so I can vote my self.

    thank you!

  97. Grilled cheese and ketchup,exactly what these chips taste like.I think these are the best,got my vote!

  98. Perogies Platter

  99. I like the perogy platter the best

  100. Awesome, Thanks Beatrice!

    A chips and poll party.

    Excellent idea. Love it 🙂

  101. Brenda L. Branton says:

    Garlic Caesar is really enjoyable.

  102. Susan McBurney says:


  103. Perogy Platter is the best!

  104. I found the grilled cheese and ketchup taste the most like what they are supposed to be, So I would say that is my choice.

  105. E cruickshank says:

    I do not like the maple moose they are just blah .i would suggest curry flavour

  106. dennis kuzik says:

    I like the perogy platter it is awsome!

  107. Pierrette Bazinet says:

    My favorite is the Creamy Garlic Ceasar

  108. Jackie Burchat says:

    Creamy garlic Caesar is my favourite

  109. Beatrice Adams says:

    4 friends did a sample night. out of a choice number of 1 to 10 here are our results

    Garlic Caesar score of 6,8,8,8, total 30

    Ketchup cheese score of 6,5,6,5 Total of 22

    Maple score of 4,7,4,5 Total of 20

    Perogy score of 4,4,4,3 Total 15.

  110. karen johnson says:

    The maple moose is magnificent

  111. SHEILA GEORGE says:


  112. SHEILA GEORGE says:

    the maple moose is great.

  113. Maple moose..Mmmm.
    I don’t usually find a flavor I enjoy.

  114. I really like grilled cheese & ketchup but it has a terrible after taste so the ceaser one is best

  115. maple moose flavor tastes like over smoked sugar.cut back on the smokey flavor. tastes to much like smokey bacon gone wrong.

  116. Pauline Martin says:

    The best tasting is grilled cheese & ketchup

  117. Pauline Martin says:

    The best tasting for me is grilled cheese & ketchup


  119. I wanted to vote for Perogy Platter but could not because that one was covered by the games etc. and could not be accessed.
    Sorry Edmonton entry – you’re going to lose, due to a technicality!

  120. Chips are very good, like the salt and vinegar ones myself. Margaret likes the plain ones and the ketchup ones

  121. tried all four from some samples brought to my house by a friend and I must tell you maple moose is the best thing ive tasted since your original lays. oh my god what would the be like with dip?

  122. kim ballan says:

    the creamy garlic Caesar salad is fav

  123. shawn oake says:

    My girlfriend and me are maple moose all the way, delicious!!!!

  124. saddlebags says:

    The grilled cheese and ketchup flavoured chips were severely disappointing. Tasted nothing like the real thing. Barely a hint of ketchup. Guess I’ll move onto the other three flavours.

  125. Mable moose flavor is the best one

  126. alma carroll says:

    I love the maple moose chips really good
    august 10th 2013 at 10:10pm

  127. Shirley Ross says:

    The Creamy Garlic Caesar Salad is my Fav.

  128. i think the perogies platters is the best

  129. The names of the four new flavors sound really good but after tasting all of them I can say that there is not one that I will spend my money on. They are really pretty bad! Maple Moose, where is the maple, Creamy Garlic Caesar tastes like sour cream and onion, Perogy Platter and Grill Cheese and Ketchup, I have words!!!

  130. joey leduc says:

    i love the creamy ceaser chips r the best

  131. Are you now making chips for pigs???? How could a decent human eat some of your new flavours???You’re going to far with this——–keep your chips simple. Remember, humans buy your product, not barn yard animals.

  132. nolan ogden says
    ice cream sandwich flavouer or bbq ribs extra bbq sause

  133. sean lane says:

    Caesar salad ) garlic ,lemon juice and parmesan cheese. Everyone loves Caesar salad (:

  134. I realize it’s pass the deadline but I previously did enter the contest however, it doesn’t look like you received my entry. My suggestion is chips/dressing/gravy. Growing up in Nfld this was a favorite homemade french fries, topped with turkey sage dressing & gravy. Yum Yum I hope you will still consider my entry. Thank-you (my email address is

  135. how about a line of seafood lays

  136. Carol Mann says:
    roasted multigrain yam with garlic/pepper spice
    the yam is the inspiration its good for us, beneficial in many ways. my mouth waters at the thought of chips made of roasted multigrain yam with garlic-pepper Mmmmm Yum.

  137. Darrel Churchill says:

    I believe the contest is over April 15, 2013. Did you put your ideas on the facebook site ?
    Good Luck !

  138. now a days where ever you go there is some type of curry flavour food or side dish why not Curry flavour chips.
    my 2nd idea is cashew flavour chips
    My inspiration is grand mom recipes

  139. Anne MArie O'Neil says:

    I am a Newfie who moved to Ont. to go to school. Chips, dressing and gravy were a big part of growing up on the “rock’. Whenever I go home, the first thing I get is chips, dressing and gravy. I believe that “Lays” could give me that “down home” feeling by making chips with this flavouring. I am sure that all Newfies abroad and at home will be thrilled with this flavour, and I will feel a part of home.

    Anne Marie O’Neil

  140. choco-chili withsea salt

  141. Kristen Hartl says:

    bacon and cheese

  142. Doug Dares 902-401-9151 says:

    As time had erased a few things for my suggestions, I just want to have you enjoy it better with my Caramel Drizzle squares, as I forgot to mention that the slivered almonds have to be fried up in butter and then added to the Philly cream cheese, then bead the top with caramel beaded pattern, add some light coconut, and put in fridge till cool, and ready for a terrific meal dessert.

  143. Doug Dares says:

    I am sorry that I made an error in my earlier last entry for Caramel Drizzle squares. Once the bottom is set and the caramel mixed cream cheese is filled in, and once we were using the dough mix, but decided to put it in a better tasting mood, and we added slivered almonds over the cream cheese mix, then added a thin layer of fine coconut, and then added the all over beaded lines of caramel, put it in the fridge, and in most meals, there was never any left for the next meal.
    To have your product taste as good as this pan of squares, will really make my travel with dessert in mind a lot better, as the family member that made this for me, is no longer here.

  144. Doug Dares 902-401-9151 says:

    I would like to mention your point of location for entry is hard to find. The two flavours I have for your new taste is first a cinnamon nutmeg apple crisp topped with coffee ice cream, when the apple crisp is warm also with brown sugar mixed in.
    The second mouth watering one is a Caramel flavoured Drizzle square, which has a plain Ritz cracker bottom, with a caramel flavoured cream and covered with a light dough, and once baked, you top off the outside square on top with rows of caramel back and forth, and this lightly bakes up somewhat like a flakey Crescent roll, but flat and a real hard treat to turn down for a dessert.
    I thought of these as when dinners are a rush, you can turn to lays for dessert on the road while you drive. This is a real treat and for you to create it in a bag would make desserts anywhere a terrific thing.


  145. Danielle Thompson says:

    Garlic spare ribs or roasted peppers would be really good!

  146. Christine Benton says:

    name,,””Cool Smoked Salmon””
    ingredients,,,smoked salmon,cream cheese,and cucumber..
    inspiration,,tired of waitng for the cool,refreshing tastes of summer….on a cold wet wintry night….

  147. Stephen Friesen RR#1 Crooked Creek AB T0H 0Y0 says:

    Sweet & Sour chips made with plum sauce

  148. April morin says:

    April morin .How about Corn Nut flavour! The ranch, barbacue and original cornnuts flavours . That would make an awesome Lays Chip! Thanks ..

  149. Marion Dawson says:

    How about green olives and blue cheese? The huge olives are the best stuffed with blue cheese, so it would be outstanding as a chip flavour.

  150. Dr Muhammad Arshad javed says:

    MY suggestion is Garlic& Ginger Flavour.

  151. Bill Foster says:

    Come On People back me up. I suggested awhile ago. Greenonion and Cucumber flavour. I made some and it rocks

  152. Great contest,it’s simple
    Tell us 1-your flavour
    They fail to mention that it’s restricted unless you submit through facebook’s “BS”

  153. If you want something new and Delicious you have to try STRAWBERRY JAM and BACON yummmmmm

  154. Ryan MacKinnon says:

    I have 2 flavors for you to consider. The first is just a flavor combination and it is AVOCADO RANCH. The second one I really think would taste amazing and that is PISTACHIO. I think that the flavor of pistachios would mix well with the sunflower seed oil used to cook the chips.

  155. Tim Brown says:

    Thought of another new flavour… had this for lunch. (SPICY) MEATBALL SUB. Meat ball flavour, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. My inspiration … lunch, and the fact that I luuuv to snack of course.

  156. Tim Brown says:

    Thought of another flavour … had this for lunch – (SPICY) MEATBALL SUB. Meatball flavour (spicy or not) tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

  157. Tim Brown says:

    Got another new flavour to consider- SUGAR N’ SPICE- maple flavouring, sweet chili and cracked black peppercorn. My inspiration … luuuv to snck … of course.

  158. Tim Brown says:

    It seems as the contest entry date is coming to a close, my mind is only winding up lol. New flaour suggestion. SPICY CHICKEN CHIPOTLE- Chicken flavour and chipotle seasoning. Canadians aren’t as bland as we used to be – we like to spice things up a bit … especially when it comes to our snacking. My inspiration … luuuv to spice, and snack … of course.

  159. Ross Pedersen says:

    sweet potato chips rather than original potato.
    would be popular..?

    inspiration: none

  160. Tim Brown says:

    New flavour suggestion -PIZZIOLA. Gorgonzola cheese, tomato sauce and a blend of oregano and sweet basil for spices. Gorgonzola, Milan, Italy’s famous blue cheese would give this new flavour some added bite. No added meat flavour might even appeal to vegetarians and still satisfy the serious snacker looking for a new and distinct flavour. Made some homemade pizza today, and substituted mozzarrella with gorgonzola … mmm. My inspiration, besides dinner of course … luuuv to snack … of course.

  161. William breon says:


  162. Tim Brown says:

    New flavour suggestion – Lay’s FRITES (pronounced as freets). Lays blended with french fries flavour, mayonnaise and sea salt. Mayonnaise and fries are a Dutch favouite – nice combination. My inspiration … luuuv to snack …of course.

  163. Kelly MacDonald says:

    My kids suggestion is barbecue, salt and vinegar as they tried putting the two Lay’s chips together and loved it!

    My suggestion is cheddar and dill flavour. I would also suggest a smokey blue cheese flavour like my favourite wings!

  164. murielle couture says:

    tomate secher epicer avec parmesan

    ingredient : tomate secher
    epice tres epicer

    jadore le parmesan et les tomate et surtout quand ses epicer

  165. scott.durepos says:

    how about fried bologna and Heinz ketchup for us Easterners or shepherd’s pie this one’s a bit out there but how about fried onions and liver

  166. Brigitte Roy says:

    Salut j’aimerais beaucoup voir un mélange de piment vert, champignon et oignon comme chips ce serai sujper…moi j’adore ce mélange de légumes cuit ensemble me semble que manger des chips a saveur de légumes ce serai super bon……

  167. Brigitte Roy says:

    I do love vegetables a lot so here my flavor..I’m french so here it is in french…un mélange de piment vert, champignon, oignon, ail, brocoli,carotte, celeri cuit légèrement dans de l’huile d’olive…I would call it végétable chips… 🙂

  168. Maria Anastasopoulos says:

    CABANE A CHIP (Inspired from Cabane a Sucre)

    For those of you living in Quebec, no explanation is required but for those who have never seen a simple bucket hanging from a tree in the beautiful Laurentian mountain forests in the Province of Quebec it is a sight to behold. It was truly mother nature’s gift to the first settlers who used this sweet water to flavor their food. Little did they know it would become a multi billion industry.

    Ingredients: smoked ham,bacon, maple syrup

  169. Maria Anastasopoulos says:

    My Big Fat Greek Chip

    Ingredients: greek yogourt, garlic, cucumber, oregano= TZATZIKI FLAVOUR

    As you can tell from my long last name, my inspiration is the beautiful country I was born in and still miss. Although I love Greece, I am grateful to be living in the best country in the world; CANADA

  170. Tim Brown says:

    Got another one. ZESTY – orange zest, sweet chili and black peppercorn. My inspirtion … luuuv to snack of course.

  171. Tim Brown says:

    Might even appeal ost from Mar 28

    CRUDITE – lightly “seasoned” vegetable medley of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Might even appeal to those “health conscious” consumers looking for a little of the naughty, while getting some of the nice. My inspiration … luuuv to snack of course.

  172. Tim Brown says:

    Repost from Mar 28
    YOGURT N’ DILL – Pain yogurt blended with dill weed and lemon juice. My inspiration …luuuv to snack of course.

  173. Tim Brown says:

    Repost from Mar 28

    Sour Cream N’ Dill – actually a 60/40 combination of sour cream and plain yogurt, blended with dill weed, lime or lemon juice – leave that one up to product development to decide.I make this as a veggie dip – yummy. Would be great as a chip flavour I think.

  174. Tim Brown says:

    Repost from Feb 18

    Another new flavour – SWEET CHILI N’ CHEESE – Sweet chili sesoning with white cheddar. My inspiration … luuuv to snack of course.

  175. Tim Brown says:

    Repost from Feb 18 (had trouble posting like many others)
    New Flavour – Roasted Garlic Bruschetta – Roasted Garlic, tomato, green onion. My inspiration – besides bruscetta, luuuv to snack … of course.

  176. Tim Brown says:

    New flavour – TOMASIAGO – asiago cheese, sun dried tomato and chiplotle.
    My inspiration …luuuv to snack of course.

  177. Tim Brown says:

    New flavour – SWEET N’ SASSY – Lays’ signature BBQ seasoning, chipotle and lime.
    My inspiration … luuuv to snack …of course.

  178. Tim Brown says:

    New flavour – HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN – keeping with oriental theme. Chicken flavouring, honey and mustard. Probably should use a slightly spicy mustard to set it apart from similar flavours. My inspiration … luuuv to snack of course.

  179. Tim Brown says:

    Another new flavour – SWEET, SOUR N’ SASSY- sweet and sour flavouring blended with Lays’ signature BBQ seasoning . A sort of east meets west flavour. My inspiration … luuuv to snack … of course.

  180. Tim Brown says:

    How about TUSCAN – sun dried tomato, balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil.
    My inpiration …. luuuuv to snack … of course.

  181. Michele States says:

    I think Sweet Chili and Bacon Flavor would work also.

  182. Michele States says:

    I would love to taste a Lays Chip with the flavor of Sweet Chili and Ranch. I think that would taste wonderful….

  183. Ashley Hinger says:

    Smoked white cheddar

  184. Ashley Hinger says:

    Lays Tomato pesto

  185. Ashley Hinger says:

    Sea salt and maple

  186. Ashley Hinger says:

    Lays Havarti and herb

  187. Ashley Hinger says:

    Lays Vegetable bruschetta

  188. Ashley Hinger says:

    Cajun lays chips

  189. Ashley Hinger says:

    Eggs Benedict with back bacon

  190. Ashley Hinger says:

    Canadian cheddar and herb

  191. Ashley Hinger says:

    Spicy chicken wings with ranch
    My inspiration my love of chicken wings dipped in ranch

  192. Frye and gravy

  193. Andreas Gelinas says:

    Montreal Smokemeat
    Smokemeat spices

  194. Andreas Gelinas says:

    Montreal smokemeat

  195. Anthony Kefallinos says:

    I would love to try Chillie flavoured Lays!
    Chillie, sour cream and cilantro flavoure..
    Every time I eat Chillie, I always find myself with a bag or Lays regular chips and scooping my chillie, using the chips as a spoon! Lol

    Anthony Kefallinos

  196. says:

    i think healvegood chips so you dont have to waste money on the dip

  197. says:

    hey you should do helavegood dip flavor so you dont have to waste money

  198. Apple wood smoked maple bacon lays

  199. sandy sullivan says:

    I think ‘Sweet Potato Cinnamon’ would be a delicious and healthy choice. What a combo!
    Sweet potatoes and cinnamon are both healthy foods. Also scrumptious to the taste buds.

  200. Just finished snacking on a bag of Lays BBQ … mmmm. Has another thought for a new flavour – Lays DECADENT TASTY TATERS (stick style snack or chip). A proportionate blend of sour cream (or cheddar cheese -or both) maple bacon flavouring and Lays signature BBQ seasoning.For the serious snacker. All of the decadence and all of the guilt. My inspiration … my bag of Lays BBQ ( all gone – sigh…) and the fact that I luuuv to snack of course.

  201. One more new flavour for the Lays lineup – CHICKEN CORDON (or CORDON BLEU). Classic or ruffled chip seasoned with chicken, smoked ham and swiss cheese. Some added sage and thyme would be nice. My inspiration of course… luuuv to snack.

  202. Another new flavour for the Lays lineup. BBQ CHICKEN N’ CHEESE. Lays signature BBQ seasoning with added chicken and cheese flavours. I think that blue cheese might give this flavour some added bite. Would be great as a classic or ruffled style chip. My inspiration of course … luuuv to snack.

  203. Her’s another new flavour for the Lays to consider – CHEESEY BBQ, or BBQ N’ CHEESE. Begin with Lays classic or ruffled chip smothered with Lays BBQ seasoning and cheddar cheese. Added hickory or mesquite flavouring would be awsome. My inspiration of course … luuuv to snack.

  204. Tom Gilbert says:

    Hi Frito Lay:

    I have 2 flavors 1) onion and garlic and 2) little more burnt [well done]. I am seeing that a few people are adding these flavors to their choices. So maybe these might be good choices for the contest. I entered them way back in February but like everyone back then was having problems. So if any of you like these flavors, please vote. So we can have them again.



  205. Tammy Smith says:

    I would like to enter the following flavours. Having trouble with the site I really hope this entry gets to you. Have the following flavours. Hawaiian, strawberry, kiwi,and pineapple. Then when I am eating them I could say they are good for me made with fruit. How about grilled cheese and bacon. My sons would love that. Or how about a real Canadian chip I had my first beaver tail in Ottawa skating on the Ottawa river and it was so good would love to have a chip this flavour. Tammy Smith

  206. Got another flavour- TANGY SOUR CREAM N’ DILL.
    Sour cream and dill weed for that extra “tang” Would be great as a “Classic” or Ruffled style chip. A nice complimentary flavour to Sour Cream and Onion. My inspiration … luuuv to snack … of course.

