Loblaw Promo: Free $25 Gift Card for Customers, Claim now

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Update: The offer is now live!

I registered last month and just received this message from Loblaws:

This email is to inform you that registration for the $25 Loblaw Card is now open. Please visit www.LoblawCard.ca to register.

Scroll down, and read how you can get one.


Loblaw Card Program for Customers overcharged for Bread purchases

Loblaw has now admitted that they have overcharged Canadians for some packaged bread products, sold in Loblaw stores across Canada.

As an apology to customers, they are now offering eligible customers a

FREE $25 Loblaw Card.

The free gift card may be used to purchase items in any Loblaw grocery stores in Canada.

The free cards will be mailed out in 2018.

You can now register with your email address to receive an update

once the Registration for the Loblaw Card Program is open on January 8, 2018.

Visit ww.Loblawcard.ca and enter your email address to be notified.

After the Loblaw Card Program opens, you will receive an email notifying you when you can register.

click here to sign up now

The deadline to file your claim is May 8th, 2018


5 Replies to “Loblaw Promo: Free $25 Gift Card for Customers, Claim now”

  1. Reply to D. Martin…..
    According to their FAQ and a call to their toll free number, the answer is yes to both accounts. You can find answers on their online form. Hope this helps.

  2. Is this coupon useable at Canadian Superstore?
    Can I request more than one coupon for someone who does not have a p.c?

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