Maple Leaf Prime Coupon: Save $3 off Entrees

 Maple Leaf Prime Coupons

Coupons to save $3 when you try new Maple Leaf Prime entrées:

Visit Maple Leaf Canada Prime on Facebook and request a free mail coupons
and save $3 on your next purchase of any one Maple Leaf Prime Entrees Product.
Like the page, click here 
and order your coupon.
You will be directed to to complete your order.

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 Where to find Maple Leaf Prime Coupons

1. on the page. Discounts are available for fans.

2. on coupon websites. Websaver Canada may offer coupons for Maple Leaf Prime. examples:

  • Save $1 when you buy any package of Maple Leaf Prime Ground Turkey or Chicken
  • Save $2 when you buy any package of Maple Leaf Prime Ground Turkey or Chicken

log in here to order Mail coupons, when available


Maple Leaf Prime Surprise Coupon


 The Maple Leaf Prime Brand was founded in 2001. It belongs to the Maple Leaf food processing company in Ontario.
The Brand serves high quality fresh meats and frozen dinner entrees.
Products include”
1. fresh meats like Naturally chicken, pork and turkey.
2. Maple Leaf Prime Entrees , which are fully cooked and come in six flavours. Store them in the refrigerator.
3. Ready to Cook meal including Sweet & Sour Pork, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Beef in Red Wine Sauce, Chicken Caccitore
4. Prime Gourmet
5. Prime Marinades
6. Simple Starters, these are side dishes like
7. Prime Frozen Meal Solutions, including Naturally chicken strips, burgers and wings, Spinach or glazed stuffed chicken and more
8. Prime Fully Cooked & Sliced Chicken Breast
Find more information on these new products on the Company’s website, visit them here

Did you Know?

Ground turkey or ground chicken make a great alternative to using ground beef.

Make a healthier dinner by using them in your favourite recipes and get a lean source of protein with the same great taste!


Cooking with ground chicken or ground turkey

If you are looking for some great tasting and easy recipes to get you started, Maple Leaf Prime has

some delicious ideas for you.

view and print the following:

Turkey and Spinach Stuffed Shells

Garlic Bread Bowl Chicken Sloppy Joes


Need more recipes? simply search the website, using the recipe search box which is located on the top right corner

and enter keywords or your desired meal type. Visit here



Maple Leaf Coupons

Maple Leaf Prime is giving away Coupons on their Facebook page.

Visit and LIKE them here and check for coupon offers.

Recent one included:

  • $3 off Maple Leaf Prime Entrees
  • 5,000 coupons for FREE ground chicken or turkey.
  • $1 off any 454g package of Maple Leaf Prime Ground Chicken or Turkey.


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