  207. Here’s another flavour consideration -LITE N’LICIOUS. A flavour that could appeal to the “healthier” consumer base looking for great taste and none of the guilt, as well as the not so concerned snacker.
    Start with a sweet potatoe chip (maybe baked or not), seasoned with garlic, rosemary and virgin olive oil. A premium chip, that could demand a premium price. I make an oven roasted potatoe with these ingredients … niiiiiice. My inspiration … luuuv to snack of course.

  208. And yet another flavour consideration. PARMESAN PLUS – Parmesan cheese blended with cream and tomato sauce ( not quite an alfredo). My inspiration, made a nice pasta sauce with these same ingredients for dinner tonight … plus the fact that I luuuv to snack… of course.

  209. New flavour consideration. In an earlier post, I mentioned that my wife – when she wasn’t feeling well, liked to dip her regular ruffled Lays in butterscotch ice cream – her comfort snack. I’ve given a name more thought -SWEET N’ SALTY. Lays chips (Classic I think) seasoned with caramel, sea salt … could even add a splash of lime to mix it up. My inspiration besides my wife, luuuv to snack … of course.

  210. Jodi Willhelm says:

    french fries wth gravy and ketchup

  211. Chris Jones says:

    Sweet Chili Flavor
    Name: Sweet Chili
    No Inspiration.

  212. Chris Jones says:

    Jalapeno Flavor
    Name: Joyful Jalapeno

  213. Chris Jones says:

    Pizza Flavor
    Name: Pizza Party
    Ingredients; Cheddar, Pepperoni, Spices.
    No inspiration.

  214. Chris Jones says:

    Dill Pickle and Basil
    Name: Dill Pickle and Basil
    No inspiration.

  215. Chris Jones says:

    Chicken Dinner Flavor
    Name: Chicken Dinner
    Inspiration: Trip to Europe.

  216. Chris Jones says:

    Sweet Onion Flavor
    Name: Sweet Savory Onion
    No inspiration it just came to me.

  217. Chris Jones says:

    Jalapeno and cheese flavor.
    Name: Jalapeno and Cheese.

  218. Chris Jones says:

    What About A Original chip but instead of a regular potato make it with Sweet Potatos.

  219. Greg Lundrigan says:

    Lays chipotle chip!!

  220. Dianne Renversez says:

    How about havarti, dill and chives. Can hardly wait to hear and try the winner`s chip.

  221. Hi, my suggestion is a poutine flavoured

  222. (Mrs.) Piloo Deboo says:

    Called “SULTAN’S FANTASY” – this snack of Lays is guaranteed NOT to satisfy any palate
    until the fingers groping for the last bits left in the package come up empty with just crumbs!
    The potato chip is first covered with a dry, orange-coloured paste of butter chicken, and….Wait!
    ….this would then be topped with a hint of creamy Yogurt , mixed with very little honey, and
    blended with basil, mace, rosemary and paprika. Truly irresistible and also attractive to the
    health-conscious individual.

  223. Came up with three new flavours today.

    SOUR CREAM N’ DILL- actually a 60/40 combination of sour cream and plain yogurt, blended with dill weed, lime or lemon juice – leave that one up to your product development to decide. I make this as a veggie dip – yummy. Would be great as a chip flavour I think.

    YOGURT N’ DILL – plain yogurt blended with dill weed and lemon juice.

    CRUDITE (pronounced as cruditey) – light seasoned vegetable medley of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Might even appeal to those “health conscious ” consumers looking for a little naughty, while getting some of the nice. My inspiration of course … luuuv to snack.

  224. Sherry Pederson says:

    There is a flavor in the UK, of shrimp that would is delishes! If you could get some thing close to that flavor, it would be REALLY popular with the Brits and the orientals, for sure. And I hit to try one once it was almost the best chip flavor I’ve tried, supper addictive!!

  225. Another flavour for your consideration … not quite sure what I would call this flavour. When my wife is not feeling well, she likes to enjoy a bowl of butterscotch ice cream and Lay’s regular ruffled chips … actually uses the ice cream as a dip. I tried it, I liked it … who knew? You take Lay’s great regular ruffled chips and add some simulated butterscotch ice cream flavouring – I guess. You could eat them right out of the bag – one less bowl to wash. My inspiration … my wife and the fact that I luuuv to snack … of course.

  226. Cornbread and jalapeño

  227. Here’s another flavour: PUB STYLE – a thick cut ruffled chip seasoned with haddock, malt vinegar sea salt, and perhaps a touch of lemon. Would pair nicely with an ice cold pepsi or your favourite brown pop. My inspiration … luuuv to snack … of course.

  228. Salty sweet and sour
    Creamy herb and garlic
    Wavey garlic and spice
    Crispy garden vegetable( olive oil)

  229. Tomato and basil
    Spiniach and ricotto
    Spiniach and vinigar
    Italian herbs
    Cheese and oregeno

  230. Michelle Lundrigan says:

    Here’s a couple
    -lays spicy bruschetta
    -lays tropical Hawaiian
    -lays chocolate cake
    – lays Parmesan oregano
    -lays Canadian lovers (pep,bacon,mush and cheese)
    I would eat any of these kinds yummy!!!

  231. How about lays spicy bruschetta I know that would be yummy!!

  232. Brett deforest says:

    Donair flavour so it will be sweet sauce donair meat flavouring and a choice of vegetable either tomatoes, lettuce,onion or any other flavor of vegetable that sounds like the better addition. My inspiration is the fact that donairs have been presented through many different foods and i think it would be delicious as a chip flavour

  233. Marie Gell says:

    Marie Gell says
    Salty Lemon Chicken

  234. kendra munn says:

    Bruchetta and goat cheese or spicy hummis with feta

  235. catlin mccluskey says:

    Red pepper jelly and cream cheese or sea salt and caramel.

  236. Barry Gillis says:

    I am trying to win your contest but it won’t give me an entry form, it says restricted

  237. Greg Lundrigan says:

    We would like to suggest
    – lays Parmesan oregano
    – lays tropical Hawaiian
    – lays chocolate cake
    – lays great Canadian chip(pep,bacon,mushroom and cheese.)

  238. Michelle Lundrigan says:

    My chip idea is spicy bruschetta chip omg how good they would be!!! Yummy!!!

  239. Why not … Lay’s ‘Coffee flavoured’ Chips
    Hazelnut flavoured chips

  240. Mitchell Reinbolt says:

    garlic toast chips. garlic, garlic spice, and butter. who wouldnt want a garlic toast chip c’mon

  241. kelly felske says:

    Suggestion / Winner ;)!

    – Bacon & Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    – Ranch & Franks Hot Sauce
    – Onion Rings & Pizza

  242. beef jerky flavour

  243. how about peanut butter and banana

  244. Irene Doskotch says:

    I would like to enter Lays “Sweet and Salty Maple Flavored Chips”

    My inspiration is a blend of Lays potato chips with maple syrup from Quebec and a sweet and salty recipe, for that Canuck taste eh!

    Irene Doskotch

  245. leia millar says:

    i think there should be a flavour steak and onion

  246. Deborah Thompson says:

    Suggestion is Poutine- ingredients cheese curd, gravy and the delicious flavour of Lays Potato Chips

  247. Lobster and butter on one side and steak and potato on the other!! Mmmmm yes

  248. Haley murdoch says:

    I think that all your flavers are garbage so you should get one that is actually tasty like taco flavour that would be good

  249. I suggest simply the awesome taste of “LAY’S TERIYAKI POTATO CHIPS” .. Yummy!

  250. Lays web site sucks. I cannot navigate it no matter what I click on. So much for entering the flavour contest. Cheers!

  251. Barbara Martin-Wilson says:

    Guacamole chipotle

  252. Heather Kelley says:

    How about chicken wing flavour with hot, medium and mild

  253. wendy Johnston says:

    My suggestion is Balsamic vinegar and chives
    Wendy Johnston

  254. Sour cream and cheese

  255. BBQ and catchup would be an amazing mix. The two most popular chips blended.

  256. Lemon/lime, cilantro and sea salt…mmmmmm

  257. Pennybear11 says:

    How about blue raspberry?

  258. David Gomes says:

    Meat ball and tomato sauce flavour

  259. Shelley Runighan says:

    My son who is 12 thinks Maple and bacon would be awesome

  260. David Gomes says:

    Sour cream and ham flavour

  261. David Gomes says:

    Honey smoked ham with garlic sauce and cheese;) or honey ham with garlic sauce.

  262. Chip Douglas says:

    dont use facebook so you can deal with me here ok ? the best tasting chips are the well done ones in the originalsor the ripple plain and a good name for these bad boys could be. Lays Well Done!

  263. David Gomes says:

    Olives, tomato and garlic flavour!

  264. David gomes says:

    My new flavor is ham and cheese with sour cream.

  265. Make a grilled cheese chip, a chocolate chip or a just keep it original! ????

  266. Harry Logan says:

    Maple and bacon would be to die for!

  267. Karen Ross says:

    Fresh bread. The idea of tasting fresh bread out of a bag is cool.

  268. Mike Bolger says:

    My suggestion would be a Newfoundland favourite. Chips, dressing,and gravy.
    Made up its summer savoury mixed with bread crumbs and minced onion, beef gravy, covering French fries.
    Known all over as a Newfoundland dish. It’s awesome to think of it in a chip.

  269. Michael Bolger says:

    A Newfoundland favorite. Chips, dressing, and gravy.
    Made with summer savoury and brad crumbs, a beef gravy, over French fries. This is a dish loved world wide.

  270. Leah Green says:

    Sweet potato

  271. I think there should be honey mustard lays or cotton candy lays!!!

  272. Shirley Ouw says:

    My suggestion for the new Lays potato chip is Reuben potato chip with cheese, yummy!

  273. Christine Arthur says:

    for fish lovers, would be nice to try smoked salmon with blue cheese with a hint of sweet mustard

  274. Christine Arthur says:

    for fish lovers, smoked salmon and blue cheese, hint of sweet mustard

  275. Hi my name is Suzie and my creation is BBQ caesar chips, this would be a combination of a smokey BBQ sauce and creamy Caesar salad, my mouth is watering just thinking about it

  276. therese swiatkowski says:

    creamy tadziki sauce with garlic
    roasted garlic pork
    cooked ham and philadelphia cream cheese

  277. Emma Jennings says:

    a new flavour; Caesar bacon – ingredients includes, Caesar dressing,Bacon and garlic

  278. Renee Knox says:

    I love sour cream and bacon….

  279. Spicy cheese and bacon chips

  280. Bill Foster says:

    I would love a chip flavoured – Cucumber and green onion lightly salted, would go great with most dips- Bill Foster Edmonton Ab

  281. Wild Mushroom Flavour
    Mushroom for that wild sensation, smoked bacon for that deep taste and onion for that fresh aroma

  282. Maggie Shand says:

    I think the majority of people would have to agree…. a lays potato chip flavor should be brochette!!!!! All that tomato and basil wrapped in feta topped off with a balsamic vinegar YUMMY YUM YUMMY

  283. Parmesan and roasted garlic flavour 🙂

  284. my suggestion would be the classic Canadian Poutine – fries, gravy and cheese curds

  285. Lauren Demosten says:

    The new flavor that I’m suggesting is ( Pepper Jack, chipotle, and bacon).

  286. Elizabeth burton says:


  287. Dan Shorting says:

    Macaroni and cheese with butter

  288. Ashley Hinger says:

    Sweet and salty

  289. Donna

    Nutella flavor (yummy)

  290. Gary Arnold says:

    Gary Arnold suggests:
    Dijon and Marmalade

  291. Jo Ann Barkyoumb says:

    My suggestion is for Chocolate & salt as I love salty and sweet/

  292. louis poulette says:

    sel moutarde et miel

  293. louis poulette says:

    pour moi moutarde et miel quel savoureus melange

  294. Charles Gagné says:

    Just let natural chips to cook longer in the frying mixture so they get to a nice brown texture
    and get soo crusty in the mouth. Add a little salt. Call them “BRUNOS”. People will jump on them…

  295. claire roth says:

    My idea is marinated seaweed with tempura.

  296. Bonnie Fulford says:

    camp fire- smoked hickory and lemon peper

  297. Bonnie Fulford says:

    inspiration : Canadian bacon -ingredients:bacon and mapel sirop

  298. Bonnie Fulford says:

    Yukon gold with lemon peper and balsamic vinegar

  299. Michael Cawley says:

    Michael says: BBQ Beef in hot spicey AKABANGA sauce

  300. robert cran says:

    Hi,,try herb and garlic or herb and spices.Lays knows this chip,was one of your best sellers,cheers BoB.

  301. Jodyrae Cunningham says:

    Hi, I have tried n tried to enter but it would not submit my entry for some reason 🙁 My flavor entry is: Barbeque Bacon and my inspiration was: I ate a barbeque chip and a slice of bacon together, it tasted great! 🙂

  302. Frank Joseph says:

    How do you enter the contest if you don’t want anything to do with facebook or others like that.

  303. I think bruschetta would be great

  304. Kaymian Campbell says:

    How about spicy jerk chicken flavor. A little taste of the Caribbean( Jamaica)for everyone.

  305. Lloydette Wright says:

    My suggestion is:
    Honey garlic and creamy parmesan cheese.
    My inspiration is how much I LOVE this on my wings and on my fries.
    Perfect combination.
    It is awesome !!!

  306. Donna Smith Denton says:

    My suggestions are;
    Green Olive & Garlic
    Cucumber Onion & Vinegar
    Hot Pepper & Feta
    White Cheddar & Rosemary
    Dill Pickle & Pepper
    Ketchup & sour Cream
    Dill Pickle & Onion
    Hot Buttered Popcorn

  307. Ashley Hinger says:

    Pulled pork and sweet potato fries

  308. Dill pickle and ketchup ; Dilly Ketchup!!! My 2 fav flavores
    Also hot Parmesan baked chips!!

  309. Verna Landry says:

    I don’t have a facebook account and I don’t want one.. How else can I enter?

  310. edward neeb says:

    Herb n garlic cream cheese. Mmmmmm

  311. how about Poutine,or my fave,.. garlic mashed potatoes and gravy

  312. Jean Leguee says:

    I think you should do a sweet & salty lays chip.

  313. rick moerman says:

    be nice to have a cheese flavour chip

  314. Earlier I suggested a Buttermilk N’ Dill flavour. I made a dip tonight with those ingredients and added a just a pinch of chipotle seasoning. Together with regular deep ridged Ruffles … to die for. You need to try this combo for yourselves ASAP. Luuuuuv to snack.

  315. Brain Graham says:

    smoked meat… Montreal that is

  316. Got another one. How about peameal (back) bacon with a hint of maple flavouring and a not too spicy mustard. You can call it the “Great Canadian” chip … which of course Lay’s is. Our neighbours to the south love “Canadian” bacon – could be a hit with them too.Terrific marketing potential. My inspiration … my love of snacking of course.

  317. Ashley Hinger says:

    Steak, blue cheese and sage

  318. Daniel Izzard says:

    My suggestion is Roasted Nori and Soya sauce….maybe with a touch of Wasabi….Yum…

  319. Cream cheese and pesto or Lemon and Roasted garlic.. Nothing like home cooking

  320. joyce truckle says:

    Joyce would like to see
    chicken parmesan
    feta and spinach
    greek salad
    sundried tomato and basil
    Potato salad

  321. Chris Kavanagh says:

    Chris would like to suggest;chicken curry chips

  322. Canadian Maple BBQ. Lay’s signature BBQ Chips with a hint of Canadian maple syrup. As with all my other suggestions, my inspiration comes from my love of snacking. Who doesn’t love to snack.

  323. Just another flavour for your consideration … Buttermilk N’ Dill. A tasty combination – not quite the same as Ranch. Could add a little chipotle flavouring for that “delectibly different” taste.

  324. Lesley Pirrie says:

    Poutine flavor which is gravy and cheese on fries.
    A Canadian classic!

  325. Agnes Ramstedt says:

    Agnes Ramstedt says:
    Mar. 208:16 P. M.
    My idea for a new chip would be cream cheese, dill & chives.
    I live at 3600 ft. in British Columbia Canada

  326. Jimmy Katsoulis says:

    The Greek Tzatziki Lay Chip
    Sour Cream,Dill pickel,Garlic,
    A family flavouvite,we dip everything from vegetables to chip.Being greek we enjoy our healthy and tastefull treat.Why not have it all at once,in a Lays Potato Chip

  327. Len Boulette says:

    Flavour: Sour Creme & Salsa, like when you mix Sour Creme & Salsa together when you are having Nachos

  328. Ashley Hinger says:

    Sweet potato poutine

  329. Ashley Hinger says:

    Cilantro lime & chipotle chili

  330. Ashley Hinger says:

    Honey roasted garlic ribs

  331. Ashley Hinger says:

    Applewood smoked bacon

  332. Ashley Hinger says:

    BBQ corn on the cob

  333. Roasted chicken and chives

    Mac cheese and bacon

    B L T

  334. Ashley Hinger says:

    Chicken wings with blue cheese

  335. My suggestion: Sizzling steak and onion

    Asiago cheese and bacon

    Nacho supreme–sour cream, jalapeño cheese

    Shrimp tempura

    Spicy chicken wings

    Fries with gravy

    roasted red pepper,garlic and black pepper

  336. Ashley Hinger says:

    Maple Dijon chicken

  337. Ashley Hinger says:

    Bruschetta pizza

  338. Ashley Hinger says:

    Lemon chicken peppercorn

  339. Peanut Butter….mmm the thought makes my mouth water! 😀

  340. Ashley Hinger says:

    Buttermilk fried chicken

  341. Ashley Hinger says:

    Avocado salsa

  342. Ashley Hinger says:

    Goat cheese and bacon

  343. Ashley Hinger says:

    Philly steak and cheese

  344. Ashley Hinger says:

    Memphis seasoned beef brisket

  345. Ashley Hinger says:


  346. Ashley Hinger says:


  347. Ashley Hinger says:

    Smokey Mack n’ cheese

  348. Ashley Hinger says:

    Bacon cheese perogy

  349. Ashley Hinger says:

    Cheesy enchilada

  350. Ashley Hinger says:

    Sichuan ribs

  351. Ashley Hinger says:

    Smoked ham with maple mustard glaze

  352. Ashley Hinger says:

    Smoked Gouda and peppercorn

  353. Ashley Hinger says:

    Chili sweet potatoe

  354. Smoked Gouda peppercorn

  355. Wayne Beausoleil says:

    Lime Just like in Baja California you already have that flavour there and it is great

  356. Judy Sawatzky says:

    Judy Sawatzky says : My idea is Cinnamon/ Spice… kind of like a donut flavor ….it just sounds good….. Maybe a spice with a bite…..

