Lysol Coupons:Save $4 on Lysol Sprays & Disinfecting Wipes

Lysol Canada Coupons Savings via

Time to save on your cleaning supplies! 

Visit the Smartsaver coupon site and print these Lysol coupons

  • Save $1.00 off Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Save $1.50 off Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  • Save $2.00 when you buy one (1) Lysol Disfinfectant Spray AND one (1) Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (excluding 35 ct)

register with Smartsaver to print your coupons

print coupons here

register with Smartsaver to print your coupons

print coupons here


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Helpful Links from Lysol Canada

Lysol Canada is the Maker of household disinfectant sprays, surface cleaners, hand soaps and bathroom cleaning products.
Did you know that some germs may be able to survive for several days on household surfaces like kitchen counter tops, tables, sinks, and tv remotes?
Visit Lysol Canada’s website for some great Disinfecting 101 tips on their home page here

Want to learn how to prevent food borne illness, keep a sanitized bathroom and clean home?
Lysol Canada offers a complete section about Healthy Homes – Healthy Families here


FREE Lysol Soap Dispenser (with Mail in Rebate)
Smartsource: Lysol Coupons

Freebies – Lysol Germ Detectives –

 Free Kids Activities and Healthy Back To School Habits

Healthy Habits Back To School Program

Flu season seems to be in full swing, and you know that your kids will be exposed to all types of germs.

 Lysol Canada is offering free educational material for parents and teachers

to teach Kids about healthy habits and fighting germs.

Parents may visit this section here

with tips to reinforce healthy habits. Plus download a poster for a Free handwashing guide.

(scroll down to page bottom to print).

Kids may also play additional games here and print a Germ cut-out sheet here


There is an extra section for teachers which provides resource materials like

A Student Activity book filled with Missions that provide various educational elements including creative thinking, reading, writing, and more.

view all here
Parents, feel free to browse this section as well.


Try Lysol for Free!


Free Lysol Products Lysol offers free products with Mail in rebates,

Lysol Canada has a Freebie offer.

Print the MIR offer to receive a FREE Lysol Hand Soap Dispenser with a mail-in rebate.

Purchase must be made between August 3rd to October 31.

Limit one rebate per person, family or household.

Receive up  $16.94 to cover the cost of the product, plus taxes. (not including postage)

Limit one (1) refund per individual, family, or household.

Print your form here

Rebate requests must be received on or before

Where to find more Lysol Coupons and Savings

Listed below you can find all the coupon pages and sites, where Lysol coupons may be found.

For examples:

With the latest coupon you’ll save:

  • Save $2 off any two (2) Lysol products (excluding Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes 35ct)
  • Save 75¢ off one (1) Lysol Click gel product

Click here and print. You are allowed to print the coupon two times per computer or device.



Want more Lysol Coupons?

  1. Lysol Canada may offer printable coupons on their own webpage at

Previously we have printed the following

  • Save $0.75 on any All Purpose Cleaner Trigger or Dilutable
  • Save $1.00 When you buy 2 Toilet Bowl Cleaner products
  • Save $1.00When you buy  Lysol products (excludes disinfecting wipes)

visit Lysol here to get see if these and other savings are available today.


2. Mail Coupons may offer Lysol mail coupons. Recent ones (now gone) included

  • save $5.00 off the purchase of one Lysol No-Touch ™ Dispenser Hand Soap + Refill or Hand Soap System
  • buy 2 cleaning or hand soap products and save $1

order here when available.


3. Lysol Coupons in inserts

coupons may be found in issues of the Smartsource coupon inserts.

Below are Lysol coupons I found on the February 7th, issue:

  • FREE with Mail in Rebate
  •  hand soap products $1 off
  •  Multi-surface, Disinfecting Spray, Fabric Mist – Buy 2 and save $1 off,

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