How to Make Coupon Binder

 How To Make an Inexpensive Coupon Binder

With so many new Canadian Couponing apps now appearing, you may wonder, Do I really still need a coupon binder?
My answer is YES! There are numerous companies that still offer mail and print coupons and of course every time you visit your local grocery store, you may find some new tear pad coupons on store shelves. A huge amount of printable coupons can also be found on our Smartsource coupons  portal here

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If you are interested in Couponing you may have already started to collect your coupons in a small photo album, like the ones I purchased at the Dollar store.(image)

These photo albums are actually great for small collections of coupons.

They will work just fine if you are only clipping one type of coupon, like pet food or Baby coupons (diapers, formula …).

These photo albums can also be useful to bring along for a short trip to the store

where you intend to redeem only a few coupons. photoalbum


However, if your are collecting lots of coupons for groceries, cleaning supplies and more

you will need a large and sturdy coupon binder to hold and organize the volume of all your coupons.

Finding the Right Binder

Visit your local office or stationary supplies store and purchase a binder that appeals to you.

Any standard three-ring binder is great for the purpose of organizing coupons.

Great deals on binders can be found in September during Back To School Sales

zipper binder



When picking a binder you may want to choose a soft vinyl binder or strong fabric binder (like pictured above) because these tend to be

more flexible and if you decide to bring it along on your shopping trips they will last longer much longer.


A plus is also binders that zip up to prevent your coupons from falling out and they often come with straps attached for

easy carrying.

These binders may be more expansive to start out with but will be worth the investment.


Sheet protectors or Collector Cards

The next items to purchase will be baseball collector sheets, which already have slots added and regular clear sheet protectors.(one-page sheet protectors)


Coupons come in a variety of sizes and therefore you will need various types of sheet protectors to keep them organized.sheet protectors

Whole Coupon pages can be inserted into a whole sheet protector.


Supplies Needed

Below is a quick summary of all the supplies needed to make your first coupon binder


  • one 3 Ring Binder (preferred :soft vinyl or cloth with zippers)
  • 1-2 sets of clear sheet protectors
  • 1-2 sets of dividers with tabs
  • Baseball Cards Collector Sheets-Sheet Protectors


Optional supplies include scissors for cutting out coupons and a calculator to add up savings.


Now it is time to learn How to Organize Your Binder with Coupons.

Please read our Part 2, – How to Organize Your Coupons for details.



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