  357. Alice Ducharme says:

    New flavor of Butter Chicken or pulled pork flavor

  358. Terri Lynn Blanchard says:

    Yummmmm. Loaded Baked Potato with sour cream chives and bacon.

  359. Richard Hélie says:

    My suggestion for a new flavor of chip is the following one:
    Chip Lays in the flavor of salmon smoked with a light taste of caper.
    Thank you

  360. cheese,parsley and will be a great combination with lays chips.


  361. Roland Plourde says:

    My suggestion for new flavour : Waffal and maple syrup.Ingredients: Waffal flavor, candian maple syrup, salt. My inspiration is truly canadain. Is maple syrup time of year.

  362. Lea Kempling says:

    sausages and onion
    Thai Tom Yum soup with lemongrass

  363. Lukas Kempling says:

    ginger fried beef
    teriyaki chickens
    Fish and fries with vinegar

  364. Ester kempling says:

    pepper jelly with brie cheese and roasted garlic
    balsamic vinegar and roasted garlic

  365. Cheese and apples

  366. Apples and peanut butter

  367. Anne Hughes says:

    Anne Hughes says:
    cilantro, lime and lightly salted sea salt.

  368. Roasted garlic and herb with asiago or a sharp old cheddar for some added bite. Would go great with an ice cold litre of pepsi, or your favourite brown pop. Just a pinch of sweet basil would do nicely as the herb choice i would think. Trying something similar for dinner tonight.

  369. I would love sweet&salty honey l

  370. I think that a cholate coated pr a reeses pieces flavor would be good.mcjudy

  371. Desmond Paul says:

    Bruschetta with feta I would think be a hit with all ranges of people. The if the use of olive oil if possible it would very much appeal to the heathy eaters and the flavor would bring the rest of the market. I believe the bruschetta with feta would be my number one choice but you could do just bruschetta as well but I feel that the feta would be the key element.

  372. My suggestion is jardoo chicken wings from the mandarin restaurant

  373. marlene Cameron says:

    marlene cameron what about hickory and black olive with sea salt

  374. My suggestion is( cucumber and onion ) ,,sounds good to me ,,your chips are the best ,,i eat many different kinds of chips , and i have to say you cant beat Lays

  375. Pesto chicken . Pesto sauce

  376. -Greek salad – feta cheese Greek seasoning.

    -Ceaser and smoked bacon

    -Seasoning salt and pepper

    -White cheddar

  377. brandon hooey says:

    mozzarella stick flavor
    grilled cheese
    the works i miss thoe’s i still remember when ruffles had them you should do the works
    idk cheese cake just thoring it out there
    taco i guess but like the crunch rap suprem
    cinamin sticks thoes would be sweet

  378. kevin pretty says:

    Jajalipino Cheddar and bacon

  379. Carmen Schouw says:

    Feta cheese and spinach and the second one would be bacon,eggs and potatoes.

  380. Carol Ann Driscoll says:

    I’m a lover of celery salt! I love soup and rather than adding an ordinary dash of salt to it, I add a dash of celery salt which gives it that extra oomph! Why not add it to Lay’s Potato Chip’s to have the same experience! Mmmmm!!!

  381. Lochlin King says:

    My suggestions would be:
    chicken vindeloo

  382. honey bacon – wow that sounds so so good get with it agree with me……

  383. I really think spice pizza would be a big hit, with franks red hot sauce and pepperoni with extra cheese ? With some crazy kick or you could do like a spice meat pizza ! I would so buy a bag of them mhmmm

  384. stacey schulte says:

    i say pizza bacon peperonie chipes that would be the best i got over 50 people sayying they love pizza with bacon and pepperonie

  385. Chad Marsolais says:

    Spegetti n meat balls

  386. my favourite bag of chips is white chocolate &coffee

  387. joyce rand says:

    scallop potatoes, also au gratin, why not both

  388. Our Suggestion is Spinach Dip Flavor

  389. myritingboard says:

    I am having the hardest time entering as they will not accept my e-mail. My head sure hurts now.

  390. Cheddar Bacon ranch why wouldnt you

  391. Sheri macmillan says:

    I think that they should make homemade bakes beans or clam chowder flavour or chili cheese fries flavour or cheese steak flavour those would be awsome

  392. Barry Kerr says:

    My idea would be pepperoni
    Barry Kerr

  393. Hot sauce or buttery popcorn or cottge cheese

  394. Kristie Sheehy says:

    Old fashioned baked beans and/or creamy scalloped potatoes.
    They could be called ‘Saturday Supper’!
    mmm mm mm mm mmm

  395. marcie king says:

    red pepper jello

  396. Quinn d'Entremont says:

    my suggestion for a new flavour: habanero hell fire – ingredients- habanero’s, garlick, rosted red pepper.

    my inspiration is i like spicey foods and chips

  397. monique lorray says:

    suggestion for new flavour>hazelnut coffee and caramel sauce

  398. Gail Johnson says:

    Gail Johnson suggestion is Frank n Stein – ingredients are ball park hot dog falvour and beer

    “A monster of a chip” Signature chiip for tavs and bars

  399. Joanne oxtoby says:

    Spicy bruchetta

  400. Connie Coderre says:

    This is a little variation on my earlier suggestion, buttered baked potato with sour cream and chives. One of my family’s favourite comfort foods.

  401. Another one that would be good is sweet chilli flavour

  402. How about sea salt and pepper , that is a good mix .

  403. How about onion and garlic lays has never made them and they are a great flavour!! Or even poutine flavour chips those are great tastes!! I know I’d buy tons!!

  404. How about taco, cheddar with a kick of jalapeño? Mmm sounds great to me!

  405. sweet and sour chicken

  406. Nicole Hoffmann says:

    Bring back Roast chicken 😀 Also EXTREME Salt&Vinegar Please!!…..

  407. Daylon Hunking says:

    Chocolate and peanut butter chip

  408. I think they should make a sweet and sour chip flavor.

  409. robert thompson says:

    I say Montreal steak spice

  410. Paprika flavour would be a great idea, not to spicy just mild…. They’re awesome:)

  411. Mchele Green says

    Suggestion for a new flavour is zesty taco , salt n vinegar

    I enjoy eating them both together

  412. declan cormack says:

    hot pepper or bacon or steak and belive me steak chips will make you more money then 50,000.

  413. I think you shold have taco flaver

  414. I think you should have spgeti flaver

  415. my suggestion is for salt and viniger which is the best chips on earth and what i thing you put was salt and viniger,onions and tomatoes

  416. Nicole Turenne says:

    Poutine flavour would make a great tasting canadian chip

  417. Ketchup and salt & vinegar mixed together !

  418. Ketchup and salt & vinaigar

  419. beef jerky,deer jerkey, chocolate, baked potato onion and bacon soup, mashed potatos and gravy, guamolea, spinach dip.

  420. Asiago cheese and bacon

  421. Carla Smith says:

    Here is the best flavors Avocado and balsamic vinegar or avocado and tabasco sauce. Mmmmm so good together.

  422. John Louchuk says:

    Who does not the taste of Kolbassa. You would get more Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian consumer. Okay other too!

  423. John Louchuk says:

    There is nothing like candy floss, even add seas salt for a sweet/salt flavour

  424. Brent M. Jowitt says:

    Baked potato, with Butter n Parmasian!

  425. FL march, 17, 2013 . I think layes potatoe chips should have a ” Ginger-Chicken with a touch of Lemon ” flavor accommodating all Canadians!

  426. Carrollynne Becker says:

    East Indian \c\urry

  427. John Louchuk says:

    Hickory and Bacon

  428. Brad rogers says:

    salsa and sour cream

  429. buttery lobster
    sweet and sea salty carmel
    bacon wrapped scallops
    beer flavored

  430. lenene harper says:

    My suggestion is peanut butter flavour

  431. a good flavour would be a taco flavour yummy!

  432. How about honey garlic?

  433. Ok folks. Franks red hot sauce. Garlic. Parmesan cheese. With or without butter

  434. suggestion : Bacon,hot wings,sussages

  435. Jenn Johnson says:

    Dill pickle and cream cheese based onion chip dip. Maybe call it Creamy Onion & Dill. We ran out of plain chips one night but had dill pickle. I dipped them in the onion dip and it was surprisingly really good!

  436. Poutine

  437. Leslie David Feero says:

    I love Garlic and Parmesan Cheese flavor on my wings and on Lays Chips it would be the BEST !!!!

  438. Larry Francis says:

    My suggestion for a new Lays flavour is: Cinnamon and Honey. This combination is as great as all of the other flavours created by Lays potatoe chips!:)

  439. Bacon,who doesnt like bacon!

  440. Pizza

  441. Connie Coderre says:

    I was thinking of Lays classic regular potato chip except made with sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. I would love them.

  442. Connie Coderre says:

    My suggestion for a flavour is Canadian pizza ( bacon pepperoni and mushroom)

  443. Shawn Taylor says:

    Three Cheese Spinach and Artichoke!
    or Ghost Peppers.

  444. Johanne MacAndrew says:

    My suggestions are as follows:
    Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
    Tomato Soup and Bacon & Cheese Squares
    The Keg twice baked potato (Sour Cream, Cheese, Chives and Bacon)
    Peanut butter and cheese
    Macaroni & Cheese
    Beef Stroganauff
    Italian Lasagna
    Chili Cheese
    Thank you.
    Johanne MacAndrew (Orleans Ottawa, Ontario)

  445. hot and spicy ketchups

  446. Jazmine Eugelmi says:

    I think a spicy chilli flavour would be great! Maybe chipotle chilli! I think this would be great because what Canadian wouldn’t want a bowl if chilli! In the form of chips of course 🙂

  447. stacey Ziegler says:

    I think since lays is a Canadian company I think it should be a Canadian flavor which is poutine thang Stacey ziegler

  448. sarah isaac says:

    ribs and BQQ sauce 🙂

  449. lacey christensen says:

    Inspired by my two favorite things. Pizza and buffalo chicken wings

  450. lacey christensen says:

    Buffalo chicken pizza

  451. flavor suggested .. Cheese, Spinach with Lemon tinge

  452. my suggestion is lemon,cumin powder and pepper.its sounds yummy.

  453. my suggestion is lemon,pepper and cumin powder.

  454. refried beans and cheddar what a treet !! Ed Mateo 6 Carlan Dr Port Perry

  455. i would love to taste the new flavour with cumin powder,pepper and mouth waters thinking about it.

  456. Jacy Cavanagh says:

    I think pulled pork flavour would be delightful. Or also franks red hot

  457. Smoked glazed salmon

  458. Sandra Olver says:

    my flavour suggestion is lemon dill

  459. Mary lepine says:

    My flavour would be tariyaki beef jerky

  460. Maple glazed ham topped with Canadian maple syrup !

  461. I say Salsa & sour cream.

  462. My suggestion would be: Montreal Steak Spice.

    I sprinkle this spice on pumpkin seeds during the Halloween season and they are amazing

  463. Joanne Kinzel says:

    Salted Maple Syrup – inspired by all the new cupcake flavours out there.
    Sweet Potato and Fresh Dill – inspired by a soup I had at a bakery.

  464. Loaded potato skin flavour would be good also green onion , bacon , peppers and marble cheese

  465. I think that a stuffed mushroom cap flavour would be some sweet .

  466. My suggestion for new flavou:
    Spinach, green onions and sour cream.
    It may sound streng but is the perfect kombination

  467. Rachelle Leclerc says:

    are family sugest that the flavour should be franks red hot tomato dill(a ceasered flavoured lays chip) or jalopeno cheeder flavour!

  468. Michael Wiebe says:

    I would love “Honey Garlic”.

    One of my favourite flavour combos

  469. Tacos

  470. Henri Persaud says:

    Lime peppa Garlic chips and Lime Peppa with scotch bonnet peppers. Enspired by my father who started the trend 50 years ago in south america. peppers are becoming a superfood along with whole limes and Himalayan sea salt. I already tried them with chips and they are amazing.

  471. Henri Persaud says:

    My awesome flavour profile would be Lime Peppa!! Whole limes with Scotch bonnet peppers, the best most flavorful peppers in the world with sea salt. I have grown up with my father making us various foods with this combination. I work as a fireman now and for 16 years the firefighters have been devouring any foods with this flavor. I do lime peppa french fries…so this is an easy fit.

  472. Carly McDermott says:

    Waffles, syrup && whipped cream !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My inspiration is my everyday munchies that I’d really looooove on the go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dx

  473. Just another thought. Sour Cream N’ Sweet Chilis. I love sour cream and onion flavour as do many others. Sweet chili flavouring could add a whole new zesty taste experience to the old standard.

  474. Sweet Chili and Chicken with mild Thai seasonings. Had this combination for dinner recently …mmmm.

  475. jim kereluk says:

    cinnamon flavor its not only a good flavor but its also good for your imune system that is cinnamon flavor

  476. Our family’s suggestion…:

    – Lemon pepper & dill—–lemon pepper spice added to your dill pickle flavour
    – Chipotle southwest with a robust smoke flavour
    – oriental style beef jurckey

  477. Cheryl Lynn Wheaton says:

    My flavor suggestion.Lemon and garlic its a little on the health side.

  478. Steve Winstone says:

    you should make perogie flavors

  479. mushroom soup

  480. peanut butter and jam

  481. Cheese and Crackers

  482. Hummus n green onion.

    jalapeno havarti cheese

  483. Rob Pantano says:

    my idea is bacon wrapped scallop flavor. People already LOVE bacon wrapped scallops why not have the same flavor in a bag of yummy lays chips! Also maybe a roasted/smoked rib flavor would be a big ticket buyer!

  484. Jason Russell says:

    A few new flavours I think could be a good idea is poutine ,and or Nachos flavours chips

  485. I suggested, Sauerkraut & Knackwurst (Sausage) with a hint of Bacon.

  486. Jodi Bailey says:

    Lays rocks for allowing their fans to enter the challenge!

  487. krista-lynn love says:

    my suggestion for the new flavour is: poppy_ingredients ,sprit, pepsi and rootbeer.


  489. gloria Fee says:

    asaigo & pineapple

  490. judy getson says:

    Chicken alfredo. I think that would be yummy!!

  491. Nicole Cleaveley (@NicoleCleaveley) says:

    white balsamic, honey and black pepper
    my inspiration came from my own homemade dressings!

  492. Kimchi chips! That would be seriously awesome. Ginger, hot pepper flakes, korean radish. 😀

  493. Helen Wilton says:

    My suggestion for a new flavor is a layer of milk chocolate over my favorite regular lays chips hmmmm never tasted anything sooo good I was eating a milk chocolate bar with Lays regular chips when they mixed together it was amazing we could name the flavor Choc N, Chips My inspiration was a pick me up on a stormy night watching TV and it was an amazing treat two favorite treats lays and chocolate who could ask for more Thank You

  494. taco flavour with sour cream cheese and green onion. so when you bite into it its like eating a taco supreme

  495. Danny Trottier says:

    Suggestion pour la nouvelle saveur – Choco Lays Les ingrédients :
    Café Instantané,
    Ferrero Rocher ,

  496. Cotton candy, Ice cream, popcorn, Cookies, cupcakes

    Inspiration – sweet and salty

  497. Fajita – roasted chicken, grilled peppers and onions, italian dressing

  498. Christian Salerno says:

    my suggestions are:
    Roasted Red Pepper and mixed grilled vegetables

  499. Penut-butter jelly flavor

  500. Melanie Savoie says:

    Tout simplement au CHOCOLAT !!!! Mmmmm

  501. I think that it should be one of the following:
    ~nacho cheese

  502. Priscilla Fluney says:

    Sour Cream & Chili. My inspiration was my dad, The Red Neck Chili Cook!

  503. Mary Hamilton says:

    I love peanut butter and fresh tomato with a little sea salt.
    Horseradish and fresh raspberry jam on Lays plain rippled chips…..Amazing!!!

  504. I say bacon and eggs

  505. Paul Dickson says:

    Try Peanut butter and hot sauce. Kraft and Franks

  506. Monica Fitzmaurice says:

    Artichoke and asiago cheese. One of my favorite dips!

  507. Jane Chmilar says:

    My suggestion is bleu cheese and bacon…you just can’t beat either flavor! Bacon is a life staple and Bleu cheese…it just speaks for itself!

  508. meatloaf flavor with a touch of bbq sauce and ketchup

  509. Super bacon tastes like bacon and skittiles

  510. Salt and mustard

  511. Chalet chicken

  512. Onion dip and ketchup!

  513. Yet, another flavour for your consideration. ROADHOUSE BURGER … big beefy burger flavour with all the fixin’s.

  514. Just had another thought … fire roasted red pepper, garlic and asiago chesse. May have mentioned Cajun before … still works for me.

  515. Another flavour consideration … STEAKHOUSE. A choice sirloin flavour married with a hint of mesquite and steak seasoning mmmm. Can you tell what I just had for dinner.

  516. Terry Landsberg says:

    My suggestion for a new for a new flavour would be cheese, onion and bacon.

  517. I think garlic & onion would be a great flavour.

  518. Donna Davis says:

    Garlic Olives, MMMMMMMM

  519. Paige Madill- Shmyr says:

    Suggestion for a new flavor: gram cracker and honey flavor.

    My inspiration is my BFF because she helped me so if we win, we will split the money between our families.
    Thank you!

    made with gram crackers and honey!!! 😀

  520. Cammilia Henry says:

    ham, frie cheken pretzel mango pineapple apple pie

  521. morgan bond says:

    CURRY..this great flavour is used around the world by millions..have to try it and see why it is so popular

  522. Veronica Azevedo says:

    omg sweat red chilli with cream cheese or fetta. i love crackers with red chilli marmalade with cream cheese or fetta and sometimes both its to die for

  523. Janice Ackeret says:

    Peanut butter & Nutella

  524. Wendy Dreher says:

    My suggestion is poutine: fries, gravy and cheese or steak and cheese from my husband
    Wendy & mark

  525. Janice Ackeret says:

    Peanut butter & jam

  526. Veronica Azevedo says:

    porkchop and applesauce, fish and chips, pultpork/chicken or steak sliders, grilledchesse, nacho flav , or sweat potato with caijan mayo. yum yum yum yum

  527. lindsay parrinton says:

    I made my character i didnt know where to leave the ingredence so all leave it here cream cheese rosted red pepper and jalopeno my name is lindsay parrinton 705 717 0874

  528. Ron Bowron says:

    Sea salt and Lime

  529. Darryl Turner says:

    A nice combination which is both Mild and Sharp is Ranch and Blue Cheese

  530. Edith Bevington says:

    mustard and sweet red onion

  531. Victoria Henderson says:

    I do not use Facebook. How do I enter the contest “Do us a Flavour”?

