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Liberte Greek yogurt Coupons for Canada,

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Walmart Canada has added a new coupon for Liberte yogurt!

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Liberte Greek Crunch (2 x 130g)

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About Liberte

Liberte is a dairy manufacturer that started out in Montreal in 1936. The brand sticks to its roots and continues to portray a traditional and artisanal style. They make a range of dairy products including yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese and more.

Liberte Products

There are 7 main categories of Liberte products. Liberte Classique includes their traditional yogurt flavors, but they also have a line of Greek and Mediterranee (Mediterranean) yogurts as well as a line specifically for Baby. In the Liberte Cuisine line you’ll find other assorted dairy products including cream cheese and sour cream. The last two categories are for Organic products and products made with Goat milk.

The Liberte website has some fun aspects. Click on Products to browse all the Liberte products on the market (there are a lot!) and clicking on Community will bring you to the company blog where news, new products, and promotions are announced. Finally, the Recipes tab will open you up to a world of creative ways that you can use your Liberte dairy items.


Have you tried the new Liberte products yet?

Liberte Canada has introduced a line of Kefir products and if you love drinking Kefir, make sure to give them a taste test. Kefir is more of an acquired taste for most of us, but this nutrition fact may sway you to pick one up today. Liberte Kefir contains all-natural probiotic fermented milk and 20 different kinds of beneficial bacteria and yeast. Kefir is an old remedy for ailments like stomach ulcers and gastric illnesses.

Flavours include Organic Strawberry, Plain, Raspberry and Mango Kefir. You can read more about all nine flavours, as well as the new Greek Passion Fruit and Mango White Chocolate products at


Where to find Liberte Coupons?

1. Smartsource portal. watch for printable coupons here

2. Store Coupons. Look for new LIBERTE Greek Yogurt coupons in stores. I found the following tear pad coupon at Sobeys, Foodland and Real Canadian Superstores. Save $1.00 when you purchase Liberte Greek Yogurt (4×100 g, 8×100 g, 500g and 750 g) new coupons are posted several times per year.

3. on 

Want to get more savings on Liberte products? Coupons for Liberte Greek Yogurt can occasionally be found on the Liberte Facebook page. Visit the Facebook page here to see if new savings are available.

4. on the Walmart Canada portal.

Print at the link below or order these savings:

  • Free Get 1 FREE Liberté Greek Crunch (2 x 130g) when you purchase a Liberté Greek Crunch (2 x 130g)

Order the new Walmart Canada coupons online and redeem them in stores.

The coupons portal is served by offers coupons by mail, find more info here


Liberte Greek yogurt Free Samples

Would you love to try Liberte for FREE?  Liberte Canada give away Free full sized yogurt products from time to time. examples:

  • 3,000 FREE Product Coupon, which can be redeemed on a 4 x 100 g package of Liberté 2% Greek yogurt,
  • 6,000 Liberté Froúto Greek yogourt, receive a coupon for a FREE 4 X 100g container.

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    Maggie says:
    Ditto to what Monika and Leila wrote.

  3. Went to facebook page for the Librite greek yoghurt coupon and they only give out 3000 coupons and they’re all gone!

    Note from Editor “This is incorrect, Tina.

    There are coupons every day until March 1th!

  4. I don’t want to be on facebook, why do we need to in order to get the samples?

  5. why do we have to on facebook for free samples?

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