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Method Canada Coupons and deals on Fabric softener & Laundry Detergent

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How does the new Method Dry Activated Fabric Softener work?

This new fabric softener acts as a 2 for 1 fabric softener & dryer sheet.

The product is a hypoallergenic formula and leaves your clothing feeling fresh and soft.

It is also environmentally friendly, plant-based and made with 100% recycled plastic materials,

Not tested on animals  😉



Method Canada: A Cleaner Way of Life


What is Method?

Method markets various cleaner products like dish cleaners, hand/body soaps, and home cleaners, among others. Constructed by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, Method wants to save the environment by using non-toxic cleaning products. These products are not tested on animals and are made of biodegradable ingredients. Each product is selected for its low impact on the environment. If you are concerned about how your purchases affect the environment, Method Canada can inform you.




Dish cleaners include various soaps, dishwasher tabs, and refill kits. They are formulated to eradicate greasy and dried foods from dishes, glasses, and silverware. Like every other product page, this lists ingredients, scents, and the impact on the environment. One such product is made of recovered ocean plastic, found here.



These hand washes come in a variety of forms like foam, gel, and body washes. Refills are available if you run out. These products have spring editions, holiday editions, and come in a variety of fun shapes and colors. There is even a Mickey and Minnie Mouse- shaped bottle, which is perfect for children!



Home Cleaning has all-purpose products, disinfecting wipes, bathroom cleaners and shower spray refills. These products are mostly below $10 and include products that can clean wood, steel, leather, granite, and glass. On each product page is a list of ingredients, what these do, and how these ingredients affect health and the environment. Next to the ingredients is a tab for various scents.


Where to Buy

To purchase Method products, you can use this link. On this page, there are stores in the United States where these products are sold and links to retailers outside of the U.S.


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