  532. Delroy Carnegie says:

    Chilli Lime Chicken. The chips that taste like a wing.

  533. Chilli Lime Chicken . Wicked flavour.

  534. Roast beef and chedder-uniquess for my suggestions are frm my fav

  535. haitham mawla says:

    i think garlic and parmesan cheese would make a good flavore

  536. Red. Bell peppers and chedder:)

  537. Samar Jasmin says:

    Sweet & Sour… Inspired by the Chinese cuisine famous sweet & sour sauce.

  538. Denise creed says:

    I would like to suggest smoked salmon

  539. Joe Waterman says:

    Beef Jerky.
    Cracked pepper jerky.

  540. Ketchudill ketchup and dill pickle mixed

  541. Brianna Murray says:

    I think the new chips souls be olive flavour

  542. Mandy Carroll says:

    I want to enter

  543. Tomato avocado and basil


    Roast beef


  544. claudette levesque says:

    suggestion for the better flavour:lay s flavour of pepsi it so refresh!!

  545. Pops tarts

  546. John Kroezen says:

    Just because some people have allerys doesnt give you a right to deny me my peanut brittle chips. make me some and get over political correctness. I think anyone with an allergy to peanuts would stay away from a product with peanut in the title, so there is no fear of lawsuits. Give me my peanut brittle chips! Who is with me on this?

  547. says:

    I have four suggestions,

    1) I think it would be neat to have a chilli,cheese & dog chip.

    2) Cooking has inspired me to think of a spicy maple curry chip ( a combination of zest, savoury & sweet in one taste).

    3) a bacon, pineapple and cheese (Hawian)

    4) a coffee chip – biscotti, coffee & caramel chip

  548. My kids say chocolate caramel or if somehow if yous could make chips like gummies for people with sensitive teeth. My other thoughts are salisbury steak….beef gravey and pineapple n brown sugar.

  549. Shelly Murphy says:

    I think that Cheddar and vinegar would be good. Should be called Chedegar..

  550. winnie parrell says:

    I think the best flavor would be baked turkey- dressing with cranberry sauce and call it turkey dinner.

    My inspiration home waiting for my mother to cook a hot turkey dinner yummy.

  551. Chicken n bacon….aka tornadoes

  552. Just thought of three more…..steak n onions……pork chops n onions or chicken and bacon

  553. Lasagna flavour with lots of real bacon cheese and hamburgh taste to it.

  554. naomy boutin says:

    à la moutarde

    au piment fort

    à l’ail

    au citron et a l’aneth

  555. Beverly Harrison says:

    My husband’s suggestions are: Curry Ketchup, Canadian BLT, Canadian Bacon and tomato,Garam Masala chicken

  556. Ronald Disher says:

    My mother always said that a healthy, hearty meal starts with meat and potatoes, plus I have always enjoyed your smokey bacon flavour.

  557. my suggestion bacon and egg two favorite breakfast foods. ingredients bacon,eggs simple.

  558. Shayleece Ruiz says:

    Bacon & cheese

  559. Canadian Maple

  560. Colleen Chisholm says:

    suggestion for new flavor, sour cream and salsa says Colleen Chisholm

  561. Lorne Cowan says:

    I think a real Maple syrup Called Classic Maple

  562. Joe D Souza says:

    Corriander & Mayonnaise

  563. Joe D Souza says:

    JoeD Souaz
    My suggestion is
    Cumin& Sour cream

  564. Martine Brosseau says:

    j adort ses chips mes jaimerait bien des chips lays miel et noix soupoudrer de sel et d amande good au gout sa ses sur un petit gout saler sucrer un peux mium mium

  565. Darryl Turner says:

    A flavor of China Ginger Soy and Garlic,

  566. Darryl Turner says:

    Asian Flavor Teryaki and Onion with a hint of Wasabi for kick.

  567. Cecil DSilva says:

    My suggestion for the new flavour is :
    Jalapeno – Greek Yougurt – the unique taste of greek yougurt with a slight kick of jalapeno .

  568. Dominic Crispino says:

    Smoke meat et bacon

  569. My flavor would be Montreal steak spices but I have others too like baked shrimp, a hamburger with the works, stuffed potato, BBQ chicken, Montana’s ribs, mexican taco,and sausy t-bone steak thx need the money to help people in need and my faimily.

  570. My flavor would be Montreal steak spices but I have others too like baked shrimp, a hamburger with the works, stuffed potato, BBQ chicken, Montana’s ribs, mexican taco, or saucy t-bone steak

  571. BBQ Chicken !!

  572. Sweet potato and dill dip flavour

  573. Mohammed dit:
    ketchup,vinaigre et sel

  574. bonjour je m appel Mohammed et je voudrais vous dire quelle saveur je voudrais invente cette saveur est:fromage,sel,poivre,citron vert et vinaigre

  575. Ernest Karlson says:

    Rum and Butter Kettle potato chip would be great.

  576. Ernest Karlson says:

    Rum and Butter Kettle Flavor chip would be great.

  577. ok to experience Canadian flavour….poutine!!

  578. Michele Votour says:

    Garlic,herb and spice would be a great flavor

  579. Leah Carlson says:

    My choice for flavours are
    Maple peppered bacon
    Jerk chicken
    Sweet & sour chicken

  580. Maria Topalis says:

    My suggestions for a new flavour are:

    1. Lemon, Oregano *Greek Style* Roasted Potatoes
    2. Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce
    3. Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce

    They’re all ….mmmm yummy!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  581. Robert DeBray says:

    Dill pickle and cheddar

  582. hotdog, cooked mushrooms, stir frie, BBQ fish with lots of spices

  583. hamberger with the works

  584. i think my flavor would be BBQ chicken, ribbs sause, stuffed patato or my personal favorite Montreal steak spices 😀

  585. Mary Lou Goddard says:

    Honey mustard

  586. Sheila Hanna says:

    My suggestion is
    1. sour cream and salsa
    2. Poutine

  587. christine mccardell says:

    Don’t use facebook, my flavour would be spinach dip or gyro

  588. Maria Topalis says:

    My original flavor already mentioned by others is Beef Jerky because the preservation or shelf life can have a longer ‘out of code’ expiry date.

    My suggestions for a new flavor not mentioned are:
    1. Lemon, Oregano *Greek Style* Roasted Potatoes
    2. Souvlaki Tzatziki
    3. Swiss Chalet

    They’re all ….mmmm yummy!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  589. Maria Topalis says:

    Great flavor suggestions, but unfortunately some of the choices were my picks as well. It’s getting more difficult to come up with something original. My original choice was beef jerky. I was surprised a few already picked this one.

    My new suggestions are:
    1. Lemon, Oregano *Greek Style* Roasted Potatoes
    2. Souvlaki Tzatziki
    3. Swiss Chalet

    They’re all ….mmmm yummy!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  590. or sour cream and dill pickle,barbecue and ketchup

  591. my ideal is barbecue and sour cream

  592. i have an ideal for a flavour

  593. Shauna Dubiel says:

    Salsa, Sour Cream and Cheddar

  594. Lesley Niklas says:

    ~KFC (kentucky fried chicken) It’s finger licking good
    p.s. I found the recipe on yahoo – “all recipes” if you need it.

  595. Geraldine Ense-McGregor says:

    My suggestion for a new potato chip flavour is Ceasar. Three ingredients are bacon, parmesan and garlic and my inspiration is this new chip flavour can give us the illusion that we are eating a healthy salad and not feel guilty about it.

  596. Geraldine Ense-McGregor says:

    My suggestion for a new chip flavour is Bacon Ceasar, it can give us the illusion that we are eating something healthy and not feel guilty about it.
    Three ingredients are bacon, parmesan and garlic.

  597. james lowe says:

    chili dog

  598. Terry Abraham says:

    I think a great tasting flavor would be ” GREEN OLIVES STUFFED WITH GARLIC”

  599. my suggestion, lays plain chips dipped in sweet thai chili sauce

  600. Ruth Comeau says:

    I’ve recently gotten into making my own healthier sausages, so how about a honey-garlic sausage flavored chip…including the sage thyme, nutmeg, marjoram seasonings..and lots of garlic of course!YUM! Ruth Comeau

  601. Treena ricks says:

    Cheese pickle and sausage

  602. Pickled Cowboy – Dill Pickle and Cool Ranch mixed
    Cajun and Fried Onion
    Breaded Jalapeno Popper…
    Mmm yummy, I would buy any of the above, they sound delicious…

    Thank you for your consideration, hopefully we will be chatting soon!

  603. Darryl Turner says:

    A slightly different Cheese flavor Gouda. You would use White Cheddar powder with a
    hint of Barbque spice.

  604. suzie carswell says:

    Honey mustard and garlic

  605. suzie carswell says:

    What is the most popular pizza in the world??
    “Pepperoni pizza” of course!!!

  606. ingrid lenz says:

    ingrid lenz My new flavor idea is: Steak and Potato or Sausage and Cheese(like a mild Hot-dog flavor) why not sounds good too me as long as the taste would not be too over-powering. Aiming to see my family out in Ontario again after too many years of no see and giving all my four dogs a great groom spa day.

  607. Greek oregano and olive oil.

  608. Ian Arnett says:

    Brushetta and goat cheese

  609. How about chicken and tzatziki, chicken souvlaki flavour.

  610. Horseradish chips or
    Beef and horseradish chips… that is my suggestion, Thanks.

  611. fish and chips or somehow deep fried dill pickles both are a pub and resturant favourite

  612. Kimberley says:

    Hello- the best tasting New Chip would be Peamale bacon & honey mustard!!

  613. Im voting on Peamale Bacon & honey mustard!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!

  614. Garlic mashed potato chips

  615. Debra Fredericks says:

    For some reason, I can’t get into the contest site. My suggestion is Tomato Spice – olive oil, tomatoes, and orgeneo. The whole-some healthy flavour of tomatoes is perfect when paired with lays chips. Deb

  616. Brent Smith says:

    Chocolate Decadent Lay’s Chips
    Put lines or stripes of chocolate, that melt in your mouth and not your hands on; salt and vinigar, plain, barbeque or any flavor of Lay’s Chips there are.

  617. yvan parent says:

    ail roti

  618. violet peattie says:

    I would like to suggest
    cheese and onion
    burnt or very well done chips

  619. Luke Doelle says:

    Piri Piri Chicken!!

  620. Monika Lipski says:

    Grilled Chesse Sandwhich (Canadian Cheddar) and Ketchup!!

  621. Luke Doelle says:

    Flavour – Chipotle Pulled Pork

  622. Monika Lipski says:

    New Canadian Flavor: Poutine and Canadian Bacon Flavor

  623. Roger Thomas says:

    How about Donair Meat flavor Run through Donair sauce.My recipt


  625. Coconut wasbi dusted, yummy fun with a limitless kick
    Think about it, or spicy BBQ siracha

  626. Darryl Turner says:

    Gouda Flavor white Cheddar Powder and a hint of smokey Barbque spice

  627. scott whittle says:

    (yum-Yum) pickles with swiss cheese

  628. Paulette Robitaille says:

    Maple with Pork and Beans

  629. Perogies and bacon

  630. Rajinder singh says:

    my suggestion is -santa fe ranch….ingredients ……mild salsa,dash of tabbasco and regular ranch
    inspiration …universal pizza bread dip

  631. Toast, Cheese, Mushroom.

  632. pulled pork ,cookie,steak,chocolate,popcorn,seaweed,sushi or oatmeal

  633. Corrin j larson says:

    I don’t have a Facebook account but we love to put my idea out for the new flavour….where can I add it? It’s a sure win for 50,000 dollars

  634. Pepper steak chips

  635. Falafel!!!

  636. Blood orange

  637. Baked potato with butter

  638. Lime and cilantro

  639. Shelly Patterson says:

    chili cheese or onion and bacon

  640. Garam masala!!!

  641. Nicole S
    I also don’t have a Facebook account but would like to submit a flavour. It would be Spinach dip flavour.

  642. paulette sawler says:

    Suggestion for new flavor home smoked ham with a hint of clover. I love smoked ham

  643. Franco Andreola says:

    Pietro Andreola: macaroni and cheese flavour because kids love it !

  644. there nothing better then a carmel chocolate bar with lays best been eating for years should have it right in the bag

  645. there

  646. Margaret Wanner says:

    I like peanut butter and mayo on toasted sandwich,I think peanut butter and mayo
    would marry very well with chips

  647. How about Poutine flavor…gravy potatoe and cheese…mmm

  648. Sonia Kuziw says:

    smores chips

  649. Sonia Kuziw says:

    Caramel popcorn chips

  650. Madison Kuziw says:

    K.F.C chicken

  651. Blanch Bonnie Christie says:

    Bonnie Christie says.
    Herb and spice

  652. bubble gum wit no milk and no wheat beacuse i have alergic

  653. Christmas Henderson says:

    Christmas Henderson
    Suggestion for new flavour
    Bacon and Cheese
    Gotta love a good bacon and cheese sandwich

  654. Sun dried veggies with sour cream and or cheese…..

  655. Gourmet Potato Chip Series: 4 cheese
    (Parmesan, Romano, Gorgonzola, ricotta)

  656. Jaye Turner says:

    Chocolate Chili Chips 😀

  657. Thai Peanut with green onions and/or sweet chili sauce.

  658. Chocolate Chips
    Caramel Pecan Chips
    Marble Halvah Chips
    Mac and Cheese Chips
    Butter Salt Chips

  659. hung khuu says:

    i also highly reccomanded soya,lime, and wasabi

  660. hung khuu says:

    why not try balsamic vinegar and black pepper,a hint of salt

  661. Denise Markham My suggestion for a new flavor chip would be: Potato,Broccoli and cheddar cheese chips 🙂

  662. Patricia Lynch-Staunton says:

    The quintessential Canadian flavor is maple bacon; the kind you find in potato pie on Prince Edward Island. Ergo, maple bacon flavoured potato chips. The combination of these flavours in the pie is to die for – a real comfort food taste. Careful though, it is unsurpassed if you have a cup of Tim Horton’s on the side. LOL

  663. Kevin Van Sluytman says:

    Suggestion for new flavour chip- Cilantro, Taco seasoning & Pulled Pork seasoning

    This would make a good Taco “Potato”chip. Then I can give Taco flavoured kisses to everyone! 🙂

  664. Maria Papadakis says:

    I think Guacamole is the way to go!!!!!!!! With the perfect mix of lime and spice!!!

  665. Mary Davis says:

    My suggestion is fish and chippies

  666. goat cheese and cucumber

  667. Judy Brodie says:

    My delectable idea is ‘blue cheese’ as the new flavour!

  668. says:

    Perhaps a Sweet and Sour Ribs flavour would be popular.

  669. I would like to see a Honey Garlic Chicken flavour.

  670. Lisa fecteau says:

    The best flavor that nobody created yet is sun dry tomato and feta. That would be amazing!

  671. Lisa fecteau says:

    The best flavor that nobody created yet is sun dry tomato and feta. Vinegar and tomato it would be amazing.

  672. suzie carswell says:

    Sea Salt and Black Pepper

  673. Carol McCabe says:

    sea salt and malt vinegar

    cream cheese and garlic

  674. cAROL mCcABE says:

    The Real Montreal Smoked Meat…you may have to pay royalties cause it is the best…

  675. val elliott says:


  676. val elliott says:

    how about onion/garlic chips

  677. Isabel Daley says:

    My suggestion is : A hint of Maple – ingredients include salt, a hint of maple syrup using olive oil. Just enough maple syrup to give flavour without being overpowering. My inspiration is to pay off our home and hope to be able to renovate!

  678. hey salut la gang ben une super idée c un bon sous-marin steak fromage sa serait vrm tripant si jamais je gagne jvas tellement en mangé tk faites le moi savoir tchow la.

  679. mya plante says:

    mya,salut ben pour moi la meilleure saveur sa serait au paté chinois parce que je tripe vraiment sur le paté chinois alors sa serait vrm le best des saveurs alors faites moi signe ahah:)

  680. rich toffee/ caramel( Not caramel popcorn////CrackerJack stuff), & coarse sea salt on regular Lays chips. mmmmmmmmmmmm

  681. George Aboussafy says:

    my best suggestion is humus. need a little extra garlic

  682. Elaine Brodhagen says:

    I would love to have honey mustard with garlic and herbs.

  683. Deneze Lujanen says:

    Sweet Onion and Garlic, Sweet chili n Cheese,Baked Chicken and Gravy,sweet Banana peppers

  684. Elaine Brodhagen says:

    I would love to have honey mustard with a touch of onion and garlic.

  685. Gordon Welsh says:

    Where do you enter?

    Rosy Red Parmesan: Roasted Red Pepper and Parmesan Cheese

  686. Michael Chivers says:

    Poutine chips.

  687. Brady-Lynn Lecours says:

    Taco flavoured
    Salsa cheese jalapeño

  688. Marie Gell says:

    Snappy lemon chicken would be my choice after all Lays does deserve the best.

  689. suggestion for new flavour
    why the heck is it so hard to enter the competition , and i have the feeling im going to get more junk mail from other sites while trying to do so……..

  690. arnie sr thompson says:

    arnie sr thompson
    march 2 2013 at 3 30pm
    full load it butter potato

  691. normand Vaillancourt says:

    popcorn flavor would be nice

  692. I was thinking that the new flavour for lays chips should be….
    1. Bacon
    2. Bubble gum
    3. Mint
    4. Gram cracker. 🙂

  693. I think the lays chip flavour should be 1.buffalo with salt and pepper.
    2.bbq chicken
    4.bubble gum. 🙂

  694. I was thinking of a mint chip or a bacon chip! 🙂

  695. Julia Rhyno says:

    Fried Pork Chop Flavour, think it would be a great taste

  696. Ghislaine Côté says:

    Salsa au deux fromages:



  697. Ronique John says:

    white Cheddar and chipotle

  698. georgette nunnamaker says:

    POUTINE Flavour!!! simple but yet a true canadian treat loved all over Canada! Its simple.. french fry, gravy and cheese curds!!


  699. Sam Barker says:

    Bacon and corn chowder. Can’t go wrong with these combinations.

  700. Tammy Leitch says:


  701. Kathryn Andrews says:

    I would love sea salt and fresh lemon flavour.

  702. Michael Churchill says:

    Having a little trouble getting on the site.
    Okay here it is ! The Laystastic flavour that will blow your mind.I like anything with rainbows. The name would be “Rainbow Dreams”. Flavours of strawberry,orange,blueberry combined with the regular Golden Lays chips. A mixture of rainbow surprises that will make you drool. I love rainbows ! ty

  703. Renata Loyer says:

    My suggestion is: sweet potato fries with, chipotle sauce!!!!!!!!! My inspiration came from my love of sweet potato fries, Yum!!!!

  704. Wendy Baldwin says:

    Our entire family eats Lays Potatoe Chips. Our suggestion for new flavours are:
    Cotton Candy
    Lemon Ginger Thai
    Gluten Free Vegetarian
    Egg Roll
    Candy Cane

  705. Caitlynn Nelson says:

    My suggestion is: Bacon flavoured pizza with a dash of your dill pickle flavour!

  706. Cracked pepper and olive oil!

  707. Rhenda Moore says:

    Pineapple & Halabeno

  708. Dianne Renversez says:

    Hi Another flavour that might be interesting is cucumber and ranch. Also, when I made earlier suggestions I think I made a mistake in my e-mail address….i.e. it should end with – not I hope this dosen`t affect my chances of winning. I have submitted several suggestions prior to this one. Although I`m more of less computer illiterate I think I have some good choices for a new chip flavour and I`m certainly a fan of your chiips. Thank you for your consideration.

  709. POutine chips

  710. Melanie Howe says:

    Chocolate and sea salt! yummy!!

  711. Stefy Macri says:

    Red Pepper and Goat cheese, mmmmmm

  712. Allan Chehowski says:

    Hello this is Allan Chehowski
    I would like to add my favor to the contest and the favor is maple orange garlic chips. I have made them at home
    and they have turned out great. I am coming to the contest on Sat see you there bye peoples

  713. stepane plante says:

    Stephane, moi je tripe vraiment sur les tacos, donc pour moi ca serai la meilleur saveur !!!

  714. Marilyn Blanchard says:

    Marilyn Blanchard

    Creamcheese and crabmeat

  715. D. Richardson says:

    Don’t need a facebook account – So yeah – Aseiago sweet and salty – beats white cheddar I betchaaaH !!

  716. nathanielle pilon says:

    nathanielle , for me the best taste could be meat bulles and gravy !!!!

  717. Bacon Cheddar

  718. Lana Tysoski says:


  719. Gail McCarthy says:

    Sea salt and milk chocolate. I’m having problems submitting my response so I hope you get this message as my entry.

  720. I do not like any of the flavours that are listed, I think they are disgusting flavours that is why I am never going to try the flavours

  721. JOHN WOODWARD says:


  722. my suggestion is Bacon omelette just poped in my mind.

  723. take a taste of new flavor chip like poutine sauce and cheese and mix them up with sausage,bacon,and little bit of spice

  724. my like of flavor in lays chip are terriyaki chicken or terriyaki beef. I

  725. Here’s my suggestion: Turkey and cranberry.

  726. Ann Hudson says:

    1st Atlantic Smoked Salmon&Cream Cheese
    2nd Canadian Maple&Cream Cheese Because I’m proud to be a Canadian who lives in Atlantic Canada

  727. Ann Hudson says:

    Canadian Maple&cream cheese
    Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon&Sour Cream
    Just because I’m proud to be a Canadian who lives in Nova Scotia

  728. carole fournier says:

    brie ,pommes et oignons caramellisé

  729. It’s my favourite herb to cook with…… flavour is: cilantro/lime/serrano

  730. Martin Joey says:

    Romarin et oignon

  731. Martin Joey says:

    Joey Martin
    Suggestion pour la nouvelle saveur.Tomates et basilic.

  732. Martin Joey says:

    Caramel et sel, Je suis etudiant aussi,et ma conjointe etudie en transformation des aliments.

  733. I contacted Lays to complain about the restricted nature of contest entry. They didn’t care! So the whole demographic of people that don’t use facebook are excluded. I’m guessing that a large portion of Lays customers, I.e. couch potatoes amung others fall in that demographic.
    Personally I’m boycotting all Pepsico products now including KFC and Taco Bell.

  734. Yam chips with olive oil and salt

  735. Smoked salmon, chives and capers – a great snack but now portable in a Lay’s bag!

  736. dustin penner says:

    Mango habenaro

  737. poulet oriental

  738. steve cote says:

    1. garlic butter lobster
    2. buttery popcorn

    steve cote

  739. Bocconcini, Tomato and oregano
    Inspired by a tast of Tuscany.

  740. Carolyn Cacciacarro says:

    Curry, cayenne pepper and lime … oh what a combination for chips! These chips will invoke memories of a Thai chickpea salad we enjoy. The $50,000 would come in handy for a kitchen reno to bring our kitchen from the 40’s into the 2000’s, not to mention make room for our expanding family of eight!

  741. Barbara Bull says:

    Barbara Bull say:
    February 27
    Suggestion for flavour

  742. Brenda McMasters says:

    Suggestion for new flavour
    Mediteranean styles:

    * Lemon Chicken with
    Virgin Olive Oil & sea salt

    or * Pineapple Chicken with
    Virgin Olive Oil & sea salt
    You should pick my flavour
    because its another
    ” Must Taste”

  743. Krista Gillis says:

    Pad Thai
    French Onion Soup

  744. Mandy Bachur says:

    Suggestion for a new flavor,Everyones favorite, Apple, Cinnamon& nutmeg,with a hint of cream cheese.

  745. Chicken, red onion, and tomato
    Chichen, red onion, green olive
    Pepperoni, red onion, tomato
    roasted chicken, red onion.

  746. Brenda McMasters says:

    My Healthy Choice is…
    The Mediteranean Lay
    Ingredience include-
    Vergin Olive Oil, chicken &vegies with a touch of sea salt.

    anouther Breakfast Lay could be:
    Feta & Spinach Omlette with sea salt

    and I also would like to taste, Olive oil and Montreal steak Spice

    “I Must Say” You should pick one of my flavours cuz……They are ” a must taste.”

  747. Brian doiron says:

    Mustard ketchup relish

  748. Brenda McMasters says:

    Eh, Martin, “I must say”
    I just wanted to tweek my,
    “Great Canadian Breakfast Eh’s Lay’s” flavour and add a couple more………….

    The Bacon Egger with cheese should also have cracked pepper on it.

    Also would like to see
    Canadian Maple Syrup & Sausage
    (sweet & Salty)

    And one More…..,
    Montreal Steak Spice.
    ( I put it on everything)

    Breakfast Eh’s Lays
    “A Must Taste”


  750. Brenda McMasters says:

    Hey, Another suggestion for the New Flavour
    I would call them The Great Canadian Breakfast
    Lay’s…or should I say “Eh’s? Ingredients
    include, Bacon & Egg with cheeze.

    Hangover Heaven

  751. Brenda McMasters says:

    My suggestion is
    Hemp & Honey – ingredients include Hemp seeds and Honey with Sea Salt. Its Short & Sweet like Martin

  752. Tonia Carter says:

    Kentucky fried chicken flavor AKA: KFC

  753. HI I would like the next flavor to be sweet relish love this on a hamburger with lays chips

  754. Trina-Dawn Bettis says:

    pumpkinpie mmmmmmmm

  755. Karen Steele says:

    Oooo….. I <3 many flavors and all comments sound worthy of a try!!! I have a few ideas As well—–here goes
    *** cheese and bacon
    *** deluxe pizza
    *** chipotle red pepper and\ or bacon
    *** spicy BBQ chicken wings
    *** mesquite quesadilla
    *** spicy dill

    I could not access the contest e-mail so I will post my ideas on this wall. Good luck to all contestants and happy judging !!!!!

    Karen 🙂

  756. John Wells says:

    Cold Smoke Salmon & Red Pepper Jelly with Cream Cheese mmmm great

  757. how about peperroni pizza

  758. OK this is a winner! YAKINIKU FLAVOUR , soy sauce base garllic pear juice etc
    Japanese taste

  759. Lobster chips!


  761. My idea has little to do with flavor
    because no matter what ever the taste
    of the chip, the best chip in the bag is
    ones that are a little browner (not burnt)
    but fried a little longer ,so no matter what your taste is the texture of the chip holds
    a better flavor ! And I have a great name
    for it !

  762. Blair Chalkman 204 509 4952 says:

    my suggestion is pineapple and curry

  763. Ann Mccullagh says:

    ann mccullagh say Lime and tabasco and mayo

  764. my suggestion..white chedder…meat lover’s……asian chips.

  765. Kathy Malkin says:

    Turkey with dressing – ingredients, turkey boullion, onion, sage

  766. momandmalia says:

    or evenhot dog and katchup

  767. momandmalia says:

    big mac flavor

  768. LyNise Jackson says:

    suggestions for a new flavor:
    -hickory smoked bacon-
    -cinnamon melts-
    -jalapeno cheddar-
    -super hot fie wings-
    -BBQ steak-
    -chocolate strawberries –
    -fried rice-
    -cheddar onions
    -sweat & spicy
    – Some thing tangy and spicy

    I realy need the money for my family, it world mean the world to me if I won this opportunity and it word mean a lot to my family to .
    Thank you very much for your consideration

  769. Rosa Galloro says:

    Rosa Galloro: Am I officially entered in the lays-ca-flavour contest?

  770. Margaret Mavrou says:

    I’m a purist and LOVE eating your plain old regular chip ( eating them now! ) They are the BEST! I do have a suggestion that I cannot seem to enter.

  771. Holly Turvey says:

    My suggestion is:
    bacon and peanutbutter

  772. union and parsley
    low salt regular
    sour cream and parsley
    cajun chicken
    greek yougert and cucumber
    3 chese such as cheeder, mozzarela,marble
    movie theater popcorn flavor
    hot chili flavor
    chicken noodle soup
    please conseter all of mine i hope to win

    aka: crazy idea coconut pinapple

  773. Aaron Nault says:

    Honestly think a Kimchi flavoured chip would be quite interesting. Not only does it have some spice, but it has a very distincitve flavour.

    The inspirtation for this is my favourite instant soup flavour. Best type there is.



  775. Luke Hincz says:

    Pistachio and black pepper

  776. bacon wrapped scallops

  777. Black Licorice and Salt

  778. wallace messervey says:

    i think that your company should have some sea tasting chips, like lopster, and shrimp and clams. everybody love all of these three tasty flavours.

  779. Tracy Zabizewski says:

    Green Onion & Garlic no sour cream

  780. Carcey Hincz says:

    Sea salt and pistachio

  781. Kathy Gaudet says:

    Jamician Jerk…..with a splash of rum

  782. Karen Coyle says:

    Karen – February 25, 2013

    Because I love ;”Red Hot ” tabasco sauce!!! And I love wings… What about Red Hot,flavoured chiken wings chips!
    We could get the Red Hot Chili Peppers to come up with a theme song to go along with the new flavour!
    My inspiration…My son Matthew! He came up with the idea because he loves Lays BBQ chips so much that his friends get it for him as birthday gifts. He came up with the idea because I love hot flavours, I love music and I love Lays. All 3 together makes it a magical experience for his mama!

  783. janet manning says:

    One suggestion: spicy shrimp and coconut
    Two suggestion: spicy avocado
    Three suggestion: tex mex

  784. Michel Charbonneau says:

    I apologize for having a huge list but I can’t contain my creative side:

    -Cheesy Pepperoni -Smoked Meat & Mustard -Maple Brown Sugar
    -Maple Syrup & Pancakes -Maple Bacon -Chicken Parmesan
    -Hickory Steak & Onions -Hickory Smoked Steak -Smoked Angus
    -Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms -Red Onion Steak -Cheddar Chives
    -Peppered Sundried Tomato -Monterey Jack Chicken -Pork & Onion
    -Steak & Cheese -Parmesan Mushroom -Sour Cream & Salsa
    -Smoked Italian Sausage -Bacon Parmesan -Red Onion Chicken
    -Balsamic & Tomato -Chicken & Herb -Chive & Onion
    -Cracked Pepper Avocado -Garlic Parmesan -Bacon Wrapped Onion
    -Hot Chili & Herbs -Peppercorn Steak -Creamy Peppercorn

    These are just a fraction of my ideas. I have plenty more. My inspiration comes from just being in the kitchen and not being afraid to mix things up and try new things. Thank you for this oppertunity Lays.

    Michel Charbonneau

    Ottawa, ON

    Feb 25th,2013

  785. Graham Nichols says:

    Donair putine would cover both regional (eastern Canada donair)

    And national as the classic poutine with a twist, that would appeal to all the

    easterners working out west.

  786. Nick French says:

    honey garlic

  787. ketchup with sour cream

  788. Shana Leigh says:

    My suggestion , sweet cinnamon
    Ingredients , brown sugar cinnamon , nutmeg

  789. I think Chili and cheese would be a great combination.

  790. Jeremiah Brown says:

    Lay’s blend chips
    Three Flavors and three chip designs (Rippled, crunchy and regular) in one bag

  791. My suggestions:
    1. Dilly-Up Flavour
    Ingredients: Ketchup, Dill Pickle with a hint
    of garlic.
    Inspiration: My boys are constantly eating Ketchup chips with Dill Pickle Dip. We feel this would be a great new flavour!

  792. Sidney A Therres says:

    Sidney T

    first flavour: brown sugar & apple
    second flavour: roasted garlic & lemon
    third flavour; cherry & rum
    fourth flavour; apple & strawberry
    fifth flavour; peaches & cream

  793. Shorty Wright says:

    1.New flavour: Sweet and sour lays
    Ingredients: lime juice and honey.

    2.New flavour: Sweet and spicy lays
    Ingredients: honey, cayenne pepper,and garlic powder.

    my inspiration: i love eating sweet and sour foods i think the combination would be great fr a new flavour chips.With savory and sweet you can’t go wrong.

  794. denise girard says:

    saucisse italienne piquante avec fromage mon inspiration avoir ma propre maison et vivre a la campagne saveur ratatouille saveur de roast beef saveur de sauce a spaghetti

  795. Beverly Wonago says:

    Hot and mild flavored chily.
    Pretzel flavore
    Benute Butter
    Hot dog flavore
    Spinich dip
    Honey Mustard
    Cream corn
    Spagety sause

  796. Shelley Tremere says:

    I love pepperetts so thats the flavour I want….

  797. Tia Makarewicz says:

    HEMP flavor!! Healthy and different

  798. Puld pork, jalapeño peppers, cheddar cheese natchose

  799. three cheses
    white ceddar
    and potatos
    i just like chses other people might want to try this flavor.

  800. Marthe Blanchet says:

    Green olives and cumin would be a tasty combination.

  801. Rosa Galloro says:

    I think a pesto potato chip would be nice.
    Olive oil ,garlic and basil. Simply called pesto
    Potato chip. Pesto and potatoes go nicely to-gether.

  802. Darrel Repkow says:

    I have some great flavour ideas…….BANANA PEPPER…….CINAMIN and HONEY….REDHOT CHILI DILLY…..BACON PINNAPLE….SEA SALT and BUTTER….LEMON PEPPER……MARSHMELLOW DELIGHT……POPCORN CHIPS…..ONION and STEAK SAUCE…..KEPCHUP and VINAGER…..LEMON OYSTER………GARLIC GRAVY….FETA CHEESE OLIVE………C mon ..these are great …Thankyou………………….Even if you like something without including the contest then let me know…We can always work something out……Darrel Repkow …23. 02 . 2013

  803. I don’t use facebook how do i enter the flavour contest?

  804. djion mustard, hot sauce .

  805. Smoked Salmon ,Capers Cream cheese

  806. Deli Style Old Fashion Smoked Meat

  807. Ceasar Salad

  808. Anita Clancy says:

    Anita Clancy says:
    February 23, 2013 at 6:51 pm
    suggestion for new flavour would be spiced mixed nuts flavour. If you actually buy spiced mixed nuts – they are very expensive and are so delicious and addictive!!

  809. petoncle rotie

  810. George Klak says:

    Perogie! Cheddar, bacon, sour cream, and onion. You already have the potato. Mmmm.

  811. Double Salt And Vinegar

  812. Joan Laxamana says:

    The flavour combo I suggest is maple smoke bacon & poutine! My inspiration is Canadian comfort foods rolled into one.

  813. I think maby grilled cheese because I love grilled cheese and chips

  814. Wayne Capper says:

    The Margarita,
    Salted lime Margarita

  815. Shane boyer says:

    Maple bacon and sour cream.

  816. Wayne Capper says:

    Mexican Beef and Bean with Cilantro.
    The Burrito Chip

  817. Wayne Capper says:

    Lay OFF my chips, Olive, Feta and Fennel.

    again Lay OFF my chips

  818. Wayne Capper says:

    Salted lime Margarita, yum!!!

  819. Jamaican jerk, pineapple with honey garlic, a concoction created in the kitchen for chicken wings. Spicy but sweet.
    Hawaiian pizza with jalapeño
    roasted red pepper, chili flakes, pomegranate molasses-makes a great dip.
    I would use the cash for my enormous student loan. Inspiration is my many hours in the kitchen coming up with creative dishes with my mom. We like to be adventurous with our taste buds

  820. Poutine Regular or Italian

  821. Montreal Steak spice!

  822. Shane Wenig says:

    I suggest chocolate covered peanuts and salt n vinegar. Sweet and salty!

  823. Darlyne Gill says:

    I suggest dill pickel with chedder cheese,our fav.snack or cheese with onion.

  824. Karen Dekeyser says:

    Pork and Beans

  825. At first yes i was experiencing the same thing but if you look to the left of the page you will find where to renter your flavour

  826. Bacon, Cheddar& sour cream perogies, Smoked pulled pork, cheeseburger & onion, Smoked ribs & BBQ sauce, Clubhouse, strain grilled onions, spinach dip chip, chiplote cream cheese chip, herb n garlic, chilli cheese fries. Hope you find what your looking for! 🙂

  827. Brigitte Monette says:

    je crois que féta , bacon et piments fort serait très bon

  828. Lemon pepper

  829. catherine waugh says:

    i’d love to have english style and malt vinger tasting chip’s

  830. Sherry Zanchetta says:

    I think Lays should make a CHEESE CAKE flavour!! Also a pork and beans flavour, bacon cheese burger flavour, candy flavour, or a water melon flavour. 🙂

  831. Sandy Williams says:

    Sandy Williams and Mom Joyce, think lemon and ginger would be a great flavour for the new Lays Potato Chip


  833. Sour Cream and Green Olives

  834. suggestions Smoked Phesant,chicken and rib,Turkey and cranberry, steak and potatoes, candy floss,bacon and chicken,Lobster and lemon butter.

  835. Val Lucas & Ethan Machan
    February 22, 2013

    My grandson Ethan who is 10 years old suggetions for the new flavor of Lays Potato Chips are:
    Spicy Nachos, Smoked Ham and Buffalo Wings. Ethan thinks these suggestions would be awesome as kids love potato chips and these flavors would taste great.

  836. Quebec Cheddar cheese flavour

  837. I ,m suggestion Ceasar (vigin) of course.Regular Ceasar and Hot and Spicy.

  838. Mary Murphy says:

    Mary E Murphy
    My First suggestion is Horseradish, Capers and Dill call it “H.C.D chips”
    Second- Maple Syrup,Anise,and Cinnamon call it “MAC ‘S chips”
    Third – Honey, Garlic, and Ginger call it “Going South chips”
    Fourth – Smoked salmon, celery, and Tobasco call it “Chips Ahoy”
    Fifth- Vanilla, Brandy(Baileys) and Almonds call it “SnowBird chips”
    Sixth- Sweet Onion and Raisens call it “O and R”
    Seventh- Chocolate, Licorice, and cayenne pepper call it “Hotty Chips”
    Eighth- Chocolate, pecan and sea salt call it “Just Mine”
    Ninth- Beer flavour, Pine Nuts and Worchestershire call it “Your Call”
    Tenth- Celery, Sundried Tomato, and Basil call it “Garden chips”
    Eleventh- Mango,Sweet Onion,and Lime call it “Ma Lime chip”

  839. Jaimie Jasmine says:

    cracked black pepper, with roasted,parmesan,n,garlic with a hint of spice like ( habanero )

  840. Michael Churchill says:

    This contest is fun,exciting and mouthwatering ! Ive had some drooling sessions for a new flavour for those fabulous Lays Chips !
    I have another “Laystastic ” idea.
    Every grocery Day I always treat myself to a wonderful Pizza. Always great. How about a Lays Chip with a dash of “Pepperoni seasoning, a dash of Canadian Ham seasoning with a few dashes of Mozerella Cheese ” Wow ! Oh yes lets do it ! ty

  841. Russ and Marilyn Geske says:


  842. Donna Organ says:

    February 18, 2013 Had some Lay ‘Beef’ flavored Potato chips when my husband & I were visiting in U.S.A. Loooved them, but could not find them at home here in Kingston, ONt. They went so well with BBQed hamburgers and Steaks. I bumped into a Lay’s salesperson as he was in a store reloading the shelves. He told me about your contest and so here I am. Another idea I had might be horseradish chips to go with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding – also Sweet Potato fries sprinkled lightly with chili powder. Perhaps ‘Ham and Cheddar cheese as well. Thanks for the opportunity to help you in creating a wonderful, eclectic product line of chips. Yum.

  843. Texas Mesquite …. Could add a more zesty bite with some added mesquite and a hint of chipotle flavouring.Lay’s sweet n’sassy bbq would love this new flavour’s company

  844. Bonnie McNeill says:

    Is there any place where we can see the list of entries?

  845. The Facebook site keeps telling me that I have symbols in the name I picked & I don’t & it picked my ingredients from the name & them they all come up with x’s & won’t let me submit

  846. Cheesy jalapeño

  847. Claire Roussin says:

    Hi Steve,and those who suffer discrimination. It,s Claire Roussin I am not a fan of Face Book but I have been accepted after 3 applications. I call that discrimination. I will call Lays to know there policy. Is that mean that Face Book fan are the only Lays fan..

    Steve continu to make application until the judge realise
    il is non sence. They receive only 341 up to date from Face Book fan. Do il mean they that Lays will go bancrupt !!!…


  848. Tzatziki flavor, greek yogurt, garlic,cucmber, and dill

  849. Your contest doesn’t work, How about Tzatziki flavor, Garlic with greek yogurt and cucumber, dill. I love Greek food…

  850. Tom Gilbert says:

    Onion, Garlic and Light Sea Salt.

    The onion and garlic was a flavor on a chip when I was young. I really miss it and would like it to come back. I would add light sea salt to it to ad a twist to it.

  851. Tom Gilbert says:

    Well Done and Sea Salt

    I always look for the better cooked chips. They are my favorites. Shame they are thrown out or fed to the pigs. Just a little browner than the others.

  852. Tom Gilbert says:

    Onion and Garlic

  853. My suggestion is Cinnamon Agave

  854. Anna Gallego says:

    Flavors suggestions: Pork Cracklings and Adobo flavor for Filipino taste buds and besides Adobo is becoming popular also. Another flavor is Pulled Pork everybody loves Pulled pork

  855. Josie Giacobbe and Gino Savella says:

    Being Italian I most often love my potatoes the good old-fashioned way: Rosemary, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and a dash of black pepper….Buonissimo!!!

  856. Brendan Hershoran says:

    My flavour is rib steak flavour

  857. Michael Hershoran says:

    My suggestions is for: pomegranate and chocolate would be lovely

  858. I’m having the same problem…..poutine and cayanne pepper is my idea

  859. Marion Pye says:

    Marion Pye suggests a Bag of Lays simulated “Good ole Fashion Beer Battered Fish and Chips”

  860. Tammy Chamberlain says:

    I do not have a face-book account, just posting my flavor here, hoping that’s OK. Not everyone has face-book so feel this is not fair if its the only way to enter

  861. Tammy Chamberlain says:

    I was thinking maybe something like *Original beef jerky*(not severely spicy) and there can be different degrees of spiciness as maybe *Original spicy beef jerky 2nd degree* and lastly * *Third degree beef jerky* or *seriously spicy beef jerky*

  862. Russ and Marilyn Geske says:


  863. Grace Coderre says:

    Chimichanga! I like Mexican food!

  864. My suggestion mango whit pineapple

  865. My suggestion mango whit pineapple flavour

  866. Hi Steve.

    Unfortunately this contest runs via Facebook.

    You will need a Fb account to participate.

    Please contact Lays with your feedback!

  867. I have been trying for the past three days to enter this contest,but
    cannot. I get to a screen with Martin Shorts picture,and then after
    that, I keep getting a message telling me that the use of app. for
    this contest has been restricted; anyone else having the same

  868. Brenda Wright says:

    I can’t get into the site either. My suggestion is Kraft Chicken and Rib BBQ sauce and a dab of honey.

  869. noemie xox says:

    pimand et pattate

  870. noemie xox says:

    buble gomme et barbe a papa is good

  871. barbe a papa et buble gomme

  872. May Di Loreto says:

    May Di Loreto from Nepean, Ontario
    Hi, I don’t have Facebook, but hopefully you accept mu suggestions:
    1. Lemon and cayenne pepper. Call it “Spicy Zinger” or “Spicy & Sour”. Inspiration is sometimes I like food that makes me pucker up and inhale and sometimes I like food that make me pucker up and exhale.
    2. Crispy bacon and fresh green olives. Call it “Salteaze”. Inspiration is what I like to eat when I want to feed that extra salty craving.
    3. Canadian maple ham & brown sugar, the day after it’s cooked, and cold. Call it Holiday Ham and brown sugar. Inspiration is just a yummy taste I like hot or cold.
    4. Cinnamon and sugars. Call it “Canadian Beaver Tails chips”. Inspiration is what Ottawa’s national treat during the winter reminds me of. Make it all year round to eat.
    Thanks for reading my suggestions!

  873. Judy Budge says:

    my suggestionis for corn on the Cob

  874. Claire Roussin says:

    It is my theird application.
    Voici ma suggestion une 3e fois
    Des croustilles Lays à saveur d’ERABLE, à saveurde Miel,et de SURCRE D’ERABLE, et de SALAMI SEC

  875. Bacon & Eggs

  876. Shawna Alward says:

    My Suggestion is for : (Nacho dip)- Ingredients include, salsa, cream cheese and sour cream and the obvious cheese.

    We make this up to 3-4 times per week , we love it!!!

  877. gilles arseneault says:

    I too, having problems entering the contest. Is there another method to enter and submit my idea

  878. I like avocados and I believe that would make a great flavour. Avacados can be paired with onion.

  879. Tina Aubrey says:

    I love lays plain chips- so how about a mild mash potato flavor………why mess too much with perfection!!!!

  880. Debbie Bell says:

    Debbie Bell I love lays chips drizzled with flavor my favorite treat

  881. Sour cream and spinish

  882. Curry chicken chips

  883. Suggestion for new flavor : Sundried tomatoes

  884. Claire Bernard says:

    J’ai fait une suggestion le 18 février et elle n’y est plus.Alors je reformule.
    Des croustilles Lays Classique a la saveur de sirop d’érable ou encore saupoudré de sucre d’érable en poudre ou encore aumiel.

  885. Claire Cantwell says:

    I also had difficulty submitting my ideas for flavours. I’m not sure if they actually were submitted as there seemed to be a problem with confirming my email.

  886. Chantal Levert says:

    Jerk chicken or Jerk beef

  887. everbody is putting in compalcated flavors i’m going to say three cheese, take thre types of cheese and put them in to a chip 🙂

  888. my flavor is
    sweet and sour chicken

  889. Facebook won’t let me enter this contest! I’ve gotten almost to the end about 6 times , then it just freezes or says error! GGRRRRRR

  890. Joan Fowler says:

    My suggestion for a new flavour of Lays chips is hotdogs with ketchup and mustard.

  891. lesley lloyd says:

    Lobster butter and lemon flavour and clam sea salt and pepper very tastey

  892. I can’t seem to open the link properly to enter this contest……? Anyone else having the same trouble? Hmmm……

  893. Chicken pot pie flavor

  894. Jacob Dillen says:

    Nacho cheeze, chili cheeze, spicey greek and fetta cheeze, honey garlic.pepperoni and cheder cheeze, black olive and sundried tomato.

  895. Chicken and waffles with syrup or just chicken and waffles

  896. Robert Marcano says:

    BBQ+Bacon Flavour and Black pepper

  897. How about Onion and Garlic mmm

  898. Claire Bernard says:

    Bonjour,nous aimons beaucoup les croustilles Lay`s Classique, lesquellles nous trempons dans le sirop d`érable pour ensuite les saupoudrer de sucre d’érable pour ensuite les laisser sécher au four quelques minutes. Déguster avec une bière, un café, une boisson gazeuse. Cà vous donne le frisson.

  899. Gail McKee says:

    Honey garlic flavour

    Love it on wings. Should work as a chip, too

  900. Gail McKee says:

    Honey garlic.

    Inspiration…chicken wings

  901. Cinnamon toast chips

  902. Salted Caesar, Margarita, guacole sour cream&salsa, sloppy joe, beef jerky, grilled cheese, cinnamon&brown sugar, chili cheese fries, bannik, peanut butter&
    Jam, steak fries

  903. There’s Poutine, and then there’s MONTREAL POUTINE … could add some black peppercorn for some extra kick. Also like the idea of an asiago cheese and sun dried tomatoe (perhaps some rosemary) … add some chipotle flavour … mmmmm.

  904. Here’s another flavour for your consideraion.While reading through some of the earlier posts I came across someone who enjoyed their Lays with a herb and garlic dip. Nice choice, However, I prefer mine with a popular brand of dip – Helluvagood Dip. Just imagine that as a new flavour … Helluvagood Chip. Bet you nobody could just eat one lol.

  905. mmmm…. some interesting and mouth watering ideas out there. I’d like to suggest a roasted garlic bruschetta and a sweet chili n’cheese (white cheddar) to expand the all star Lay’s lineup.

  906. I think maple glazed ham with cheese would be a great Canadian flavor, or how about donair with cheese (with the flavors of the sauce, tomato, and onion of coarse ).

  907. Fraser Clair says:

    Kraft dinner chips
    A Canadians favourite meal in a chip

  908. Sandra Long says:

    Italian: oregano/ tomato.

  909. Sandra Long says:

    Hot dog trio variety bag: Ketchup, Mustard and Relish. Each chip has it’s own unique flavour
    combined in one bag to satisfy all hot dog lovers nation wide!

  910. Russ and Marilyn Geske says:


  911. Tony Spence says:

    Tony Spence says:
    Has Lays ever considered a package with DUAL FLAVOURS
    One to be FISH ( Haddock or Cod ) the other to be SALT & VINEGAR
    Both in the same package, identified by different color variations, the exteria
    package design could have a wrapped in newspaper theme, as FISH `n `CHIPS
    tradionally were

  912. barb taylor says:

    My suggestion is …..your salted chips ..with the juice from pineapples …..if u like pineapple with a little salt then make the chips with the pineapple……….I’m sure people would love ..lays pineapple chips….thanks

  913. Honey garlic and hot sauce mixed 50/50 mmmm so good!!!!!!!!!

  914. Darren Smith says:

    Mango chipolte

  915. Nicole Duffy says:

    Philly steak and cheese

  916. Darren Smith says:

    Pulled pork

  917. Darren Smith says:

    How about fried chicken

  918. Honey Dijon!
    Maple bacon
    Pickeld Cream cheese
    Caesar salad and bacon or just caesar dressing.
    Balsamic and parmegian
    Cinnamon French toast
    Salsa and cheese.
    salsa n jalapeño

  919. Kimberly McMillan says:

    My inspiration came from my love for Lays chips I could eat a bag every night! LOL really, not kidding!


    Parmesan & Herb
    Parmesan & Pepper
    Sour Cream & Herb
    Old Cheese & Onion
    Italian & Green Olive
    Cream Cheese & Green Olive
    Parmesan & Garlic
    Chicken, Curry & Onion

  920. marek campeau lefebvre says:

    des tchips au ketchup et fromage

  921. Russ and Marilyn Geske says:

    pepperoni and garlic sausage

  922. Do like dr peppers 23 flavours combined, combine some flavours like a mystery chip

  923. I think that you should make barbecued chicken flavoured chips.

  924. Michael Churchill says:

    When it comes to flavour, I would gladly do you a flavour ! Yes Im a drooler when it comes to Lays chips. Ive tried every one ! So my inspiration comes from all the flavours of Lays Chips so I was eating Chinese food the other day and it gave me an idea. about ” Dijon Mustard, Maple Syrup and a dash of linseed Oil ” a sweet and sour delight !!! mmmmm good ! ( back to the drooling Board ) ty

  925. Mashed potato and
    Gravy. Luv it!

  926. Poutine flavour

  927. Sharon Lavoie says:

    My stomach gave me more yummy suggestions:
    * avocado salsa
    * maple bacon
    * balsamic beef
    * caramel sea salt
    * feta black olive
    * chipotle roasted garlic
    * bacon ranch

  928. The 2 type’s of chips I would want a hot pizza flavour and a mild pizza flavour ingredient’s I would put on the hot one would be : jalapino , bacon,cheese. For the mild one I would put on : bacon,cheese,pineapple.i would want thess flavour’s because pizza is one of my favourite and allot of people love it as we’ll. the name’s of the hot one spicy Canadian. This mild one would be called mild Canadian

  929. Veronica Aulenback says:

    How about sweet mustard and onion… yummyyyyyyyyy

  930. paul pozzebon says:

    I entered the flavor pickled onions its not here.

  931. Apple Cinnamon or apple pie or coca cola

  932. Pierre Murphy says:

    my flavor suggestion is smoke meat flavor, smoke meat with hint of pickel, hot italian sausage.

  933. Chorizo and potatoes

  934. frederic pinard says:

    Dijon et miel

  935. I think jalapeno poppers is a nice flavour.

    or deep fried pickle would also be good.

    or how about Root Beer flavour

  936. Lynn Schuur says:

    My suggestion is mild Italian sausage. A little garlic and Italian spices.

  937. Beef fajita and papper 🙂

  938. Kevin Conrad says:

    maple smoked salmon, plain and simple.
    I dont like fish ingeneral except smoked salmon
    no sourcream its gross and takes away from the chip flavour
    seperate chips into 3 colours/flavors chips-gravy-cheese(mozzarella)

  939. Deborah lucchetta says:

    My suggestion is fish and chips, or scampi flavoured

  940. Lisa St.Denis says:

    Maple syrup , bacon and pancakes

  941. Hunter Wells says:

    I think pepperoni and bacon would make an excellent choice for a chip

  942. Lisa St. Denis says:

    I think pepperoni and bacon would make an excellent chip choice

  943. Hunter Wells says:

    Cheesy garlic bread

  944. Lisa St. Denis says:

    I enjoy pepperoni and bacon

  945. Lisa St. Denis says:

    I would like a pepperoni and bacon chip

  946. Wendy Jane Carr says:

    WENDY CARR, My flavour suggestion is good old fashion Herb and garlic cream cheese. In my house hold we have tried a lot of dips with our lays chips and nothing can be better than herb and garlic cream cheese. Why buy the dip if its already dressed with its own delicious flavour from the best tasting chip ever made!!!!

  947. clyde Macdonald says:

    I think pesto and sundried tomato would make a great chip

  948. Dianne Renversez says:

    Personally I don`t care for meat, fish or poultry flavoured chips (only exception is bacon) but I do love & think they make a great snack and/or sidedish. In that respect I would lke to see a chip covered in a mixture of mayo, relish and worcestershire sauce to create a tartar flavour that would be great alone or as a sidedish with various kinds of fish. It also gives a new perspective on “fish & chips.

  949. Hummus-flavored with chickpea flour, garlic and cumin.

    Yummy, I love garlic!

  950. karol gagnon says:

    suggestion pour le nouveau gout au cheez whiz et ail karol gagnon

  951. Verek Vrana says:

    “Frankfurter – Dijon mustard chips”

  952. Verek Vrana says:

    “Jalapeno cheesy chips”…Oooo

  953. Not having Facebook should hopefully not effect my chances for a awesome new flavor cause cheezy dill will be the winner who doesn’t like pickles and cheese.another idea is chicken Bacon ranch mmmmmm sweet.thanks

  954. Diane Adams says:

    My suggestion for new flavour is horseradish and beef/steak. Gotta say my best current flavour of Lays chips is salt and vinegar as it is a sure cure for sore throat.

  955. Diane Adams says:

    Suggestion for new flavour: horseradish sauce and beef

  956. Dianne Renversez says:

    Here I go again….the flavours just keep coming. l.Hollandaise sauce and asparagus – thinking of Lay`s chips being more than just a snack but also as a sidedish.
    2. fried onions, green pepper and honey mustard,
    3.marcella tomato sauce with onion and butter, 4. apple butter, 5.chili sauce and bacon, spinach dip and kielbossa, and because I`ve been going nutty with ideas:
    6 cashew, 7. pralines and cream, 8. almond butter. 9. (for Christmas) candycane toffee. Best of luck to all and happy flavours dreaming.

  957. Steve Murphy says:

    Eurpean Pepperete ! Booooom !

  958. moi ca serais poutine,la bonne poutine sauce et fromage….on en trouve partout dans toute les restos…..

  959. Angela Corscadden says:

    Canadian Poutine….with chicken gravy and cheese curd flavours…yum!

  960. Robert Rudlin says:

    ratio for taste 3 Lays Chips to 1 peanut

  961. Robert Rudlin says:

    Bob Rudlin

    I like to mix cocktail peanuts with Lays chips so I think a flavored peanut chip would be ideal.
    With a name like Lays Chipnuts

  962. Bonnie McNeill says:

    I would like to suggest my favorite sandwich, a reuben, corned beef,cheese,and saurkraut.

  963. Rosanne Cusson says:

    I love olives so I was thinking a olive flavor chip would be so cool

  964. Rick David says:

    My suggestion for new flavor is chili chips. You buy a ramen noodle soup chili flavor take out the flavor pack and put that on the chips and good on popcorn to.

  965. Bonnie McNeill says:

    How about apple pie flavoured , (apple, brown sugar,and cinnamon).

  966. Verek Vrana says:

    And winner is : BACON & EGG

    Nothing is better !!!!

  967. Connie Coderre says:

    My suggestion for a new flavour is mango curry. A little spicy and a little sweet. Yummy!

  968. Connie Coderre says:

    My suggestion for a new potato chip is spicy buffalo wing and blue cheese, bet you can’t eat just one.

  969. Connie Coderre says:

    I enjoy dipping regular chips in honey mustard sauce. My suggestion is honey mustard potato chips.

  970. Erin Collins says:

    Suggestion for new flavour: rosemary and olive oil!! yyyyyuuuummmmmm

    Inspiration: I just love the taste in crackers and thought it would be soooo good in chips 🙂

  971. Pierogi flavor (bacon, cheese, & onion).
    1. Potato
    2. Cheese
    3. Bacon
    4. Onion
    Nothing more “Canadian” than a Ukrainian flavour!

  972. Connie Coderre says:

    My suggestion is buttered potato with sour cream. One of my favourite thing to eat.

  973. Donna Dwyer says:

    Garlic and Pepper

  974. Canadian Maple Syrup and Canadian Bacon
    Two of the best two flavours Canada has to offer put together…..sweet and salty.

  975. Connie Coderre says:

    A flavour my children love to eat is chilli cheese nachos. I think it would be delicious as a potato chip.

  976. Connie Coderre says:

    My suggestion for a flavour is buttered potato with sour cream. One of my favourite things to eat.

  977. I think the next flavour should be steak and rib

  978. Bonnie McNeill says:

    I think herb and garlic cream cheese with caraway would be delicious.

  979. woyta4life says:

    my 3 favourite flavours…sweet crunchy & spicy
    white chocolate potato chips with a sprinkling of cayenne pepper

  980. Dianne Young says:

    My suggestions are:
    1. Cinnamon
    2. Baked potatoe with sour cream
    3. Scalloped potatoe with cheese

  981. woyta4life says:

    perogie chips …potato chips flavoured with cheddar cheese butter & onions
    dip in sour cream…yum

  982. Mike Gagnon says:

    I would love to taste a chip that is flavoured like corn on the cob with butter salt and black pepper. If it doesn’t work on potato chips it would work on a corn chip.

  983. James Prins says:

    My suggestion for new flavour: I call this lay Candina is simple, Maple Garlic
    James Prins

  984. Renee Demers says:

    How about seafood paired with garlic butter…..Lobster, crab legs etc… Another flavour that I would enjoy Dijon Mustard with Horseradish.

  985. Janice McNally says:


  986. Dianne Renversez says:

    My suggestion (today) is 1. cheddar and chives,
    2. brown sugar butter and cinnamin
    3. saurkraut & sweet oktoberfest mustard (and possibly sausage) – inspiration from living in Kitchener, On
    4.tomato, roasted garlic and mushroom

  987. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about grilled tomato with some deep frayed onion curry power and paprika

  988. My suggestion is: dried tomates and basil!

  989. Bonnie McNeill says:


  990. Suggestion for new flavour is 1. Teriyaki
    2. worcestershire sauce

  991. Rochelle johnson says:

    Chilli rose merry and filly cheese stake

  992. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about Greek yogurt with mango and olive oil with hint of dill salt

  993. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about sea salt with honey muster and zesty ranch dressing

  994. Bernadette Manuel says:

    I think Licorice would be a great flavor

  995. Marisa Mahabir-Byers says:

    My chip flavour would be called “3 c’s” which stand for Chilli Cheese Chips.

  996. Chipotle – chipotle chile powder, lime and and garlic. Yum!

  997. Richard Kozma says:


  998. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about blue cheeses Cajun heat with baked tomato or even three cheese grilled stake and mushroom

  999. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about zesty ranch with dill pickle or even roasted red pepper with deep frayed ongnon and bakan bits

  1000. Peanut butter and jelly

    Garlic and salt

  1001. Doug McLean says:

    I would like to add a second flavour suggestion: Granny Smith apple, sharp cheddar and bacon

  1002. Doug McLean says:

    Flavour suggestion: Assiago cheese, poblano pepper with a hint of lime

  1003. andrea sivret says:

    I think the new flavor should be jalapeno pulled pork with sweet maple BBQ sauce ! That would be sooo yummy !!

  1004. Greg Mahaits says:

    I think, Avocado and salt and pepper would be a great new flavour. The application won’t allow me to put it in there. I don’t know how to do it but there is my suggestion.

  1005. Padmasri mantha says:

    My inspiration is Indian Andhra cuisine, my favorite flavor for next lays chips would be fresh coconut and raw sour mango with green chillies. It’s a wonderful combination in my state-Andhra Pradesh, India.

  1006. Thai coconut curry
    Maple garlic ….( i warm up maple syrup and fresh crushed garlic ) then pour over baked scallops ….so why not the taste on chips ….
    All Greek chip ( olive oil,lemon juice,garlic,salt,oregano and basil _oh la la …good !!!)

  1007. Michael Churchill says:

    Well my stomach and palate have been pondering again about a new flavour for those fabulous Lays Chips. As I wipe the drool from my main entry of flavour I discover that a great new flavour for the Lays Chips would be ” 100 % Whole Wheat with a dash of sunflower oil with a dash of salt ” mmmmmm a healthy choice ! This is fun !!!

  1008. Heather roberts says:

    Lemon pepper
    Olive oil balsamic vinegar
    Honey mustard

  1009. Dianne Renversez says:

    Almost forgot two sugar cinnamin 2 ranch – inspired by my 5 yr old grandson who puts ranch dressing on everything.

  1010. Dianne Renversez says:

    A lot flavours have been circulating in my head and making me salivate. Poutine is one of my favs (as I already submitted) but some of the others are:
    red pepper, garlic and cream cheese,
    jalepeno and mayo,
    bacon, onion, and tomato,
    cinnamon and maple, and
    sweet and sour. Thanks for your consideration. I know myself and my family would enjoy trying new flavours. Long live the chip

  1011. i prefer flavours that make one feel “mmmmmmmm yummy tasty, ready to lay hands on for chips yummy yummy mmmm” yeah that’s it Cinnamon, Lime or Lemon, Sweet & Sour with Mango tinge.

  1012. ivan manuel says:

    I would suggest oyster sauce, light soy sauce and rice viniger

  1013. my suggestion for new flavour is sweet mango,sour lemon and tasty cinnamon.
    i think this should be perfect flavour for my favourite lays chips.

  1014. David Rusch says:

    Since Buffalo wings are so popular in Canada and the U.S.A I think a medium buffalo wing flavour with bacon and cheese would be great. Also a medium buffalo wing flavour with cheese and chives.

  1015. David Rusch says:

    My idea is a medium buffalo wing flavour with ketchup. I think you would have a huge seller here.

  1016. Sherry Ryan says:

    Sherry Ryan
    My suggestion for the new lay’s flavour potato chip would be called newfie fries which consists of ground beef smothered in gravy and topped with stuffing (we newfies call it dressing- which consists of bread crumbs, onions, savoury, salt, pepper,butter and chicken bouillon all mixed together to make stuffing) umm umm good. My inspiration comes from living good on the island of newfoundland with good food.

  1017. A different type could be spinach, sour cream and dried onion soup…yummy!

  1018. How about salsa, mayo and philadelphia cream cheese.

  1019. Stephanie carter says:

    Fish and Chips-salt and vinegar. Lays could partner with Coronation St. And call them “Corrie Chips”!

  1020. Jenny Douglas says:

    My hubby and I think a few great flavour ideas for Lays chips could be:
    -Spagetti and meatballs(i.e.oregano,basil,etc.and tomato and parmesan)
    -teriyaki ,roasted chicken


    My favorite flavor is wild buffalo ranch, great with fries, why not lays chips is my first favorite, the other one is Bruschetta that’s with tomatoe’s, basil, oregano, this is my second favorite the last one is
    jalepeno hot pepper flavore hot and spicy!!!!!!!

  1022. I think that Cheddar dill would be good I also think Cheddar Bacon chicken would be awesome as well,I tried to enter but don’t have face book
    Hope this works x

  1023. Renee Demers says:

    How about booze flavoured chip….like Beer and Bloody Ceasar flavouring??

  1024. Leona Belliveau says:

    Well … I think it should be:
    Maple ( canandian flavor )
    Coconut (Coconut oil used a lot these days for health)
    Curry ( just the right spice to blend in both sweet taste of maple and coconut .I just did a small test in my own kitchen …blended the three ingredients together andI hope it will be a favor you will just not be able to resist !!

  1025. bbq salt gravey

  1026. Elaine Rioux-Hoiland says:

    What about , Baked Potatoe, with sour cream and chives, or double baked with cheddar cheese.
    Can you imagine a Potatoe chip that actually tastes like Potatoe

  1027. Karen Kinakin says:

    Cheese, onion and bacon would be fabulous.

  1028. Debra Mitchell says:

    debra mitchell
    February 12,2013 at 2.30pm
    my flavour would be scallop flavoured- ingredients/to get flavour fry scallops in butter let brown good add some water to sizzel and add you now have the best flavour to dip potatos in and sprinkle with a low salt content
    bingo/ now that is flavour

  1029. Elaine Rioux-Hoiland says:

    Truly Canadian ~ Smoked Salmon
    Ingredients; liquid smoke, cream cheese and salmon.
    A perfect dip, would make a perfect chip

  1030. Elaine Rioux-Hoiland says:

    Tried to enter above, sent me to a blank page, so I’ll post my flavour idea here….
    A truly Canadian flavour
    Smoked Salmon or Spicy Smoked Salmon
    Ingredients; liquid smoke, cream cheese and salmon. Jalapeño for a mild spicy kick.
    Creamed all together it makes an incredible dip, so it only makes sense to infuse it directly into the chips themselves.
    Good luck everyone

  1031. Craig lumsden says:

    Dijon and smoked bacon

  1032. i would love to have a potatoe chip with the following flavours, sweet onion, asiago cheese and bacon fully loaded!! This chip would be called “Tempted Blends”.

  1033. Salt and chocolate

  1034. barbara clarke says:

    i like to enter herb n garlic flavour

  1035. Sweet Potato ,Salt and vinegar

  1036. Spicy Chicken Bacon. Yum

  1037. Dill pickle ketchup, as my 4 year old and my husband love your ketchup chips dipped in dill pickle dip, but they have to be ruffles!

  1038. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about balsamic vinegar with roasted red pepper and honey mustered

  1039. My suggestion. Spicy Creole made with Cajun spices and a touch of tobasco.

  1040. Chili and chocolate. Inspiration is molé sauce.

    Shepherd’s pie with vegetable soup, beef and cheese.

    Tandoori beef

    Korean BBQ pear, garlic and beef

  1041. Dianne Renversez says:


  1042. My idea is — Old Cheddar Cheese.


  1044. Michelle Ethier Walker says:

    The suggestion I have is spinach dip chips-ingredients would be spinach,sour cream and leek.
    My second choice is Avocado Mango flavour-ingredients would be avocado,mango,habanero pepper.

  1045. Tony distefano says:

    Roasted red pepper,garlic,asiago cheese.
    My grandmother used to make this as a side dish wish meat.Brings back
    good memories.

  1046. Erica Gilbank says:

    A hot salsa with a cool ranch.

  1047. Chipotle bacon

  1048. susan graham says:

    Sweet potatoes and cinnamon with some hint of sea salt

  1049. creme cheese smoked salmon maple syrup

  1050. creme cheese and smoked salmon

  1051. andre racicot says:

    would like the flavor rhubarb

  1052. Dave ritchie says:

    I would like to see a donair meat flavor.
    Due to the increasing availabty on this tastes treat it should be made accesible to the masses via the potatoe chip.

  1053. Steven Evans says:

    Pulled pork and BBQ sauce and salt flavor

  1054. Steven Evans says:

    Steak and cheese flavor. With BBQ sauce

  1055. Laurie Carroll-Walls says:

    How about nori (seaweed), jalapeno pepper and garlic–for a real flavour burst!

  1056. Angela Lester says:


  1057. Angela Lester says:

    Bacon ceaser

  1058. Angela Lester says:

    ranch drizzled in choclate

  1059. Spicy Pizza

  1060. Rosina Weston says:

    Avocado and cream cheese as this could sound like a healthy chip UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  1061. Honeygarlic chips, sweet and strong,

  1062. Cheesy Beef Taco

  1063. colin duffy says:

    colin duffy,,my canadian inspired new chip flavour would be truly canadian!! SMOKEY MAPLE BACON FLAVOUR! who loves maple syrup and good ol smoked canadian bacon better than us?

  1064. Ashlee Bryce says:

    Coconut oil , cayenne pepper and garlic

  1065. David Lemont says:

    simple but high demand….mayonnaise flavour!

  1066. Andrew Achmann says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flavour like this before: how about a
    BRUSCHETTA FLAVOUR (with tomato, basil and garlic as the main ingredients). My inspiration comes from a need to have something to give to guests prior to a meal that is satisfying yet not filling. This can therefore become a multi purpose food as an hors d’oeuvre or snack on its own.

  1067. Karen Townsend says:

    I like many of the suggestions, but I LOVE my suggestion: Caesar-Parmesean. Everyone loves Ceasar Salad. Many people I know eat the Ceasar flavoured salad croutons as a snack. What could be better than a garlicky cheese flavoured potato chip?????

  1068. jeanguy lavoie says:

    jean guy lavoie dit suggestion pour le nouveau gout mayonnaise et ketchup de meme quantite et sauce chili quantite au gout se nomme trempette

  1069. Sharon Lavoie says:

    I have a few yummy suggestions my stomach just told me about:

    * artichoke & asiago – “artiago” chips
    * chili & parmesan – “chilisan” chips
    * bell pepper & peperoni – “belloni” chips
    * hot mustard & relish – “dawg” chips
    * horseradish & mayo – “giddyup” chips

  1070. sophia knops says:

    Spicey chicken wings

  1071. Rochelle johnson says:

    How about cheddar cheeses with garlic and sea salt

  1072. Bobbi Klair says:

    My suggestion is BUTTER CHICKEN flavoured Lays chips. Reason being is that I take the regular Lays chips and dip them in a little butter chicken sauce…Voila! Yummy in my tummy… heaven on earth people, heaven. The three main, but not the only, ingredients being garam masala, sweet paprika, tomatoe puree.

  1073. Sharon Bone says:

    I would love to see a chip that combines the flavours of peanut butter and cucumber.

  1074. Christine McDonald says:

    My inspiration is tsatsiki dip: garlic, yogourt, cucumber with a hint of dill or oregano, mmmm!
    Another flavour fave: balsamic vinegar and garlic, my inspiration is that I use those every day!

  1075. farzana ali says:

    Lays should make the “chilli cheese steak” chips :). Ingredients: barbecue flavor, spicychilli flavor, and LOTS is cheese. My inspiration is my love for chilli cheese steaks and I want to share that experience with my fellow lay-ers

  1076. My idea for a new flavour is… TACO. Close your eyes and let your taste buds imagine. The flavour is like…Old El Paso Taco Beef Seasoning. That’s what Canada wants. It doesn’t have to be the brand Old El Paso, I just wanted you to have the taste on your tongue to understand the flavour I’m going for…..TACO. For the Chip Dip use sour cream. Delicious!!

  1077. I would luv to try hot buffalo wings with hunny garlic mixed together!!!!mmm sooo goood!!!

  1078. Constance Campbell says:

    jalapeno Ketchup!

  1079. Loreen Toutant says:

    I so agree with #73! I guess I’m not the only one who thinks sweet potato fries would make a phenomenal Lays Potato chip product!! Do it Lays

  1080. Robyn Bastien says:

    Lays “Picnic” chips…
    mustard and onion flavoured to go with burgers,dogs and sandwiches

  1081. New flavor lays chip suggestion:
    1. Kraft macaroni and cheese chips
    2. spicy Pad Thai chips

  1082. My idea is new flavour is……TACO !! . Imagine….close your eyes and taste it…..Old El Paso Taco Beef Seasoning …..That’s the flavour I want you to taste…. That’s the flavour Canada is looking for. For chip dip…use sour cream. Imagine. Your taste buds are starting to come alive thinking about this flavour.

  1083. Beverly Ann Spence says:

    My suggestion for the new famous Lay’s potato chip favour is balsamic cilantro, two of my favourite flavours.

  1084. Jason Aldred says:

    Should start a whole new generation of chips, Fruit Flavours.
    Strawberry banana
    Orange mango
    Raspberry and blue berry
    Fruit smoothie
    Start a heathy trend of chips, might just catch on.

  1085. Jocelyne Hafschild says:

    Lemon pepper,salt yummy,yummy

  1086. Marie Parmley Canoraq Saskatchewan says:

    new flavor for lays should be ceaser salad

  1087. Jason Aldred says:

    1. Zesty spaghetti sauce
    2. Fries and ketchup
    3. Garlic shrimp
    4. Garden salad
    5. All dressed chip called Trail Mix.
    6. Stuffed potato skins

  1088. Gary Trivett says:

    My suggestion is roasted Parmesan cheese flavour.

  1089. marie parmley says:

    Marie Parmley says the new flavor should be ceaser salad

  1090. A great new flavour would be roasted garlic and humus. I feel this would be a great selection because of the hearty roasted garlic taste combined with a creamy coated humus finish. This combination is complimentary and full of flavour. My inspiration comes from a local restaurant which serves warm pita pockets with the creamiest, tastiest humus I’ve experienced. I could just eat this and nothing else. It leaves you with a creamy garlic taste for sometime after your meal and tastes just as good later. It reminds me of the Lays maudau, ” You can’t eat just one”. I believe a chip connoisseur would find it challenging to put down the bag. It would also be a great accompaniment with sandwiches or just by itself.
    Thanks for this consideration.

  1091. Lynn McDonald says:

    Buttered and salted popcorn flavour in a chip! Yummy!

  1092. Kielbasa, Havarti
    ingredients are kielbasa sausage, the finest of harvarti cheese mix and light spices.

  1093. David Almos says:

    Spudghetti ‘Hot and Spicy’….Tomato, black pepper and onion or garlic.

  1094. Jason Aldred says:

    1. Bruschetta
    2. Spaghetti and meat balls
    3. Smoked steak house
    4. Beef jerky
    5. Garlic sea salt and peppercorn

  1095. says:

    Well I know there are so many fabulous flavours of Lays chips already and I suggested a few extraordinary new flavours but I just thought I would pop one more in there. How about ” Popcorn and melted butter ” flavour. Oh wow (well back to the drooling board !

  1096. James Baldassi says:

    Home James recommends a distinct flavour that would resemble Coors Lite, or Glenfiddith Scotch.

  1097. Linda Trudel says:


  1098. Sarah coles says:

    Sarah Coles, I think sweet onion barbeque would be a great flavour!

  1099. Valerie Nagy says:

    How about caramel and sea salt. Just like the chocolates that many people rave about

  1100. Sheila Dawdy says:

    Chicken penne flavor
    Chicken,cheese,roses sauce
    We don’t have any pasta flavored chips and I think if it’s done right they would be awesome

  1101. Lindz geffroy says:

    A poutine flavour;
    Cheese, gravy, salt

  1102. How about Halipenio (spelling?) and green olive for a new flavour

  1103. Lori Fossold says:

    POUTINE…..the perfect combination of flavours, french fries….cheese curds and gravy…yummmmy

  1104. Keith Davies says:

    Herb and garlic chips.
    Works great as a dip should be excellent as a chip.

  1105. Dill!!!! salt, vinegar and dill pickle. Just kind of came to me!

  1106. Carol Scott says:

    I think chocolate marshmallow chips would be the greatest with a hint of salt. Yummy!

  1107. Melie Laplante says:

    Greek style feta cheese

  1108. Richard Dorval says:

    Cheese chives and bacon chips
    Ingredients cheese, chives and bacon
    It would be a great combination

  1109. Caylee Dorval says:

    Creamy cucumber chips
    Ingredients cucumber, chips, and sour cream
    Everybody loves the salad dressing creamy cucumber so make it a chip

  1110. Jennifer Dorval says:

    Brown butter chips
    Ingredients Carmel, butter, chips
    Everybody loves Carmel and salty Carmel would be a good chip flavour

  1111. Kory Dorval says:

    Cheesy Chili Fries
    Ingredients:potato chips,
    Cheese flavouring,
    Chili seasoning
    Inspiration chilli and cheese, I love both and go great together with potato

  1112. Chicken Korma, or Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, absolutely NO MAPLE!!!!! (it may be Canadian but lots of people hate it, including me) Lime and Salt is really good to, and simple

  1113. robert carlton says:

    my chip flavor would be japotlay,ranch
    its my favorite dip and its unreal

  1114. Caylee Dorval says:

    My suggestion would be brown butter chips. Ingredients Carmel , butter, chips
    Everybody likes Carmel and salty Carmel would be great on a chip

  1115. fernand martel says:

    Sugestion pour une nouvelle saveur.Tomates séchées et basilic et un peu d’ail

  1116. Ryan Jezequel says:

    1.Spicy Dill Chili
    2.Jalapeno. Dill Herb.
    3.I love the flavour of dill and the heat of jalapeno. This combo will make a wonderful addition to your line of chips I am certain.

  1117. kelly vandepoele says:

    garlic,, just plain garlic. My inspiration comes from years of chopping up garlic and eating on my lays chips and we all know how good garlic is for you!!!!

  1118. Sam Andrews says:

    I think your best bet would be cheese, pepperoni and red pepper (pizza flavoured)!

  1119. Wendy Madden says:

    My idea was already stated above
    Chocolate covered chips !!!! Yummy you can call them Lays Heavenly Chocolate Chips. My second idea is Balogna flavoured chips . We eat Lays plain chips crunched up inside A thin slice of Bologna, it tastes awesome. So why not Lays hint of Bologna Chips. Cheers

  1120. Debbie Yeoman says:

    How about charbroiled hanburger with vidalia onions and blue cheese?
    Inspiration is enjoying bbq burgers at the cottage.

  1121. Noel and Ed says:

    pulled pork with cheddar, crinkle cut
    sounds delicious to us
    we’ve experimented with fresh potatoes
    wicked !!!!!!!

  1122. Michelle Driedger says:

    I believe a brushcetta flavoured chip would be an amazing addition to the Lays chip company. My inspiration is my love for Italian food. The ingredients that would make this a perfect chip would be vine rippened tomatoes, red onion,a blend of italian seasonings ,finished with a hint of olive oil…

  1123. Paul Robicheau says:

    Mine would be … Beef Jerky flavor , sweet , mild , and hot yummy , as where I live we all eat it !

  1124. David Graham says:

    I think a “Bloody Caesar” potato chip using tomato clam cocktail,celery salt and a dash of hot sauce would be a flavour most people would enjoy. I also enjoy dipping french fries in aioli which could become a potato chip flavoured with mayonnaise, roasted garlic and fresh garlic

  1125. Pat Latendresse says:

    Chesse cake or onion soup…

  1126. william brochu says:

    barbeque chicken
    william brochu says you will love it

  1127. Allen Homier says:

    Chips,curd cheeze and Gravy or poutine chips

  1128. Austin neufeld says:

    A really good one would be salty onion or extra salty because theres just never enough salt on the chips more and more salt.

  1129. Carole Forde says:

    Potato chip brittle. The crunch of peanuts with a hint of caramel sweetness.

  1130. shahla swaleh says:

    chilli and lemon…or roasted chicken

  1131. Linda Ranger says:

    chips au fromage,crème sure et ciboulette un choix gagnant

  1132. Linda Ranger says:

    mon gout fromage taco avec sauce salsa et crème sure c’est comme aller au cinéma c’est exactement ce que je prend

  1133. Colton Peacey says:

    Cheese pretzel

    A friend told me how unique a flavour such as this would be, it would be salty and oily flavoured and how it would be so delicious to curl up and eat the whole bag.

  1134. Colton Peacey says:

    Deep fried dill pickle

    It’s zesty, I always seem to hear how people crave this flavour and how much they want it!

  1135. Suggestion for Lays chips flavor: Jambalaya.
    Love it with sausages and seasoned rice.

  1136. I suggest Roasted Red Pepper flavour. Ingredients: Roasted Red Peppers, Cream Cheese and Sea Salt. Inspiration: I use this product frequently for entertainment. When combined they make an excellent topping for a snack cracker or crunchy toasted baguette. Hence, potato chip.

  1137. Andrew DeShaw says:

    Suggestion for new flavor: Steak and cheese,
    Ingredients: rib eye steak flavor and aged old cheddar cheese. Inspired by toasted Steak and Cheese subs

  1138. Jean Desmeules says:

    New flavour for chip“ Ham & Pineapple “

  1139. Régis Pedneault says:

    Saveur de relish, qui accompagnerais très bien hot-dog, hamberger, pizza, bière,,etc

  1140. Kathy Sonnenburg says:

    Roasted garlic and onion

  1141. poutine flavoed alos beautiful popcorn nice and buttery

  1142. Bonnie McNeill says:

    How about poutine flavoured , YUMMY!

  1143. leo lavigne says:

    00000000000000000000 I would love the taste of spicy honey garlic. This yould be like eating candyMMMMMMM. every one loves candy

  1144. My suggestion for a new flavour is: “Samosa”
    Ingredients include: onion, and Indian spices (curry, tumeric).
    Many people enjoy South Asian cuisine.

  1145. anita pietras says:

    poutine with extra cheese or even plain poutine!

  1146. Louise Martin says:

    I love the taste of peanut butter cups and Lays chips. The perfect combination.

  1147. Stephanie Carter says:

    To add to my previous suggestion of chocolate chips I thought that you could have a bag that when opened has two separate compartment-one with plain chips and the other with the Choclate chips!

  1148. Billy Campbell says:

    Cinnamon and Cherry (maraschino)Everybody loves Cinnamon in the morning,and with a touch of Cherry WOW!

  1149. John cameron says:

    Another suggestion would be Hamburger and Onions, another favourite.

  1150. John Cameron says:

    My suggestion is Liver and Onions, everyone loves that flavour.

  1151. Bradley Joyce says:

    Cheesy garlic bread flavor because… who doesn’t like garlic bread?

  1152. Sandra Mirasty says:

    I submit a taste of lemon and lime with sea salt. I also believe Lays beats any and all other brands. They are the tastest with the mostest!

  1153. Poutine– a Canadian flavor classic!

    Who doesn’t drool over the taste of crispy, salty homestyle french fries covered in rich beef gravy and cheese? A chip like that could be an accent to any meal or just by itself! Mmm-mm!

  1154. cinnamon and brown sugar! but not too heavily covered, just a spinkle

  1155. Lay’s should have for their next new chip flavour is: Guacamole and Salsa.
    I didn’t like guacamole until I went to Mexico and had fresh made guacamole.

  1156. Fred Schmidt says:

    peanut butter and honey is my suggestion for a new unique flavour combination

  1157. We dont need to hide the taste of lays with more “stuff” every time some one pours a bags of lays into a bowl (doesnt matter what flavour) everyone goes for the slightly over cooked ones first!!!! The next flavour should just be original and/or wavy extra dark!!! They are the best!!!!

  1158. edith gaudon says:

    Zesty salsa n sour cream – salsa our cram dash cayenne n salt yum

  1159. Onion,garlic,and sour cream

  1160. Joanne Donna Bingham says:

    How about Bacon & Hickory Smoked Chips….every man loves bacon, they even advertise bacon perfume ha ha….the taste is scrumptious…bacon and hickory smoked or smoked bacon and hickory….your choice.

  1161. Shaee Dupuis says:

    i love poutines so how about a poutine chip: ingredients;light layer of gravy, chedder cheese, and a good ol potatoe

  1162. Heather Thomas says:

    chicken wings flavors! There could be a bunch of different ones like honey/garlic or teriayaki,
    or buffalo ect..

  1163. Charlie Salter sr, says:

    gotta have smoked salmon flavor
    with a touch of brown or maple sugar

  1164. Wayne Revell says:

    Flavour suggestion; Seasoned Shrimp- ingredients- shrimp, garlic butter and tomato horseradish sauce.
    My inspiration hot sunny beer fuelled backyard barbecues.

  1165. Antonietta says:

    Sun dried tomato pesto and Parmesan cheese

  1166. Andrew Szczerba says:

    Mustard flavour! We have ketchup and dill pickle why not another great condiment?

  1167. Joanne Cox says:

    I think a little Canadian/Indian flavour like maple curry chips would be yummy, plus a little foodie.

  1168. harry schwab says:

    How about Blue cheese garlic butter as a new flavour, whenever we make blue cheese garlic bread we always end up dipping some chips in the left over spread, it’s fabulous!

  1169. Popcorn butter salt. Cuz chips that taste like popcorn don’t leave kernels in ur teeth

  1170. cynthia macpherson says:

    creamcheese amd salsa would be awesome i make a dip with these ingredients and everyone loves it

  1171. The taste of chicken noodle soup can not be beat

  1172. I would love to taste a mango chilly lime chip from lays. Inspired from Thai and Indjan flavour. A refreshing chip!

  1173. Michael Churchill says:

    When I think of those beautiful mouth watery Lays chips that greet me at every family gathering and every social event on every holiday I feel complete ! I would love to have chips with a fruit explosion of ” Mango/Orange/ tangerine ” or ” turkey/dressing/gravy ” ( a thanksgiving meal in a chip ) !! mmmmmm (excuse me while I drool )

  1174. Mike Gillis says:

    Ball Park Frank Flavour ( not only in flavour but name)
    Just think of the marketing , graphics , celebrity Ad. Interaction/endorsement & timing , not only baseball , sports in general , bridges all sports & age groups
    Inspiration : If I attend an event I gotta have a Ball Park Frank ,

  1175. Suzanne Lybbert says:

    I happen to love love love Italian food and I think garlic and parmesan cheese and sea salt would make great flavors for the new Lays potato chip. My mouth is watering already thinking of my too favorite things together. Italian food and Lays potato chips, WOW!

  1176. Cheesey jalapeo would be awesome not to spicey

  1177. Jake Kuypers says:

    May sound weird but I use these ingredients in mashed potatoes and people love it. Sweet apple, garlic, bacon chips!! They’d be really unique and taste awesome!!

  1178. Cathy E Wilson says:

    Cathy E Wilson (February 7th,, 2013) I think of two Canadian favourites: 1) Bloody Ceasar — clammato juice, lime, and celery salt 2) Poutine — simulated cheese flavour, gravy over fries. Give it a try!!!

  1179. New flavor for Lays: Chicken fajita flavor

  1180. I think the new chips should be sundried tomato and basil with asiago cheese

  1181. Cindy moulden says:

    Suggestion for chip flavor….. Winnipeg perogy style chips

  1182. Cindy moulden says:

    I would like to enter choclate dipple chips. That is … Potato chips partially dipped in choclate , or drizzled with choclate. Just like choclate dipped pretzels

  1183. Janice McDougall says:

    Red hot chicken Caesar, or Red Hot Ranch…I love to dip my plain chips in Ranch mixed with Franks Red Hot, or my chicken chips in Caesar mixed with Franks Red Hot

  1184. Christopher Roberts says:

    Chips that are not perfectly golden.” Burnies” could be the imperfect ones that are gleaned from the line. The slight to darker brown, I feel , adds real potato flavour and it would be a more cost affective way to deal with them. My family and I would pick thru the chips to find these ones.
    Chris Roberts

  1185. stuart pashegesic says:

    I love pickles and cheese together…

  1186. Dawn Ferrier says:

    like to suggest canadian maple syrup or maple flavouring. could name it great canadian maple flavour

  1187. Stephanie Carter says:

    Chipotle and Sweet Potato Chips! My inspiration was a weekend getaway! This combination is served at the Finest restaurants! Perfection…

  1188. Stephanie Carter says:

    Chocolate Chips! There is an amazing taste that is created when you eat Lays plain potato chips after eating a chocolate bar. The bag of chips could contain a combination of chocolate flavored chips and the tasty plain potato chip that Lays has perfected. Oh sooo delicious!

  1189. Michael Churchill says:

    I think the newest flavour should be “Orange /Tangerine / Mandarin” or ” Zuchini relish / Old Cheese “. These are flavours that make me feel energized and alive !

  1190. Brenda Maile says:

    You’ve heard the saying, “the old is new again”….well I would love it if the “old” onion and garlic flavor chips were “new” again….please.

  1191. Deirdre Bakker says:

    Garlic feta OR Spicy Garlic!!!!!

  1192. sigrid murphy i would like to try hot dog flavor because i think hot dog would tast yummy because i like the hamburger flavor

  1193. pauline riou says:

    j’adore les chips au bacon et je vous suggère d’en faire au fromage Brie avec des Figues car le mélange des deux est délicieux.

  1194. pauline riou says:

    j’aime les chips au bacon, mais je vous soumets ici des chips avec du fromage brie et des figues, parce que le goût du brie et des figues ensembles délicieux.

  1195. Debra Bayham says:

    Chesse and Onion

  1196. Natalie Liddell says:

    Fries and Gravy!

  1197. salt & vinegar feta i eat them all the time just because i like them both ….

  1198. Jean Claude Richard says:

    Vous avez dèsjas la recette.
    Tout simplement faire des Lays (régulières et moin de sel) bien cuites, légèrement brunes, elles ont un gout irrésistibles.
    Produisez en et faite les gouter vous serez surpris du résultat.
    Quand j’ ouvre un sac je garde les bien cuites pour la fin, malheureusement il y en a pas souvent.
    Merci de votre attention.

  1199. carmen lapointe says:

    lobster,shrimp,butter who doesn’t love that

  1200. Melissa Lickers says:

    How about spicy nacho cheese with a little sweet chilly!!!!

  1201. gilles ouellet says:

    truite fumé a l’érable ingrédient: truite fumé,sel sirop d’érable

    mon inspiration ( qui ? na pas un petit goût de fumé a assouvir !!!!! )

  1202. gilles ouellet says:

    attention !!! peut créer une très forte dépendence.

    ( TRUITE FUMÉ A L’ÉRABLE ) -ingrédient = truite fumé a L’érable, sel , sirop d’érable

    mon inspiration est : je vien du bas st laurent , et je possède un fumoir et quand je fume de la truite tout le monde veux en avoir !! même aussi loin que montréal, qui ? a un moment donner
    na pas un petit goût de fumé a assouvir !!!!! et je n’ai jamais vue cette saveur sur le marché !
    je pensse que a la vue de cette nouvelle saveur ! le consommateur aurait le goût de l’essayé
    ( voila ! la dépendence vien d’être créer )

  1203. Clay Jenson says:

    Suggestion for a new flavour: Beef jerky.

  1204. michael clague says:

    chocolate coated chips because after eating chocolate the chips tastes better

  1205. Diane Baril says:

    I recently holidayed in Florida where the grocery stores stock sweet potato chips. Some are delicious, others not so. Surely, with our great Canadian sweet potatoes, Lay’s could turn out a very delicious product. Nutritious and not much artificial additives; main ingredient is sweet potatoes, plus oil and salt. MMMMMmmmmmm!

  1206. the lays website does not have the contest posted

  1207. Laura Drakopoulos says:

    Chilli Cheese chips -chilli seasoning, beef flavor and cheese

    My inspiration I love Chilli and so do alot of others

  1208. Michelle Correia says:

    Hi There,
    Is this the site I actually leave me flavor suggestion on?


  1209. Francis Yeh says:

    Hot Chilli Pepper. I need the $50,000 to pay off our student loan. I springle chilli pepper in your plain regular lays chips. Hmmmm

    Thank you for your consideration

  1210. Sue McLeod says:

    My suggestion is for : Butter salt popcorn flavour-ingredients:butter, salt, corn.
    I love popcorn & chips. It’s the best of both worlds!

  1211. Cheryl Lorincz says:

    Suggestion for new flavour: Cajun chicken – ingredients include, chicken and cajun spices

    My inspiration is my trip to New Orleans.

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